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Maybe It’s Them: But It’s Probably You, Too

not-meFirst off, I would like to say that this post has been inspired by a post I have been reading and following on another blog, Naked With Socks On. This topic ended up being so fiery, so inflammatory, that the last I checked after only a few days it has topped the most commented on post I have ever laid eyes on. Last I checked it was at 190 comments!. Anyway, the post was specifically aimed at analyzing one woman’s comment to another post he had made earlier in the week. The woman, he said, clearly suffered from Angry Woman Syndrome, and was more than a wee bit jaded when it came to the topic of men and sex. And seriously, it was QUITE obviously that this woman had had some seriously jacked up experiences with men – more specifically, only seemed to find men interested in ONE thing, which was especially problematic for her as she was saving herself for marriage. The commenter of focus, Shannon, does end up responding, and getting into quite a few (more…)