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8 thoughts on “Contact Ruby

  1. Hey Ruby,

    I just wanted to thank you for your post and thank you for welcoming me to the blogging world. As I’m sure you saw I haven’t been here for very long and it is good to receive some encouragement.



  2. heyy i was just wondering if u could help me with one of my assignments it is about advertising campaigns on gender i have to make a power point and i need alot of help and it has to be focoused on gender equality and stuff like that

    i would love if u could help me out


  3. Hi Ruby,
    This is the mom that was asking you about my daughter in the discussion about biracial kids. My name is Annie and my daughter is Olivia. First I want to thank you so much for taking so much time to help. I talked with my daughter and I think she’s feeling hopeful with the new information. We also found the hair type chart and I think she is exactly a type 4a. Some of the charts varied but she was pretty consistently there. Her ringlets look a lot more like frizz right now though. So I’ve gone through the cupboard and tossed all bad products. I had a few uncertain ones though. Our shampoo and conditioner sad paraben free but has some alcohol or something listed. I can send you the label. The first ingredient is water (Aqua). We also have twisted sista brand for the leave in conditioner and it says it’s free of all the stuff you listed. So if you could help me know what order to approach this. I’m gonna go buy apple cider vinegar and some bentonite clay. So tell me if I have this right:
    1. Wash with vinegar and baking soda
    2. Put in clay
    3. Leave in clay for how long?
    4. Wash clay out with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and then put in a leave in conditioner
    5. At what point if at all should I comb the hair? Should it be throughout the process?
    6. Put oil in hair (does extra virgin olive oil work?)
    7. How do I protect the hair for sleeping?
    8. What to do in the morning?
    9. How often to repeat?

    Ok that was a lot of questions. I’m going to start this this week with her. She says she’s down for it so I think she opened up after last time I helped her out and she started to gain more confidence with her hair. She still pulls it back but I showed her some styles that would help keep the frizz from sticking out in front like twisting it back.
    I also found some things about my hair type which is like a 3a or b so I told her we would go on a healthier hair campaign together. She’s 13 and about to start school for the first time next year so I think this will be really important for her self-esteem.
    Thanks so much for you help.


    1. Hey Annie! Oops I should have been more clear, in the text at the top of this page is a link to click on that sets up an email direct to me. I figured it would be good to go through email just so we’re not putting too much private info out there on the world wide Web. Here is the email address that that link brings you to, if that’s easier

      I am SO happy that even just the beginning of this information has you both excited. I’m waiting for your email (don’t worry you don’t have to rewrite everything, I’m gonna start up a doc answering your questions so that once I receive your email Ill have all the info ready for you! ) They are very good questions, and it does seem like a lot of info, but it’s all very easy to follow and once you’ve done it a few times it doesn’t seem any more complicated than lather rinse repeat!


  4. I have 2 biracial boys I e whom has thin yet dry and extremely frizzy hair . From a distance he looks like he had an Afro but once you get closer you see how thin it really is. He loves his longhair and I support his want to not cut it but wherever I look I see how to care for little girls hair. And the only thing I can see for boys is short hair cuts. Could you please add boys to the context and ideas for them as well if you ever plan on doing a biracial piece again. It’s sad I can’t find any that talk about boys.


    1. I am actually working on a post right at this moment, which is a follow up to the first. Specifically, I am going to address actual details about hair care methods.

      In general though loosely for now, the important thing to note is that as far as care, gender matters less than the actual hair texture, coarseness, density, and porosity.

      I understand exactly what you are saying. From far away due to how dry and frizzy the hair is, it appears that it is actually pretty coarse in texture and strand thickness, but in reality it is actually a much finer strand, and likely not a super tight coil.

      No matter what your curl pattern or texture or anything else, if your hair lacks moisture it will be very frizzy, tangly, prone to matting, breaking, etc.

      Again just really quickly, since the post is almost finished and will be out shortly, I suggest figuring out the answers to texture (it ranges from numbers 1-4 and letters a to c. So for example 2a is a very light wave, where as 4c is a very tight kinky coil. The best time to see this would be when the hair is very wet with conditioner on it. Also knowing Porosity (high porosity, low porosity, or normal porosity), will also be very helpful.

      Honestly, many boys with long hair do 1 of 3 things: cornrows or braids, hair out/afro, or hair in a ponytail/back. However, having the hair properly moisturized and cared for would make this far easier to manage. Once you get a line on the hair texture and the hair porosity, you can get started by looking up how to videos for hair care. Yes they are all geared toward women, but the methods are for long hair irregardless of gender.

      Without knowing more info, I would throw out off the top of my head the Curly Girl Method. People with all ranges of hair have much success with this method, which involves basically using a clarifying shampoo at the start and then mostly co-washing hair instead of shampooing. But please stay tuned, follow the blog if you haven’t already because It will be coming out within a week.


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