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Ruby Rant: On the Art of Conversation…and Why Some People Suck at It

Being stuck at home and unable to socialize at even a basic level half the time, you’d think that Ruby Ranting had come to an end..or at least a pause, for the time being. And yet, somehow or another, from the limited amount of contact I DO have with the outside world, I manage to come across at least 5 examples each day of things that seriously piss me off. Seriously. Piss. Me. Off. However, trying not to appear to be the bitter, miserable old shut-in, who’s just hating on the lives of others ’cause they get to do things that I no longer can, I do my very, very best to shut my mouth and be a good little Ruby. Unfortunately, as I don’t get out much, and don’t do much in, and because I shun the news more avidly than I do HIV (and trust me, that is certainly a thing I very seriously avoid at ALL COSTS…no matter how much of an ass it can make me appear to be at times. Sorry, but between hurting your feelings and saving my life, hurting your feelings is the very obvious choice 100% of the time) I often have to wrack my brain trying to find something that I find even vaguely interesting enough to blog about, let alone that you might find interesting enough to bother reading even part of the way through. (more…)