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Is It OK to Assume People Never Change? (High School Reunions)

i-have-changed-t-shirtsOver the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to reconnect with several friends that I haven’t seen in a while (anywhere from 6 months to about 4 years ago). It’s been a whirlwind: not only has it been exciting and fun and refreshing, but because it was all so compacted and I had so many reunions to process, it’s only now that I have a few moments alone without some new adventure involving bits from my life long past looming in the near future that I have been able to really appreciate some of the little details from these encounters.

And no, as much as I’m sure you’re all thinking “What’s Ruby’s gripe now?” since I always seem to have one, I am actually NOT going to complain about the people, places, or things, nor am I going to criticize anybody or anything. I swear. Actually (more…)