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OMG… It’s NOT You..It Really IS Me

So, the other day I was having a conversation with a friend, and as is usual for me, while it was a “catching up on each others lives” conversation, I was also falling into the role of amateur psychologist. You see, after a string of trainwreck relationships that she had jumped into quick and deep, she had finally found someone “normal”. It’s not that in the past she had TRIED to get into relationships with psychotic and/or delusional people who on the surface seemed like normal, stable people but deep down were actually pathological liars, abusive freaks, or just generally slack individuals. No. On the surface, for about five seconds, these failed mates seemed to offer exactly what she was looking for: someone who was stable and established in life, who was done looking for drama and the next party in all the wrong places, and was looking for a like-minded individual to settle down with, raise children, buy a house with a white picket fence, and grow old and gray and happy together. The problem was, technically even sociopaths and child molesters want those things: so finding someone who WANTS something doesn’t really guarantee, on any level, that you find someone who is anywhere near capable of actually PROVIDING you with those things for any extended period of time.

Ok, so on to the new relationship. I was telling you she finally found someone who not only appeared to be stable and down to earth and ready for a committed relationship, but 5 months later hasn’t grown three heads and started worshipping Satan. Great!!! Right? Yeaahhh…no. Not so great. But why, you may be asking yourself. She (more…)