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Is It In Yet??? ("Down-There" Size And Space Issues)

size-2Today, as I was re-reading one of my old Cosmo issues, I stumbled upon a “first time” blooper in which a girl is making out with her boyfriend of a few months whom she hadn’t yet had sex with when she decides she’s ready to go all the way. Lustily, she tells him that she’s ready. While that may have been music to many a man’s ear who had been waiting patiently for months for their girlfriend to be ready to get down and dirty, this man was not only unimpressed with her exclamation of readiness, he was downright crestfallen. Why? Maybe you can tell from his response to her, which was “I”m already in you. I have been for a while”. Oops!

This story is far from the first in Cosmo blooper history to recount such an experience. In fact, not only have I read this story several times to varying degrees in Cosmo, I’ve also heard the story from several of my friends over the years. And not just from women, either. I have guy friends tell me of encounters they get into where the woman they are with is so loose they often only know they are inside of her (more…)