Slam Sundays: F*** I look like??


This being the last Slam Sunday in our Black History Month saga, I really wanted to end things off with a bang. I wanted to wrap up every important message I have tried to get across, give you all the general message, in five minutes or less. I figured I would have to give you all several videos, each one saying a lil something something to cover the bases. And actually, that’s exactly what I had started out doing. And then I stumbled across this one. Does it mention in direct words ever little point I’ve mentioned in the past month? No. But each individual point by itself doesn’t matter. There’s a common theme to everything that has been written. A general message that I want to send out with this month of posts. There is a general misperception, a general issue, with the perceptions and knowledge about the North American black community, both from within and from the outside looking in. This young woman managed to sum it up so beautifully….man, it was priceless. Seriously. The raw emotion in her voice, in her words, in the tone and delivery and overall message? The angles? This one is definitely a must-watch, and I am honored to use it as my send-off to Black History Month Slam Sundays.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact, I vow to practice saying things on such a succinct, raw, and deep level…at least from time to time. Come on, I have a blog: Obviously I love the look my my thoughts scrawled allllll over the page.

Thanks for keeping me company throughout this journey guys. Only a few days left til BHM is over. *tear*. Because I had an exam last Friday, I wasn’t able to finish part 2 of the Uncle Tom and Oreo Crackers series that was started on Wednesday. Fear not, it will 100% guaranteed be posted at the regular posting time, this Monday, February 24th at 9am EST.

Have a fantastic Sunday, y’all!


8 thoughts on “Slam Sundays: F*** I look like??

        1. I just love how she went off on all sides of the equation, like you? BAM SHUT DOWN, oh but you, not sure why you’re grinning up, cause you’re next bro! I’m hoping these messages, ones this powerful finally start to become the norm, the standard of thought in the black community, instead of simply a standout, brilliant example of what should be considered common sense in this day and age


          1. People love the spoken word. Story telling. Those who actually have something to say are being appreciated and more accessible. I never would have seen her if it was not for youtube. What is important however is that we go out and hear our local voices too. Things take time. TTT πŸ™‚


            1. Very true. I haven’t been out to a Spoken Word event in quite a while, about a year. But it’s true…the internet is great for the times that you can’t seem to find the time to get out and network face to face, but we all need to make the time, for our sake, and for the sake of supporting and strengthening our communities πŸ™‚


              1. Indeed. πŸ™‚ There is nothing more life affirming than seeing people telling stories live. From the kitchen to the stage. It can be chatting, poetry reading, singing, dancing, you name it. Even more electrifying when one can join in. I am looking forward to the weekend. Defiitely going to support at least one local person. πŸ™‚


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