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Slam Saturdays: At 13

I stumbled upon this one today while actually looking for a completely different artist. Never heard of him before, never heard of the poem before, but all I could say while listening was “damn he’s good!”. I seriously got chills while listening to the man speak. I seriously took his words to heart, listened to the message within the message, let it get deep into my soul…and that was all before the end, when they explained the little details that finally made it come together for me: this was so honest, so pure, so real, and so deep. It was an experience for me. I hope it ends up being the same for you. (more…)

Slam Saturdays: Introduction

Hey Y’all! Welcome to my very first episode of Slam Saturdays! Because this is the very first one, ever, I decided to give you a brief explanation as to what to expect on these days. First off, with the exception of some brief explanations or maybe the occasional relating anecdote, Slam Saturdays are gonna have relatively little written opinion or direction from me. I’ve been in to Spoken Word poetry for about a decade now, and one thing I have always found is that another person’s explanation or introduction to the poem or poet often does it (or them) little to no justice. So I won’t even bother wasting your or my time with such things.

Secondly, I wanted you all to understand exactly why it is that I’m introducing this weekly feature to my blog. Unlike all the other features I have introduced (like Ruby Rants or Classic Contemplations, for example) this will actually be a feature you see each and every week, each and every Saturday. The reason? (more…)