Yesterday I was Propositioned by a Cabbie


So, yesterday I was propositioned by a cab driver. Very subtly, he suggested I could get a free ride, that wasn’t quite free. Now I personally have never been in such a situation before. But I have heard about it before. I guess what happens is that Cabbie’s know that girls who have spent a mint getting wasted have lost their inhibitions and are more inclined to make such a decision…BUT…did I mention that I was dead sober and this was around 10AM??

Yes, I’m serious. I go to school about an hour away from my home (over 2 hours one way on public transportation – and yes, this is because Mississauga Transit service sucks…but that’s a whole different post), and occassionally rather than doing the MT and then the GO, I take a cab to the nearest GO stop. On our way, he was chatty (which I figured was him trying to up his tip). I mentioned something along the lines of hoping that I didn’t miss the bus. He said:

“Well I can drive you all the way to Hamilton”.  I laughed and said to him, “Well unless it will only cost me about 30 bucks thats just not going to happen”. At this point we started talking about how everything is too expensive. He even said he can’t afford to take a cab nowadays. As we neared our destination he said:

Did I get into the cab dressed like this?

“Well I like you, you know, I can drive you all the way to school no problem”. Again, I laughed and said, “Dude, I already told you I just don’t have that kind of disposable income”….and then he looked in the mirror and winked at me and said “No, well I will drive you for free”. I said ” For free? Really eh?” totally sarcastically. I noticed he wasn’t in the right lane at this time and our turn was coming up. It looked like rather than stopping at the carpool lot he was going to get on the highway. As we neared the turn he said:

“Well, free but not free you know. It’s how it is these days, nobody can afford anything, but it doesn’t mean you can’t trade you know? Like, I like you, you have something I want, you give it to me I give you a ride all the way.” Ummmmm, what??? During his little ‘it’s ok to be a little prostitute’ speach, I made sure he manuevered into the carpool lot, where I promptly paid my bill and got the heck outta there before the psycho tried to kidnap me and make me his private sex slave.

Seriously though, I wonder how many girls have taken a cabbie like him up on this proposition. Or even how many girls have suggested such an arrangement. A friend of mine actually got calls all night last weekend from some girl who wanted a ride home from him because she was stranded downtown (not his problem, and he wasn’t able to help her at the time anyway). She kept calling him back saying that she had to prostitute herself for cab fare, and after every ‘trick’ she would call him and advise him of her progress.

Do you REALLY wanna be her?

I don’t know if the chick was being serious or not, but it brings up a point: As women we need to respect ourselves, and protect ourselves. Giving some guy a blow job for a ride home, or for a concert ticket, or sleeping with some guy you don’t really feel like that just because you know he will pay your bills or buy you a car or __________(insert desirable thing here) does in fact make you a prostitute. You are in effect selling your ass – Think carefully about this. Would you go stand out on the corner and pick up johns? Do you look down at the women who do? Well if you have done one of the questionable things above, you have put yourself on that level.

Thought for the day: Sex is not a commodity, it’s not a form of currency, and it shouldn’t be used for the acquisition of goods and or services. And it also shouldn’t be used to pay for goods and services already received. (read: if  a man takes you out, buys you a diamond ring, gives you a million dollars, you don’t owe him anything–if you accept something from someone, don’t think you have to open your legs in gratitude. And if this is what you’re doing, stop, because like the other situation, this too is you prostituting yourself!). Sex should be something you do because you want to do it, for its own sake, not for gain ( I actually go into this topic a bit in one of my former posts).

Just this girls opinion, but damn ladies, lets all start respecting these beautiful bodies of ours and the wonderful, precious gift we have in between our legs.


4 thoughts on “Yesterday I was Propositioned by a Cabbie

  1. lol. well thanks Banquo, but I am not a woman who only a “desperate” man would go after…I am quite a catch…but I do hear you, the overall tactic was pretty sad. And you would have to be in a pretty desperate frame of mind to blow a bunch of strangers rather than, say, waiting at a Tim Hortons til the subway started up like 5 hours later and then just using the pocket change you had to get home using public transportation…like normal people would have.


  2. Is it wrong for someone that wants the sex and also gets the free stuff to take both??

    My thought is yes but isn’t that kinda like having your cake and eating it too.


    1. @ Random Dude
      This is kinda a hard one to come up with one direct answer, because I guess it depends on how you look at it. If you had sex with someone because you were just in the mood and he shows up at your door with a car the next morning, would it make you a prostitute for accepting it? No, but it would kinda make you an idiot. I mean, honestly, what sane person would give you a car the day after a no strings attached hook-up? Spell it with me kids: S-T-A-L-K-E-R!!

      Ok, but that being said, if you only hook up with guys who drive porsche’s or have gold cards, and you don’t flinch when one of these careless hook-ups buys you diamond earrings (and you in fact think ‘yes, this will go perfect with the little dress I am wearning on my date tonight with Other Dude’), or you get snotty when he wants to take a walk with you and eat ice cream instead of bringing you to Baton Rouge and then DARES to try and get frisky, then you gotta know what’s going down. You’re still selling sex, but I guess now you’re a high priced call girl?

      I think my whole point is, if there is some exchange of goods and services for sex or after sex, even if it’s only implicitly understood then you are committing a form of prostitution, even if it’s still technically legal behaviour. If you don’t mind having that on your conscience then it’s no problem. I think a random gift or act of kindness, before or after the act, does not necessarily mean you are selling sex…I guess in a big way this has a lot to do with your perceptions about your actions….

      But if you lie to your mama about how you got that new car…you know the deal


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