Meet Ruby


Thoughtful, honest, and open-minded. Willing to “go there” just so I can have the experience…and I have no problem sharing those experiences with you.  Some may call me a bitch– the fact is, I can sometimes be what others term as “too honest for my own good”.  If my unwillingness to sugarcoat the truth, if your ability to take my word at what it is without having to add a grain of salt, makes me a bitch, I say more power to me.  This corrupted, lying, guile-filled society could use a bit more of my brand of “bitchiness”.

No topic is too taboo, and no opinion will ever be censored or treated with kid gloves just to appease the masses. I don’t value tact, I value honesty and openness above all else.

People often email me asking how I came up with the name of this blog, or what it means. It’s a very simple breakdown, actually, and a fairly literal usage of the actual definitions. So:

Classic (adjective):
-serving as a standard of excellence : of recognized value (i.e. classic literary works)
-something that is traditional and enduring (i.e. classic designs)
-authentic, authoritative, typical (i.e. a classic example of chicanery, or a classic error)

Refers not only to the color, which is my favorite color, but also is my online alterego namename

-having no inferior added substances; pure:
-not mixed or diluted with any different or extra elements; complete and absolute (i.e. pure, unadulterated jealousy)

Put that all together and you have the undiluted, pure and simple version of me. The things that are presented will be ‘classic me’, meaning that by going over my posts, by following the journey of my life based on the opinions I present, you will be able to take an educated guess on my future thoughts and opinions and positions that are typically, traditionally me. My all is left out on the page at the end of each post. You’ll never have to guess where I stand or why… If you don’t know, you can just ask, knowing I’ll give you the no-holds-barred answer.

New posts go out on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 9am EST. Each Sunday is always a new edition of Slam Sundays, my series featuring Spoken Word poetry videos.

February 2014, I committed to doing an entire month’s worth of posts that are relevant to Black History month in some way or another. Whether it was black history, racism, social issues affecting black people, or black people in the news, I’ve committed to a very global look at all things Black… I appreciate every one of you who joined me in the discussions, your feedback and opinions are what make this all worthwhile!

Check back here for any updates on theme-related months or weeks…in the meantime, tune in Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays for a lil dose of reality, Classic Ruby style

9 thoughts on “Meet Ruby

  1. you come with a different style of information but its very fun to get to know how you seek to find information through researching and stick to what you love so greatly in psychology. if your goal is to learn human behavior’s. keep on doing what you do best. awesome creative writing on your blog.


  2. I love your blog! It’s honest and politically incorrect, as some might say. It’s great that you don’t buy into other people’s bullshit!


  3. You are the most racist black person I have ever encountered. I know your mother raised you better then that. Oh yeah I saw your posts I read them. You think that because people aren’t excellently like you they should be publicly shamed. You are worse than Donald Trump. Get your act together and go find Jesus. I hope people stop reading this garbage, waste of every ones time. Bully


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