Vloggin’ Like a Rockstar

Hey y’all!

Ok so. I was away. I came back. And then immediately I was away again, right? NO! In reality I was actually trying to catch up with the times!

I had to accept the fact that back when I first started blogging… basically nobody was reading. Attention spans are low and information delivery needs to be quick and dirty. Ok. So….i did it y’all! I really did. I started a vlog! Me and my big head, on camera for the world to see. The mask comes off. I put it all on the table….

Thin line between cool and nerdy
Yeah. This is the face I was making on purpose in a still shot. Just imagine the possibilities in dozens of seconds of recorded time in front of a camera… yeah. I went there

And you can watch my spastic, totally not camera ready motions and facial expressions as I do it! Same ol Ruby and the unadulterated opinions you’ve grown to love… except more. So So much MORE!

I had to test drive it first, but…i think I’ve got a flow going and am ready to expand my little YouTube channel. SO. I will be sharing the videos as posts on the site as well… or if you’re a YouTube fan you can always become a subscriber on my channel (at the time of writing this I have EXACTLY 99 subscribers on YouTube already…. feels like a sign!)

Of course, when I’ve got extra ammo I want to add to a message, the benefit of my own website is that ill be able to write a lil something something, share references, or added photos or posts that may link up. So basically it’s all a win win. Follow me on one or both platforms.

Classic Ruby branding is way strong
That’s right! This brand has been seen on the shirts of countless 10 people all over the world… get in on the ground floor so you can say “I knew Classic Ruby: Reality Unadulterated when…”

But without further ado (stalling) I present to you the very first Classic Ruby Vlog post: Meet Ruby!

PLEASE let me know what you think by commenting below OR on the YouTube comments section if you prefer to watch there!

P.s. stay tuned for more videos. Currently I release a new video weekly on Thursday evenings, but the posts will come more quickly for now on this site until I’ve caught up posting the vids here with the bonus info! And trust me…. you’re NOT gonna appreciate yourself if you miss out on these topics… just saying.

Enjoy y’all!


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