Saggy Boobage is NEVER in Style – Please Spare Us the Horror

Maybe it’s just me, but the worst part of summer (other than the deluge of bugs and bees) and right up there with the underdressed and overskanky is women whose girls hang low. Not that I’m not sympathetic: what with inevitable post-baby droopage, age-induced loss of collagen, gravity’s mighty unbeatable pull, and the risks and sky-high cost of plastic surgery, it’s no wonder that the larger majority of women are simply putting up with their pair becoming less than perky as the years go by. And I also COMPLETELY understand that a good, supportive bra costs a pretty penny, as do ones that raise your girls to the teenage sky-high level they once were while adding a size or two and giving you the clevage of every man’s dreams. Not to mention the well-known fact that any bra (especially the cheapies) are anything but comfortable.

But all of that is NO excuse to wear skimpy, skeezy little tops sans-support  letting your boobs sag to your belly button, bouncing and swaying in a rather nauseating way with each movement you make. And don’t give me that “I don’t have the right bra to wear with this top” excuse: Anybody would rather see your bra straps or band sticking out of your top than have to conciously avoid openly staring at your freak-show pancake breasts with the focal point (read: hard pointy nipples) on display, but at least 4 inches lower than they were ever meant to be seen in public.

Not only does going braless in public when your boobs are NOT in any position to be allowed to swing freely make you look trashy and classless, it’s pretty offensive. If I can TELL that you’re not wearing a bra, then you should be wearing one. And don’t tell me that these ladies are so delusional that they can’t tell how awful they look with the girls sitting level with their belly buttons – nobody who’s not deemed clinically insane (or who is seriously sight-impared) can miss it. But lets just say for the sake of argument that these women just don’t own mirrors, or have been so saggalicious for so long that they don’t even remember what their boobs looked like pre-sag…you can’t tell me that their friends and family don’t see the travesty going on under her shirt. So why isn’t someone saying something to her?

How can you honestly appear in public with that *makes circular motion with hand while grimacing* ‘mess of boobage’ right next to you and not die of shame? At the very least, don’t you care enough about your friends to prevent them from making complete fools of themselves? I know, I know…you don’t want to hurt her feelings, you just don’t know WHAT to say to her without offending her, you don’t wanna sound like a complete ass wipe by telling her to go put on a gosh-darned bra…but SERIOUSLY? You’re not doing the girl any favours. She’s probably wondering why she can’t find herself a man….ummmm….well if she’s an otherwise attractive woman with alot going for her, then you might have found the man attraction-killing cuprit right here.

Ok, so let me break it down for you right now: If you don’t have the right bra for the shirt, DON’T WEAR THE SHIRT. Seriously, if you’re one of these saggy-go-braless women, if you invest in any piece of clothing this summer, make it a convertible bra- they have ones that will convert into every conceivable shape, making it possible to wear just about any shirt whether it be ultra low-cut, backless, or off the shoulder and still have the support and coverage that you (may desperately in some cases) need.

And if your boobies are still standing at attention, this is NO excuse to go braless all the time either: nipple-ons (read: hard, pointy nipples) are NOT cute, and every time you’re bouncing around outside without any support you’re causing your sag factor to skyrocket.

Which means that your once cute little perky pair will slowly get to not-so-cute and then to gag-worthy and you might not even notice it happening until one day you see that, instead of reaching for the sky, the girls are trying to do toe-touches. And this doesn’t just apply to the well-endowed: I’ve noticed that smaller-breasted women seem to think that they are immune to the sag-factor. Sadly, this isn’t the case- but if you have smaller boobs then, obviously, they’re not gonna sag as low…but it’s still pretty damned obvious when tiny tits are flat and saggy. And although it’s not QUITE as obvious, it still ain’t cute…just saying.

And to those men whose girlfriends are in the Sagtastic Crew, I know it ain’t easy for y’all because you know it’s about the worst idea ever to tell your girl she isn’t looking all that hot, or that her bralessness isn’t any kind of turn-on because, well, droopy’s that cause every man to scrunch his face up in disgust or open his eyes wide in shocked amusement while you’re holding on to your girl doesn’t make you feel so hot. And certainly makes you look at her (well at least her boobs) in a less than favourable light. So what do the loved ones of these women do to help?

How can you bring it up without crushing her? Well, it’s easy…the trick is to put it in a positive light. So rather than “girl, your breasts couldn’t be hanging ANY lower!” or “seriously baby, if you don’t put a bra on I ain’t holding your hand in public!” you can try “that top will look SO hot if you wear that cleavage bra you have! I can pin it to your shirt so the straps don’t show!” or “baby, you know how whenever I see your cleavage in that little lacy black bra I get all hot and bothered the whole day just thinking about it…do you think you could wear it for me today?”.

See? Doesn’t sound so bad anymore does it?

And if she STILL insists on going braless, as hard as it is, you gotta break it down and be a little more honest, saying something like “Well, you know I think you’re absolutely sexy as hell, but honestly when you wear that shirt (make that:a shirt, if you wanna NEVER have this conversation again lol) without a bra it just doesn’t do you justice”. Also, if you know the problem is that she doesn’t have the right bra to wear (stupid excuse) if you’re her man or her family, buy her one of them ones I talked about earlier (bring her with you so it seems like a neat treat!) or suggest a shirt that she can wear WITH a bra that you like on her.

The take home point is: make sure she understands that the braless look just ain’t cutting it for her, but that if she wears a bra she’ll look mega-sexy. Seriously if all this still doesn’t work, just come out with the down, dirty truth “girl, your breasts are getting saggy and you’re getting a bit older so this no longer looks good on you…point blank”. Trust me, a person who cares about her being honest with her is MUCH better than a bunch of strangers making fun of her behind her back, or even straight to her face.

So now that summer is on it’s way, now that the hot weather seems to be here to stay (fingers crossed) and the sexy summer gear is coming out of hibernation, PLEASE please PLEASE do us all a favour and just wear a bra. Just wear a bra. Just wear a bra. That is all.

Have a happy (supportive) weekend y’all! And Happy Memorial Day USA!!


EDIT: In response to one particular comment I received, I decided to make a response post (I bet she secretly jumps with glee at the prospect of having been that important to anything or anyone ever in life). ANYWAY, you can check out the response post by clicking on the link that requests that you STOP OVERPLAYING THE FEMINIST CARD , the post will be available as of January 15th, 2013, at 8:00am EST.

40 thoughts on “Saggy Boobage is NEVER in Style – Please Spare Us the Horror

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything so shallow, and if it bugs you that much to look at these ladies then don’t look.


    1. Oh come on now, you’ve read far more shallow things. I’m pretty sure I’ve written more shallow things on here…and I know I’ve definitely read more shallow things…like, on the shallow scale, this probably doesn’t even rate a 2. Let’s be serious. If I said that your man will leave you if you don’t wear a bra, or not wearing a bra means you should be locked in a cage in an underground cavern until your “want to wear a bra, even while you’re sleeping” reprogramming is complete, that would have just been terrible. Or if I said only dumb ugly people let their tits hang low. But I totally didn’t.

      Oh wait, I know!! You just need to read more!! Come on buddy, get out there! I’m sure you’ll find something more shallow in no time at all 😉

      p.s. your comment was posted less than one week after my surgery…wanna guess what kinda surgery it was? Hint: it wasn’t a nose job! 😉


  2. breasts are fantastic in all shapes and sizes. if you r male you evidently don’t get 2 see many and if you are female then shame on you!

    this is all your poor shallow writing/life deserves sham on you for writing an essay!!


    1. Wait, i think you’re a twat! First of all, if you’re going to go all women’s rights on me, isn’t it kinda wrong for you to use a term like twat? That’s like me going onto a kkk website to defend black rights and then using the n word. ANYWAY, I am actually female. And strangely, even after your tsk tsk I feel absolutely no shame…weird huh? That’s most likely because, while I at least have the balls to be on the internet stating my opinion openly, you hide behind some completely confusingly contradictory insults and no email address or username. But yay you for pretending to stand up for what you believe in…next time, leave some form of identification, at least some internet username, and then I promise to try and take you seriously. Well that or maybe you could have spelled out the words “are” and “too” instead of spitting some teenybopper lazy text type at me. Just saying.

      ANYWHO, my poor shallow writing/life huh. What’s slightly adorable about this is that you think this shallow writing/life of mine deservers a shame? On me?? Hmmmm…ohhhhh I get it, is this because it’s January and you think a pillow sham might make me slightly warmer, but you don’t want to give me a whole blanket cause I wrote an essay, which is why this post is shallow? Sorry…I’m just confused, and trying desperately to understand, what with your terrible spelling and lack of punctuation.

      I know!! Why don’t you go learn about punctuation, with ur cool self, and I’ll sham myself into some more shallow writing life.

      Thanks for your reply!


      1. You feel no shame because you’re gross and incapable of any sort of empathy. I hope people laugh at your ugliness inside and out as you age. Keep thinking you’re edgy with your blog which is juuust as putrid as your heart. Stumbled across this bullshit by accident. You’re a disgrace to women who build each other up. In a world like this, we need way less people like you. A really salty cishet woman who thinks she’s better than everyone 😦 You’re actually just a really small bitter turd person whose shit opinions will dissipate into the void when you die ! Excited for that day, and to never stumble across your shit writing again. “Cheers!”


        1. Awwwwww… you mean… you DON’T wanna be Facebook bffs? 😯😯😭😭😭😭😭

          I can always spot the lifelong bitter spurned types… the ones who couldn’t find positive attention or love if it tried crawling down their throat or up their butt along with the nut from the last meaningless lay. But, I digress…

          Grow up. Really… the truth hurts, and 4th wave feminism needs to recognize that you can’t change millenia of evolved psychological processes because reality doesn’t make you “feel good”..

          If you choose to be obstinate to reality, cool… however, again despite feminism lying to you, you do NOT have a right to other people’s perceptions or opinions. You have the right to look a sloppy mess in public…

          And I have a right to perceive you as a hot mess when I see you in public. 🤷🏾‍♀️



  3. I agree with the above poster. Breasts are beautiful in all shapes and bras should be considered an optional accessory. Saggy is just as valid a shape as perky. Articles like these contribute to negative body image. Ladies, tune this crap out and love your ta-tas as they are!


      1. Oh yeah, and in regards to your website, good job! Naked boobs are great in any shape or size, you’re right. They are meant to be oogled and be the focal point when they are naked or in porn and staring you in the face. In clothes, as I explained my position and opinion…not so much lol.

        Take care!


    1. Do you think that panties should be optional, or necessary? What about tops? Bottoms? Shoes? Is there any part of the anatomy that you personally feel should not be paraded around in all its very very obvious glory for the world to see, for small children to stare at, and for MTV to then bastardize and make into the newest sex symbol so millions of impressionable teenagers can follow suit until one day they end up regretting it?

      Ok fine, lets say that overly saggy breasts were not the issue here, and what if we focus on people’s nipples that stand at full attention? Because if you notice, which really nobody did, the real issue has nothing to do with loving your body etc etc, in fact I do find beauty in everyone, however I feel that overt sexuality should not be broadcast. In fact, i made a post specifically on being overly skanky…not for anything, but I love every inch of my body, and I did when I was 220 pounds and I love it now that I’m underweight at 125, although I do my best to try and gain weight for health reasons. And i have written many many posts on loving yourself as you are…however, at no point in that weight spectrum did I parade any portion of my body around in such a way that it caused undue attention, most specifically my private regions.

      I think hard on nipples are just as offensive as camel toe, and the reason why is, quite frankly I don’t wanna see any part of anyone;s body imprinted and standing out in any way that draws undue attention to it. I don’t appreciate women who wear fantastic bras with super support but basically the only part of their breast that is covered by the shirt IS the nipple. It’s tacky. and terribly unattractive. And I don’t appreciate when, with a properly supportive bra, a woman could be nice and comfortable and not have the perk of her breasts, or lack thereof, be the focus of everyones attention. Cause like it or not, this is North America, and yes, even the so called PC feminist people notice it to.

      But thank you for your reply!


  4. Up until today I thought that female Misogyny was an urban myth. A better feminist than many of the females of my acquaintance, I believe that choice is much more than a buzz word used in the abortion controversy. Choice between skirts and pants. Choice between democrans and republicrats. CHOICE BETWEEN YES AND NO. Choice between bra or braless. I believe Ghandi said “Injustice to one is injustice to all.” Just because someone wears (or does not wear) something which violates your taste does not give the right to spew disparagement and invective without being called to account for it. Time to grow up and leave the third grade and stop using insult to cover the fact that you have nothing but hot air to contribute.


    1. Actually, just as they have the right to walk out the door with their boobs down to their knees, making them look sloppy and unattractive, I have the right to not only my opinion on it, but I have the right to comment on it, not only verbally, but written. I’m guessing by your response yours swing low and until now you thought that, at least in a group of women, nobody would notice or care? Sorry to burst your bubble, but that just isn’t the case. Just as I believe that you should dress in clothes that are actually your size, I believe that your clothes should best represent your body shape and type. Now, to be fair, I don’t really care how “perky” you think yours are, Nipples are never cute, in my opinion, and unless you have fake boobs and your nipples are taped down, regardless of age and perkiness and lack of nippleage, I will notice you are braless. And I will not think its cute.

      Now, in all fairness, I find it terribly adorable that you somehow think that this blog is all I do with my life…is it fair to assume that you make that assumption based on projections of your own life, where you desperately would like to feel useful and empowered, but instead spend most days sitting in front of the TV and criticizing all the totally anti feminist scenes from the soap operas and talk shows, taking notes about what you’ll write in your very angry letter to the producer, and perusing blogs, wishing to God you had the balls to start your own, or better, at least just ONCE comment on one with a user name and email address, so you actually had to take accountability for the useless feminist propaganda you spout on a regular basis to try and feel important.

      Why don’t you try doing something meaningful for this cause you are so terribly passionate about…I actually take real life action for the causes I am passionate about. And I don’t hide behind anonymous comments, anywhere on the world wide web. Because regardless of who agrees with my opinion or not, I have a right to it, I am proud of who I am, and I am proud to stand for what I believe in, even if what I’m choosing to believe today is that women should leave their houses fully attired, which to me includes a bra and panties, as well as a reasonable percentage of skin being covered, and a reasonable amount of not only self pride, but modesty shown.

      But thank you for commenting, your opinion was duly noted!


    2. Oh yes anonymous poster, I forgot to add that with all my woman hating posts you believe i have, maybe you should take about five seconds and i don’t know, flip through some other posts? Rather than jumping to some insane “everyone hates women” blah blah blah b.s. maybe you should pay attention to what is actually being said, instead of what you think is really being meant by what is being said. And when all else fails…ummmm write another angry petition? That always makes you feel better, right? There there…thats a good little feminist dolly 😀


  5. Even worse than regular saggy boobs are the boobs that once upon a time had surgery to get bigger….cuz then the boobs are still perky poinyt shape…but just perky down by your stomach..lmao…I have a great picture of someone with this unfortunate situation….(unfortunate for her, but it makes me happy since she’s evil…) Let me know if you want the picture to add to the blog.

    And to the ppl complaining about this post…..I guess they are entitled to their opinion too…buuuut….they need to move on and get a life…in my humble opinion.

    Great post! 🙂


    1. That would be awesome, any additional support is always welcome… Your phrasing made me laugh lol.

      And, if we didn’t have crazy enthusiastic, though slightly insane, commenters, the world would be a far more boring, though normal, place 😉


        1. When you make anything public, whether that’s in person or over the internet, it literally becomes the business and interest of anybody who comes across it.

          You have the right to say and do as you please so long as you are not harming others.

          However what you and those of your ilk need to recognize.. and this is serious so please take notes:

          You are not entitled to MY opinion or reaction. Period.

          You choose how you present yourself to the world. That’s on you… if you don’t like the way you are seen and perceived as a result you have two options; change YOURSELF so you don’t give a crap what anybody thinks or change how you present yourself to the world.

          You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

          I will forever be repulsed and mildly offended… whether you choose to publicly present yourself in the ways that repulse and mildly offend me is your God given right, so long as you’re not breaking laws while doing so.

          But think about this… if this truly suits your sense of aesthetics… why do you CARE what I think? …. or are you the only one with a right to your own opinion, aesthetic, and right to publicly present said opinion and aesthetic? 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️


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  7. Breasts come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and altitudes, even in young women. An unfortunate side effect is that because bras “normalize” breast shape to one particular accepted shape and altitude, therefore a substantial percentage of women are made to feel deficient daily when they remove their bras at night, even though millions of other women have breasts similar to theirs. I see no compelling reason for society to treat these women that way, just as I do not think Black women should be coerced into hair straightening, or any other artificial standard of so alled normalcy. If even 1/4 of women of all shapes/sizes/altitudes were bra-free, women and men would realize that “normal” is composed of a very wide spectrum. The same conversation as in this article and comments is likely occurring in some Middle Eastern countries about burkas. Women put up with enough already without being subject to additional pressures. High boobs, low boobs, flat boobs, big boobs, no boobs — all are natural and shared by millions of other women.


    1. 👏👏👏👏
      This comment needs a goddamn encore.

      As a gal who’s tatas are not as perky at the young age of 18, this comment seriously lifted my spirits after reading this uh… informative essay above.

      I’ve always wished that I could be those perky chested confident girls on Instagram and friends on Snapchat who could pull off that braless style with ease, but instead I would be feeling like absolue trash whenever I’d take off my bra at the end of the day.

      But honestly? This lady’s essay has inspired me, but not in the way that I thought it would.

      At first, I felt like Ruby has taken every bad thought I had about my breasts and wrote it into a single post as she mentions that they would “make every man’s face scrunch up in disgust” and that I shouldn’t be surprised that men don’t like me (and I don’t know if that includes girls as well? But I’m gonna take a wild guess and say it does??).

      She is honestly entitled (or entittied, for extra fun pun points) to her opinion, and its valid. But I’m also entitled to counterpoint that my breasts? The ones that I cross my arms over whenever I’m in the comfort of my own house with family around and no bra? The ones that I cover with a chest binder so I don’t have to worry about them existing?

      They’re so fucking valid.

      Ruby, I just want to thank you for the newfound courage to flip the bird at my self doubts and say “watch me” as I continue to love and appreciate the twin titties that I was born to have, no matter what they look like ❤️

      (By the way, if my future partner is self conscious about being around me because of my boobs then??? Sorry that the look of my breasts are more important to them than any love that they have for me¿¿¿)


      1. LOVE this! I’m glad I in part inspired you to stop giving a crap about anyone’s opinion but your own and to move accordingly.

        As you said and I appreciate greatly for your recognizing this fact.. we are all entitled to our own opinions, thoughts and comfort levels as far as what we want to present to the public or in private and how we perceive others in the public arena.

        For the record, yes I was referring to both men and women… also for the record my sense of modesty and taste is equal across the board regardless of age or gender and yes applies to myself and I had the same opinions as a child and teen about my peers who would go braless or about seeing people’s breasts or nipples or camel toe or a guys junk being imprinted, bouncing about etc.

        That’s me. I’m entitled to that. And you’re entitled to say “screw that trick” and do what makes you happy and makes you feel comfortable and confident.

        Great comment, thanks for sharing.



  8. Bras are totally not healthy. Breasts are made to be kept cool on the outside of your body, free from compression. When you bind and smother them it causes poor circulation and an increased risk of cancer cells rupturing into your endocrine system. It’s not about sex or fashion. I’m glad mine are teeny tiny, perhaps appearing a little more modest than most but even if not, I would still go braless. I have some thin loose undergarments and I like practicing yoga in a small bralette. Most of the time though, I go without… and it’s not an invitation stare, just my personal health decision.


  9. The only thing this post shows is that you’re a victim of nonsense societal norms like everyone else. There is a village in Africa where the women are topless. A photographer came to take pictures and the woman in the village considered most beautiful and asked to represent them had “saggy” boobs. There are even tribes where it is seen as more beautiful and fertile to have saggy boobs so the women pull on them to make them more appealing. Another village I saw on a documentary showed tribal women laughing at western men for their obsession with breasts claiming that they were acting like children. Your lacking in self awareness opinion about breasts aren’t based in logic. Your opinion has been formed solely by your circumstance. Did you know that women of colour are more likely to have pear shaped breasts as opposed to tear shaped breasts, an enforced western standard? That means the most common shape for them can be perceived as saggy by white westerners and anyone who lives in or is in some way influenced by the over dominating west (pretty much most of the world) and their ideals even though their naturally occurring breast has not decreased in volume or shape or dropped any further past child birth (not that there is anything wrong with that. They had a baby. They grew a whole person and proliferated the human race) or puberty. That in itself speaks to the crazy lacking in logic standards of any society. Why is it so bad to show breasts in public when there are places where no one cares? Why are “saggy” breasts not as beautiful as “perky” ones? Do you even realise how young alot of these models and celebrities are started in the media? As young as 14 or 12. Considered to be looked upon as women depending on the ad as young as 16. Most women don’t even realise that a lot of them are comparing themselves to children with small or even if larger undeveloped breasts because after all they haven’t stopped growing. They are CHILDREN. And older celebs have to look good because it is their job. It’s a performance where they have a makeup team and a fashion team with all sorts of tricks to get them to look “perfect” for the overly judgemental public. You are entitled to your opinion and I personally wasn’t offended. But what purpose did it serve? Did you get this frustration off your chest? Did you get your ego stroked? Why do women need to placate to the wider male apeal despite clearly choosing not to? Why do you assume everyone with breasts is a woman? Why do you act like everyone who is sexually interested in boobs is a man? Why do you act like there aren’t women and men who like saggy boobs? Why are saggy boobs considered lower class and trashy? Why do you care? They’re just boobs. Flesh without meaning until a person gives it meaning. The truth is your opinion is obviously that of an unselfaware westernised “white” woman who can’t really see past her own culture and nose. When you apply stone cold logic to your post looking past pointless cultural norms along side the fact that bras have barely been around for 100 years and only grew in greater popularity in the world between the 60s and 90s and that there is no scientific evidence to show they serve any other purpose other than cosmetic and on occasion support for much larger chests or illness. Anyone would realise they are a pointless social norm that doesn’t serve women outside of fashion and are now used by women and men to police women’s bodies despite originally being designed to set women free from the constraints of corsets. Breast ideals are dictated by white hierarchy in the West and normalised by bras to give the illusion of a certain shape. Your opinions give no pride or dignity to you, you clearly haven’t considered any of the history or science or culture behind breasts or your pointless opinion would have been different and much more informed. Do you even care about these people’s breast health? You don’t know why they’re not wearing a bra? But this comment isn’t for you. It’s for anyone who sees this culturally affected uniformed nonsense and is hurt by it. Listen you don’t need to be a sleeping victim of our illogical self obsessed culture. Unless you have Cancer or some other deadly illness your boobs are fine and normal. Take care.


    1. Awwwwwww weeellllll, to be clear…

      I’m a black woman, of Jamaican descent. Very culturally Jamaican. Just saying.

      Secondly, in this day and age, it comes down to one thing: people want the right to wear what they want, do what they want, act however they want, and also to be observed, noticed, look upon, hit on, and criticized only when they want. Sorry, life doesn’t work that way. If you’re gonna have huge breasts that hang down to your belly button and then wear skin tight, see through, ..or otherwise breast hugging clothing, well… you’re entitled to do so.

      But whether we like it or not, the human brain isn’t programmed to ignore such visual information… for a variety of reasons. If you’re comfy with your hard nipples, or swinging jumping breasts being the center of attention every time you move, breathe, cough etc… more power to you.

      We live somewhere where you are free to do whatever you want. But then stop being surprised when eyes continually dart down to the heaving pendulums bouncing off your tummy… is what it is.

      Personally, and i’m pretty sure ANYBODY with breasts will agree… if your breasts have size and weight then trying to run, jump, or be physically active without a supportive bra on is INCREDIBLY uncomfortable… incredibly.

      That being said I know some smaller boobed women who are very comfy just pulling a tight tank on under whatever shirt they are wearing… to each their own.

      You can continue trying to quote facts from other cultures as though ethnocentric ideals are at play here… unfortunately for you, unless i’m trying to speak of the women in the countries you cited, saying that THEY should conform to north american standards, your points are moot….

      I’m sure at this point you’re disagreeing with me… but let me just point out a few other things from other cultures….

      To keep their wives in line, but also a sign of beauty, there were tribes that used rings, permanent ones, around the neck to elongate the neck slowly over time… want to jump onto the long neck trend? …. ohhhhh by the way, if a husband was displeased by her he could just take the rings off and let her suffocate to death…

      What about in Asia, with the practice of tiny feet being beautified? Wanna jump on that trend too?

      How about in other parts of Asia where if you, as a woman, go out on public alone without a male escort then you’re fair game for being raped… and if you ARE raped then YOU are in the wrong and will be stoned to death for disgracing your family and ruining your honour… should we adopt those ideal lis as well?

      Ok ok, i’m going extreme here. Let’s go to human basics 101…. …the golden ratios of waist to hip, symmetry. Natural mechanisms that evolved to help tell humans someone was a more, or less, desirable mate… even though we didn’t understand these traits, we regularly followed them.

      And then what do societies do? From the dawn of time? (Not just our own fyi) …. they claim certain features as desirable, either arbitrarily or based on some arbitrary traits of some person who is adored… and then exaggerate those things. Giant circular plates in lower lips, for example. Various piercings and tattoos. Etc.

      YOU my dear sound like an entitled white person who is just trying TOO hard, filled with all the idealism and contradictions that fill the foolish who latch on to causes they don’t really understand are all political, like 3rd wave feminism.

      Cultural norms are important and exist EVERYWHERE… they are necessary. But unless you’re entirely reverting back to a life where some of these norms are prevalent, which i’m guessing you’re not since you’re on the internet (think: huts and living in your hunter/ gatherer group to forage and hunt and walk miles for water each day..poop in a hole etc) …

      Kindly stop picking and choosing convenient aspects of other cultures without so much as understanding those aspects on a larger cultural scale, the role they play, why, and why that does NOT apply in the western world.

      And lastly… be careful what you wish for. EVERYTHING sounds great in theory. Even communism 😉


  10. Hope you have found something more meaningful to spend your time doing other than to bash women for trying to feel confident with the body they were given.

    I have saggy tits, I personally feel super uncomfortable with them on my body, but that’s my business.

    Ur a hater, dude.


    1. We were all born with the same evolved mechanisms for evaluating attractiveness.

      With that being said… if you personally feel like wearing clothing that is 5 sizes too small, designs that do not flatter your body type, and clothing that highlights and imprints your intimate areas, or that create a massive amount of movement in various body parts so that with every movement anybody in eye shot will be automatically drawn to look at the movement (again, evolved mechanism in the brain)… then that’s on you.

      When you decide to bring that to the public forum you literally force the public to take notice.

      Now I, personally, would prefer for people’s eyes not to be constantly drawn to my intimate areas that are screaming for attention. I also prefer to wear clothing in my own size and that flatters my particular figure… specifically because that’s when I look my best and feel nice and comfy in my clothing…

      Looking my best, looking attractive in a tasteful and low key manner, is when I feel most confident… knowing that consciously and subconsciously people aren’t fighting not to look at my ask areas and can therefore focus on what I’m saying and on WHO I am? Yup that’s what makes me happy.

      If this makes me a hater? Yup I own that wholeheartedly


  11. I was gonna write a longer paragraph abt how I felt abt this meaningless person’s trash opinion but ill save sum time. The gist of it is, nobody should give a fuck how you look but yourself lmfao. The fact that u have to put other people who have titties down is so fucking sad, like chill, they’re not YOUR titties, so why the hell do u care how they look on another being’s body? Don’t go around telling others what to do lol! And of course, for the record, having sagging breasts is not a disgusting or negative thing in any way. I have large boobz myself, and I understand the struggle of feeling uncomfortable with them due to them sagging over time. It is quite common in all shapes and sizes of breasts, but due to the fact that there is so much ignorance in the world people are left to believe that every being’s breasts just MUST be perky. All titties are good titties ❤ do not feel bad about the vessel you exist in because of yourself, OR others! It is important to love and cherish your body, no matter what it looks like 🙂 Be free! Be happy! Be you! It's quite fine to go braless in public, of course as long as you are not naked people should not complain. It is NOT gross to show your body when you want to. And if people stare? Let em!!! You aren't doing anything wrong, so let em gaze upon how beautiful you are! Fuck body shaming, thank u to everyone who read this :3.


    1. Thank you. Very well said.
      I am a woman with saggy breasts and they have been that way since puberty. Whether I’m thin with smaller breasts or slightly overweight with larger breasts doesn’t matter, at the ground they point. Bras are the bane of my existence. Finding one that fits our is comfortable enough is nearly impossible and extremely hard on ones self esteem as it serves to remind that your breasts aren’t normal.
      It is body shaming opinions like these that have kept me wearing bras despite how miserable they make me inn every way.
      Recently I’ve started going out in public without wearing a bra which has me feeling uncomfortably comfortable. Physically I’m great, but extremely self conscious feeling like everyone is noticing not that I’m braless but that I’m saggy. How sad.
      I plan on continuing to leave the bra at home assuming in time I’ll feel as good mentally as i do physically.
      Shame on people who shame.
      You are not wearing my braless breasts I am so why do you care?
      Judgement is far above your pay grade!!!!


      1. Awwwww I’m judgemental? Why, what a TERRIBLE and totally outlandish human that makes me…

        I mean, except for the fact that ALL humans, yourself included, regularly judge people. Daily. Constantly. We also judge places, things, animals and just about every damn thing our senses pick up on a daily basis.

        Its called Categorization and it’s the cheat code your brain uses so that everyday Common place actions are not all a bundle of confused and awkward moments.

        How do I know you’re just as judgemental as everybody damn else? Hmmmmm… could it be that YOU’RE judging ME for having an opinion you don’t like, while simultaneously assuming I’m a terrible person for not at the very least silencing myself so that YOU feel supported and happy with your life choices and can stay wilfully blind to what the world will forever think, whether they say it out loud to you or not?🤔

        You’re not a child. Grow up. If you don’t realize that it’s an oxymoron to intentionally do something that makes a particular body part of yours a shiny red beacon begging attention while simultaneously expecting people to turn off ALL brain function to not notice AND when they notice they should praise you for your “bravery” and for “loving the skin you’re in”?

        Dude. I don’t care if you love your skin or not. Nor do I care of the perky Busty pin up babe loves her skin. What I DO care about is having my old school sensibilities offended by having YOUR headlights at full blast while swinging like a pendulum so even when I am trying to avert my eyes my peripheral vision has no choice but to check wtf this movement is… because, you know, brain programming that tells you movement might be danger so you MUST look to check and see what it is…

        Here’s a news flash. Nobody thinks the average affordable bra is comfy. Here’s another news flash… you’re not the only one with tit struggles. And yet somehow some people find the wherewithal to go to a professional, get measured, and get the right support and fit that’s comfortable and, if necessary tailored to them.

        I wear a bra. Always lightly lined to prevent MY headlights from becoming a main attraction, but the point is why do I always wear a bra despite having ALWAYS needed the more expensive ones for enough support but comfort as well?

        Well… because I have enough self respect. And self love. And I prefer putting myself together in such a way that BOTH shine through.

        If you don’t… ok fine. Don’t. But please don’t expect the world to somehow subvert natural human psyche tendencies to make you feel better about it. 🤷🏾‍♀️


    2. I cannot WAIT till men’s rights activists start using this exact same argument to let their frank and beans shake visibly and freely…

      I mean… why should they have to be modest in any way? Why do their goods gotta be all modestly hidden away? Why can’t they wear ball and d enhancing and exposing pants?

      Its all just natural, right? It’s totally appropriate in any context, any if anybody stares or feels uncomfortable or sexualizes their bat and balls well… THEY are the ones with the problem… right?

      No. Just stop. You’re damn right sagging over time is natural, especially with larger sizes breasts… but hey, guess what? 40 year old women who wear teenager club gear ever look desperate and lost… at best.

      Everything ain’t made for every damn body. And with that said, I don’t really care about your age, size, level of sag or ultimate perk.. if you insist on making your breasts a spectacle and a focal point you are literally begging the world to take notice…

      You are entitled to beg for attention. You are NOT entitled to a positive opinion after that attention has been gained.

      It’s called self respect. The end.


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