Why You CAN’T Find A GOOD Man

Yup. That’s right. I’ve gone there.

I got kinda sick and tired watching person after person on a “prove all men/women ain’t $%^#” campaign day after day while they ENTIRELY missed the irony.

How in the heck is this ironic? Weeellllll… check the video out and see if you agree. And even if after the video plays you STILL think I used the term irony wrong… welp… either way I guarantee you’ll see how counterproductive and self defeating it is to spend your every waking moment trying to prove that point right while spontaneously hoping to find you one of the “rare good ones”.

ANYWAY… enjoy! A lesson in the effects of confirmation bias awaits!


One thought on “Why You CAN’T Find A GOOD Man

  1. I liked this for the psychological angles based on our scientific understanding of how humans pay attention. A la, confirmation biases and inattentional blindness. In pretty much a similar ‘structure’ – you tackling the general idea of attention through a focus on relationship; I tackled the attention topic through the use of numbers once. After watching your video, I think fleshing out the issue more in its pure form will be something I’d take on.

    For the most part, I’ve been calling this pure form ‘The Issue of Values’.

    We do not just live in an ecosystem; we also live in a value system. It is your value system that determines what is relevant. What you see is mediated by your social environment. Just as how you are born into an ecosystem, you are born into a value system. It is this value system that determines what you notice.



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