Man-Skirt Sexy?? I Don't Think So…

hm-manskirtsYou know, as an individual I try to be very open minded and accepting of things that don’t fall within the mainstream. But when a friend told me of the newest fashion trend/disaster I couldn’t help but say “are you shitting me?”. And for those of you who need to be caught up, we’re not talking about the cultural skirts or kilts to be worn at official ceremonies. And no, we’re not talking about somewhere far far away, like in Europe, where it will seem uber neat and foreign and different, but ultimately won’t be something more than a sight to see while you’re on vacation. And it’s not going to be some ridiculous concept spied on the fashion runways, certainly an eyesore but ultimately no more a risk of becoming reality than watching the boogeyman in a movie will make him appear under your bed in real life. Nope, this travesty is a fashion skirt for North American men. Soon to be hitting popular clothing stores in North America, one of which will be H&M, which will be debuting this little fashion tragedy in their spring line.

Ok, I have two questions right now, 1.Why? and 2.Who?:

1–>WHY?? And this question, although only 3 letters has a whole lot of aspects to it. It can mean, why would they think this is a good idea for North American men, why would a man want to wear a skirt, why couldn’t they find some better way of exploring with fashion…geez, I could go on and on with this one, but lets move on to question number

2–> WHO?? As in, who told ANYBODY this would be a good idea (seriously, if you have leads let me know) which is also connected with who THOUGHT this was a good idea, who is going to be wearing this fashion, who will be attracted to men in skirts, who wants to be wearing a man skirt…


Again, too many questions, and there just aren’t enough answers. There just never will be. Ok, seriously, on the man’s point of view for 5 seconds – is there any STRAIGHT male out there who will be wearing their nice little khaki skirt to work on a Monday, or maybe out to a nice restaurant or to chill out with some friends? For these men, what happens if you get an accidental boner with this skirt on? I mean, do you just walk around with it VERY OBVIOUSLY at full attention until it dies down, much like society has had to do with women’s nipples? Do you wear boxers, tighty-whities, boxer shorts, or go commando? If men wear skirts now, on a cold day do they wear tights under the skirts? Do men have to shave if they go bare legged, just like women do, or do they get some kind of special pass because they won’t be turning ANYONE on in those skirts anyways so who cares what they’re wearing?

men-in-skirts2See? SO many questions. SO MANY!! Like, on the straight woman tip for 5 seconds: when you check out a dude in a skirt are you like “OMG he looks SOOO hot in that!!” or do you think to yourself “ummmm…he looks like some kinda freak!”? Just wondering. If you’re one of those “to each their own” kinda women, if your man decided to start sporting a skirt, will you go out in public with him? Would you start wondering about his sexuality? Would you still feel as sexually attracted to him? You’d be pissed if your best girl friend showed up to a party in the same outfit as you, but what about your best guy friend or boyfriend? If this skirt thing catches on, would you want a man to shave his legs if he was going for the skirt style, or just keep it hairy and au naturel? Have you ever fantasized about getting your man into a dark corner of a club and flipping his skirt up to give him some oral action? If you did flip his skirt up, what kind of underpants would you expect to see?

Ok, let me off your the Classic Ruby opinion on this, in case you haven’t guessed…its HELL NO!!! Men in skirts is not sexy. It’s just not. Not the thought, not the sight, not some random idea. NOTHING! And what would I do if my man were wearing a skirt? I wouldn’t being doing a damn thing because, quite frankly, no man of mine will be hanging on to my arm wearing an outfit that could have come from my closet. Seriously, I have an issue with stand-alone pink shirts and skinny jeans (as separates – *shudder* just thought of them together on a man coming in for a …*throws up in mouth a little*) so obviously to me this skirt thing is going waayyy too far.

What’s wrong with men wanting to be a little masculine and women wanting to be a little feminine? And what’s wrong with me thinking that things should be that way? I mean, I am all for men being allowed to be in touch with their emotions and to be able to do things like cry publicly and express their feelings, being stay at home dads, etc etc, likewise I am all for women being allowed to work whatever job they so choose (as long as they can manage the load – I say the same thing about men who aren’t very physically active or fit – just common sense, nothing to do with sex), being strong and independent and not needing to rely on a man to take care of them. But I don’t see what’s wrong with men still maintaining some of the things in our culture that we deem to be manly, like a stronger, more sturdy looking exterior, while women maintain looking somewhat feminine with things that still allow them to be soft and tender?

men-in-skirts4Ok, in all fairness, I think this is the most ridiculous investment any clothing store can make because, quite frankly, I just don’t think the demand is there, and more importantly I just don’t think there is anything that the media icons, designers, clothing stores, etc. can do to make this fad catch on. I think this is going to be comparable to the New Coke fiasco (only I’m sure stores like H&M had enough foresight not to just outrightly stop producing men’s pants, and I’m sure they also had enough foresight to make sure that these were some added sides, not their bread butter and meat and potatoes) where some trendsters are going to buy simply because they have some sick compulsion to be at the top of every fashion trend even though they secretly hate most of them, but for the large majority man-skirts will still remain something that is extremely laughable, at best.

Happy shopping, fashion lovers lol



35 thoughts on “Man-Skirt Sexy?? I Don't Think So…

  1. Bun dat yo!! You wouldnt catch me DEAD in that trechery! Leave the dressing female to females and cross dressers and let us men be MEN dis shit is serious Ruby why you aint got a petition against dis one? Trust its murdering the male masculinity and standards and “this horrificness must be put to an end!”


  2. LOL…trust me everyone I totally am on your side with this! And trust me Kinetic, if I could have found a petition to stop this nonsense, for sure 100% it WOULD be posted! If you find one, or start one up, please email it to me and I’ll add it to the post!! 😉


  3. What the hell is the matter with you SEXIST BIGGOTS??!! Skirts ARE manly!!! Haven’t you ever heard of the KILT??!! Also, you women who are against the idea of skirts for men YOURSELVES do not deserve the right to wear PANTS!! How would YOU like it if YOU were denied the right to wear whatever YOU like??!! Your thoughts are very insulting to a man like me!!! And by the way, I wear kilts and skirts and am NOT homosexual!!! You PERVERTED LOSERS!!!


    1. Could not have said it better. Crap article by losers. I wear skirts and rock them. Proud if it and not a cross dresser or gay. Probably jealous we can look better than them in skirts. Well done. Lot of the comments by this writer are prehistoric and she needs to wake up. Clothes are clothes and who is she to say what looks manly or feminine. What you think about yourself is most important. Women wear trousers shirts ties jeans or considered mens clothes but these are boring. No colour or imagination. Women that wear this don’t look feminine and to be honest I don’t care. So to this writer keep your outdated back dated thoughts to yourself. You if you had a choice between a intelligent good looking guy in a skirt or a mussle bound idiot in jeans you would pick the latter? Mmmm

      Cannot wait to read you abusive narrow minded response probable are you a child. One day good luck growing up in the real world.

      Notice you hide your real indentity. Don’t bother replying I am going to chat with some real open minded normal adults. 😆😆

      Ps not you.


  4. @ David

    First off, let me just say that as much as you have your own opinion, every one else is entitled to theirs. So if someone had an issue with me wearing pants I would wear them anyway and hope one day society would catch up with me. As long as I wouldn’t be jailed for my fashion choices then it’s all good with me. So if you like wearing skirts in public as a man, more power to you, but since your fashion tastes are NOT the norm in North America expect to get some slack for it, and expect people to be entirely against it. That’s what happens in these situations.

    And I would just like to point out that I entirely mentioned at the beginning of this that I am NOT speaking of kilts or other types of cultural “skirt”, I was speaking about “fashion skirts”…and not for anything, but if I saw a man wearing shiny silver pants I’d be on the floor LMAO, so it’s not just the skirt, it’s everything that’s coming with these skirts. And don’t get me wrong, much as I expect men to be “manly” I fully said that I expect women to be “feminine” and I also qualified that with “according to North American Culture”. But NA culture doesn’t always agree with me: for example, as I said above men in pink shirts or skinny jeans, are now considered culturally acceptable for men..I ENTIRELY disagree, especially the skinny jeans (unfortunately the pink shirt thing just won’t go away so I’ve gotten somewhat used to it…skinny jeans, not so much…and probably never will)

    But honestly David, I must say, while I totally appreciate your response, it was relatively..well…accusatory and childish. You spent half of it posting in caps and calling us names because we don’t have the same viewpoint that you do when it comes to man skirts. If you’re not actually a young person (16 and under) I think it’s time to either acknowledge why you experience such unbridled anger at the idea of your sexuality being questioned based on your clothing choices, or it’s time to move to a place where your fashion choices will fit into the mainstream, and you won’t have to do any personal discovery.



    1. To be honest Ruby you sound like a child with such prehistoric views on what’s defines been a man. My age is the question but let’s say I am well experiencedone in life and have women I know that don’t judge me for what I dress in. I wear my skirts and proud of it. You argument goes both ways so women should dress like a woman and not wear shirts ties trousers jeans etc. Do they want to be a man, answer no. Men in skirts don’t want to be a woman just wear a piece if material cut in a different way. Heard arguments from others say it’s wrong because it shows hairy legs. Surely shorts and swimsuit’s do the same. Wearing a skirt is not to be worn by women. Would you say abut a Scotsman wearing a skirt? looks wrong. If you want to argue against men wearing skirt’s us wrong. Then at least give a real reason rather than just stupid.


      1. Actually, I in no way argued that men wearing skirts was “wrong”. Your word, not mine. Nor did I say that a masculine appearance was akin to being a man. NOR did I even remotely imply that men who wear these fashion skirts want to be women.

        You may want to examine why it is that you added so much context and implication to what was written rather than taking it at face value… what I wrote was perfectly clear. If you feel so insecure about your own fashion choices, well… not much I can do about that.

        Again, much of your questions I’ve already addressed, either by answering them or by posing the question itself. From a cultural and societal perspective in some places, it is typical for men to wear kilts…. many typically female names in the western world are considered to be very strong, masculine names in other countries. Here white means purity, other places it means death. Ethnocentrism exists across the globe. Nobody is changing their opinions, often deeply rooted in cultural norms they were born and raised into, because someone ELSE feels it would be fair for them to do so.

        If you want to be a trend setter, if you want to dress not only in the minority but in a way that is fundamentally counter to the beliefs and ideals being held in the majority culture… I’m not sure why you’d be throwing ad hominem attacks and defensive posturing rather than actually explaining the virtues/pros of your stance…. wouldn’t the point be to actually change the mind of the person whose article you object to?

        I gave my real reasons, and 10 years later those haven’t changed. I think a man in a skirt looks absolutely ridiculous (cultural norms explained above), I think that a man wearing a skirt looks more feminine, and I think it’s absurdly unattractive to see a man in a skirt.

        Not only that but I think skirts are impractical and are really only good for easy access entrance in quick hook ups (ok and also for tickling the imagination of the person watching those thighs while praying to God there’s a strong gust of wind). Short of looking sexy and uber feminine, I really don’t understand why else a woman would wear a skirt. And I’m JUST enough of an asshole to think that skirts were REALLY not made for every woman, anyway… let alone men.

        As I said, you have a right to wear whatever you want. You have a right to think and believe whatever you want… at least in North America. And I have a right to my own opinions too, which include but are not limited to, finding men in skinny jeans, short shorts and skirts to be hilariously laughable AT BEST, sad somewhere in the middle, and freakish at worst.

        If you find women in particular dress, or maybe just a particular type, unattractive… you have a God given right that that opinion… just like you have the same right to think that that dudes trash is your treasure

        Cheers to that whole non-selective freedom of thought and freedom of speech stuff, right? 😉


  5. You would have been jailed for being a woman in pants here in America at earlier times (see profuse documentation in pdf file at also you would have had major newspapers calling for you to be sent to “the best conducted hospitals for the insane” NY Times May 27, 1876, p.6. You would have been refused entrance to schools, churches and restaurants! You have no business ever serving on any jury as you have no concept of fairplay as you feel men have no corresponding right to alternatives. Appeals to conformity are morally bankrupt when double standards are in play! Meantime the Greek army has a unit of men in pleated skirts, and you can’t do anything to make them conform to the “pants indispensable to masculinity” concept. Reason so many women don’t approve of men in skirts is as long as skirts are reserved “only for females,” this constitutes a “power over males” concept to you! When you wear a skirt you are saying “Look at me, I can get away with wearing this, I’m FEMALE!” Selfish persons are of necessity uncharitable persons! “Fit into the mainstream” only signifies “act like an unreasoning automaton.” Nonconformity is never the problem; intolerance is always the problem! Why don’t you call for people to bring their reactions under control rather than calling for civil liberties censorship?? In AD393 Rome exiled men in pants. 14th Amendment applies to both sexes and does not exist only for the style monopolistic female to arrogate skirts to herself!


    1. Awwww dang I overlooked this one. Welp, better late than never.

      First of all, I love how you literally brought up points I’ve already made as though they would be shocking or “gotcha” moments. Who do y’all debate with outside of this comment section? Clearly only intellectual light weights, keyboard warriors, and teenagers who lack the impulse control and forethought to think a thought through to all its logical conclusions before it comes tumbling out of their mouths.


      So… now I have no business on a jury (side note, are you a doctor or some other kinda professional who can write me a get out of jury duty free note based on this premise? Serious request) because i have a personal preference and opinion about whether skirts make the wearer look feminine and that i am not sexually attracted to men wearing skirts? 🤔


      So… last time you served on jury duty, was your ability to be sexually attracted to the defendant and your agreement and appreciation of their personal style preferences relevant to objectively analyzing the facts of the case the deliver a measured and just verdict? 🤔

      First of all, nobody appealed to conformity. I simply stated my automatic, and lasting, impression of men in fashion skirts. You’re more than free to dress as you see fit. And I’m more than free to have my opinion of your style preferences. What’s more, I’m also more than free to judge you for said preferences…

      You gonna hire a nanny for your children who shows up to the interview covered in swastika and hate speech tattoos and hail Hitler written across her forehead, clad in nothing but a semi see through bikini? 🤔 I’m guessing not.

      Last, the fact that you think skirts and the ability to freely wear them in some kind of power movement is laughable at best. Maybe you were always jealous your sister could wear frilly princess dresses and you were stuck with the neck choking tie…

      But I’ll tell ya, there’s nothing free or powerful about a skirt. Personally I prefer to wear the once upon a time id be arrested or thrown in the looney bin attire.

      To my bridal shower I wore jeans and a baby tee, with matching runners and hat… and trust, there was judgement and etc… guess how many f**** i gave?

      Literally zero.

      Here’s the sad reality that your ultra lib cancel culture won’t tell you… EVERYBODY faces judgement and limitations and etc. Everybody. Get over it and get over yourself.

      Wear your skirt. Enjoy your feminine. Why are you so ashamed of embracing your feminine that you’re so keen to masquerade around in the second it’s challenged?

      And if you’re gonna say embrace your Masculine in your pants ruby, I’ve got news for you.. that’s EXACTLY why I developed a hate of skirts and dresses before the first grade and will ALWAYS prefer pants and shorts to skirts…

      Literally why. Sooooo… yeah. Don’t even bother with that retort cuz it just supports my opinion further 😉

      P.s. did all your Sexy Sexy in your man skirts hook you the job, wife, and respect of your colleagues of your dreams yet?

      Chances are you stuck to your guns and the answer is no, none of the above..

      OR you conformed, like the rest of humanity, to make your appearance match the outcomes you desire and that’s how you got any or all of the above.

      Reality bites.

      Humans stopped evolving 10k years ago. Your feelings aren’t gonna change the cold hard facts of the human psyche.

      Cheers 🍻


  6. Great articles and it’s so helpful. I want to add your blog into my rrs reader but i can’t find the rrs address. Would you please send your address to my email? Thanks a lot!


      1. You’re too much! I’ve had lots of women come on to me because I was out in public wearing a skirt. I toured museums for almost four hours in a major US city wearing a skirt, no one indicated offense, one guy was curious about it. FYI not everyone is backwoods uninformed as yourself. Women seldom wear skirts these days—when they do it’s only to remind society that they’re supposed to have a monopoly stranglehold on skirts—and men are tabooed to wear them. So if the female doesn’t wear skirts, skirts just won’t be seen in society! That’s like you get a parking space reserved to you which you use maybe four times a year, and others are banned from using it, all at the same parking lot! No deal! Before men started wearing pants because the Mongols used horses for warfare and transportation and pants became epidemic among men, men in Greece, Macedonia, Rome, Egypt, Sumeria, Assyria, Babylon and the ancient Israelites, all wore skirt category clothes, and fathered children! Your fear about men wearing skirts is that you’ll lose your style monopoly. Like the founder of the League of Women Voters, Carrie Chapman Catt, spoke of women who are “drunk with success over shining sartorially without male competition.” And we men in skirts don’t care about the type female you represent. You can burst into a fireball like a Buddhist monk for all we care!


        1. Still just…wow. If it helps you sleep at night to think I have some backwoods views (as you have said) then by all means, go right on ahead thinking so – i believe sleep is very important, so whatever you need to up your sleep quota, I’m all for.

          However, just a couple comments…first of all, they have done studies that have proven (and I’m actually serious on this front) that men who wear pant suits with a collared shirt and tie and dress shoes, and women who wear skirt suits with a button up blouse, stalkings and high heels, are both not only judged as being more trustworthy, honest, and successful, but are actually more likely to be achieve the success they want, and advance further than those who choose less traditional gender appropriate attire. Just saying.

          Beyond that, I personally wouldn’t mind if skirts were abolished all together. Clearly you have no concept of the kind of woman I am, which makes me think this is the only post of mine you have read, and most likely only stumbled across it in your google search for “man skirt stores near Everwood, Colorado” or wherever it is you happen to have stopped along in your globe trotting to sit down at some form of, no doubt non gender conforming, form of technological communication…what is it today, the pink bejewelled tablet case, you say?

          Anyway, if you are actually responding to the post itself, you’ll remember that I also asked the question of which STRAIGHT males want to wear fashion skirts. And why? And really, all I’ve gotten in response to that question is a bunch of attacks and assumptions about who I am and what an absolutely bigotted terrible person I must be. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

          If you notice, I never actually said men should NOT be allowed to wear skirts, only questioned the reason why any man would WANT to wear a fashion skirt…I also stated my (still very very true) opinion that I will never, ever EVER look at any man in a skirt and think ooooooo sexy. To be honest, I’d never look at a man in tight skinny jeans, pink shirts, long hair…etc etc, and in any way whatsoever think they looked anywhere near attractive. Actually, after I’ve seen a man in a skirt, or skinny jeans, or daisy duke shorts…yeah. That’s basically it, no matter what your body may or may not look like, no matter how pretty I thought your face was before, I’ll never be able to look at you with more interest than I would one of my of those “yeah, you look HOT today!” but, no, I would never ever sleep with you, I’ll never be attracted to you things.

          Now, again since you have no concept of what kinda gal I am, let me clarify that there is very little about me that could be construed as typical, or girlie. Back before it was cool, I was a tomboy, and although I’m not a big fan of baggy tops anymore, and I do like to show off my cleavage, not a whole lot has changed from my tomboy days, including my lack of interest in makeup (which is kinda funny, considering I am a beauty consulting, and that my work attitre requires me to dress in the aforementioned skirt suits, heels and stockings).

          And to be perfectly honest with you, I am not everyone’s cup of tea. Sure, I’ve been told how absolutely gorgeous I am, however, there are some men who like a woman who has that woman charm class, a woman who prefers wine over beer, a woman who doesn’t curse because “a lady never curses” or some next happy dappy crap, a woman who believes that dresses and skirts are not a punishment but a treat, and a woman who doesn’t feel that runners and jeans and a baby tee that are new and matching doesn’t qualify as a “good outfit”.

          And there are many, many men who feel that I am not enough of a lady, and that the way I comport myself makes me unattractive–did you know, that actually extends to the fact that my favourite part of me is my brain, and that I use it relentlessly while in search of some intelligent conversation and exciting debate, wherever I go…and really…I could care less. I don’t care to change their minds, nor do I care to validate myself to them, or people like them.

          You see, I’m secure enough in myself and in my personal style, character and decisions that I really don’t need any outside validation to be happy with me, including my opinions. Nor do I have to pretend I find a man, bulgy hairy legs and all, in a skirt to be anywhere near attractive, just as I think that there are many many women in this world who wear mini skirts, clothes a size too tight, middrift bearing shirts who make themselves terrible gross looking by doing do, and would have been far better served by finding themselves a good track suit. Read my blogs, you’ll see I hate seeing lots of people in a variety of things!

          But more importantly, what you need to do, seriously, is figure out why it is that you feel the need to try and classify me as a bigot and a villain and a whole squad of other things simply because if I saw you in the streets in a skirt I would assume you were gay and the girl on your arm was your bff or sister. Or, at the very least, I would assume you fall somewhere under the LGBTTIQQ umbrella. Why that bothers you so much is kinda beyond me. When I go to the Pride Parade every year and people assume I’m a lesbian it really doesn’t bother me at all (and in fact, I’m straight, for the record).

          And although I am actually an activist in the LGBT community, as well as the fact that I am in a documentary that will be on the Doc channel this year, it really doesn’t bother me when small minded people, such as yourself, people who are fighting against nothing for rights they already have against people who are in no way denying their rights, or saying that those rights should be denied, decide to verbally attack me because of my personal taste and opinion in what I find attractive on a straight man who would perhaps want to pick me up in the club (obviously not you: You’d be the one in the skirt, standing by the bar and thinking nobody is looking at you cause they all assume you are straight wearing a skirt and are not phased by it…NOT because they all assume you are either a cross dresser, bisexual, or gay and are totally not No that couldn’t be it at all).

          Oh yeah, and are you seriously going to compare a man in 21st century North America to men in ancient times prior to pants becoming a norm as your argument? Seriously…ok ok…by your rules, I guess child molesters (like that NAMBLA association, who, by the way, have used this as a defense before – unsuccessfully, but still) are totally cool to rape small children cause, hey…the ancient greeks did it basically as a right of passage? Did you know it was perfectly normally for adult males to screw young boys back in ancient Greece? And it didn’t count as infidelity either….oh wait, what? Its not the same thing? Of course it is…you can’t use what the standard was 2000 years ago, ignore everything that has happened, all the changes in society and culture and societal norms, and then be like “well it was ok before, so it should be ok now then too, and EVERYONE should think its super, or else they are all terrible people”…progress moves forward generally, not backwards…so unless you plan on throwing your alarm clock away, burning your computers and phones, selling your car and then using the sun dial outside and the roosters to get up in time for work (hope you live close enough for a brisk jog to get you there in time), only corresponding via hand written and hand sealed letters that you send through messengers on their horses, etc, all because it was better for the environment and they USED to do it ALLLLLLL the time, your argument doesn’t hold weight.

          Sorry. But what a welcome back to blogging present. I’ve always enjoyed reading your responses, they make me smile! Hope to see your commentary soon!

          Thanks for your reply, and Cheers to you and your skirts!


          1. Uhhhh, straight men can wear skirts? Wanting to wear a skirt has nothing to do with attraction to other men? The only reason more men don’t is foul people like you keep trying to push the idea that only gay or trans or queer men would *ever* do anything that isn’t testosterone fueled and completely manly. Bullshit


        1. Ohhhh no. You read this all wrong. I’m sure there are PLENTY of articles that you can blame my base vanity on.

          Me being unable to comprehend something really has nothing to do with being full of myself… in this particular case I think it more so has a lot to do with this uber lib society being full of sh** and propagating concepts that they don’t actually want IRL.

          You know how many of y’all I’ve heard say exactly this, and yet when it comes down to the nitty gritty they mean for their GUY FRIENDS.. cuz the man they are gonna MARRY and be sexually attracted to is NOT the ultra liberated, deep in his overt North American femininity displays.

          It’s just not.

          Feel free to live in denial though. We’ll check in in 25 years and see how reality really played out so you can stammer and make excuses about how just cuz your husband HAPPENED to not wear skirts and just happened to be deeply rooted in his masculine doesn’t mean anything at all.

          It just so HAPPENED to work out that way 😉😅🤣🤣🤣🤣


  7. You deal in false comparisons. You are a con MAN. You lack maturity to mind your own business—it’s not your decision what others wear. Wish I could have the Chicago police arrest you in your pants (“clothing not belonging to your sex”) have them drag you in front of judge Jacob Braude, and he sentences you, after a scolding lecture, to see a psychiatrist for six months. That was in 1943—that’s your thinking related to men—we should be stuck in 1943 like women once were. You can’t cross dress because you’re a hermaphrodite! I dearly doubt the sun ever rose on the day you were justified to be looked at in an admiring way by any man, besides the kind that like to beat women. Get on a bottlecap and drift out to sea. You can’t obstruct men from realizing this pants only thing is just another con job.


    1. wooooooooowww….Poor poor, deluded Charles. Just because you are a lonely eccentric man who has yet to find your perfect match, although of course, only WASPs need apply (talk about judgmental, exclusionary nonsense) doesn’t mean that every woman you encounter in the world who happens to have an opinion that differs from yours just happens to be a hermaphrodite. Although I must say, it is rather sad and pathetic and relatively repulsive that any man would think that ANY woman deserves to be abused by a man… unless she is a child molester- then I couldn’t really care less what happens to her.

      Funny, because of my extended hiatus and my medical issues, it never really occurred to me to actually click on your username and see exactly what your website was all about. Earlier this morning, I did just that. And suddenly, SOOOOOOO many things, including your misogynist rant based on a completely fabricated attack on you, made perfect sense.

      Ok, so you’re a lonely billionaire who has grown quite desolate with only his money to love him at night. Cool. You’re an eccentric man, and your quirks and lack of mainstream thinking have led you to fear that the world is very black and white, and is either out to get you or out to love you, out to use you or out to love you, out to hurt you or out to help you, because unfortunately for you, the majority of the WASP women who apply to potentially have a public courting session for you are straight out lying about having any form of attraction to you, and in absolutely no way think your skirt fetish is something even remotely sexy. Ok then. The few women who are fantastic with your cross dressing proclivity are in fact either hermaphrodites, transsexuals, or bull dykes…speaking of the women who dress solely in men’s attire, what’s your beef with that Charley?

      Apparently, everyone should celebrate the return of men in skirts as the norm simply because you enjoy feeling a draft on your family jewels as you walk around town, strutting your manly stuff in your most favorite pink frilly tutu. Clearly, Chuck, despite your 40 page long ghetto ass website, your confidence and bravado are as fake as your assertions that, in fact, straight men EVERYWHERE are just dying to wear skirts, and refrain only because society tells them it’s not OK.

      Be serious for five seconds, k? Just because you want something to be true really really REALLY badly doesn’t actually make it true. Seriously. Just ask 3 out of 4 teen moms to list everything they tried before having to shamefacedly run to mommy and tell her that before her daughters junior prom, she’s gonna be a grandmother…I bet you the majority of the list will be separated by “wished upon a star”, “made promises to Jesus”, and “wore my lucky panties for a week”.

      Ok, no seriously though. Let’s address your little tantrum one step at a time. Making blanket statements and accusations without actually using any factual support is not an argument bro. Take a Critical Thinking class and then try the first two sentences again (and I’m serious- Critical Thinking classes teach you the art of properly constructing a VALID argument, and helps you avoid using logical fallacies in place of valid, sound, cogent premises in support of your (rather outlandish) arguments (read: accusations).

      Second, other than the fact that I write a blog…and probably other than the fact that I wrote this particular post, you actually know little to nothing about me. I’ve actually set the blog up that way specifically so random psycho fanatics, such as you, dear Charles, don’t decide to stop taking their meds one day and come after me with a porcelain doll they think is actually a Samurai sword from the 1400’s. And I use you, friend, as an example because, quite frankly up until this absolutely asinine comment, I actually thought you were a sane, intelligent man, with a few quirks and an odd love for skirts.

      And then you go and do THIS *motions toward infantile name calling and obsessive fact dropping*. and ruin it for everyone. Poor poor Charles *pats head”…common boy, tell me what’s the REAL issue? Did your last WASP date end up being a lying mud blood country yokel living off of welfare? OH! I know!! And the kicker was, you only found out AFTER you slept with her and bought her a $500,000 engagement present? Hmmmmm…sounds about right. Cause anything else and I really can’t conceive of the fact that you managed to take what I actually said and twist it in your mind until it was so personally offensive that you decided derogatory, demeaning invective hurtling was your only recourse.

      But then, I digress. Let’s go back to where I was before, shall we? Silly, silly angry man pretending like everything I said was so very terrible and offensive that you have every right to behave like a teething infant. Ugh. Ok, sorry, I did the whole digression thing again, I’ll try and stay on point from here on out.

      Let’s cut to the chase here, shall we? You suffer from paranoid delusions and you’re a hypocrite. On soooooooo many levels. Lets start at the beginning. Number one buddy, I should mind my own business because it’s not my decision what others wear? LMFAOOOOO in what part of the galaxy was that tiny little brain of yours floating when you dreamed up the concept that I had, at any point, said that it was, or that I wanted it to be, on any level, my decision what other people wear. With the exception of myself, my boyfriend, my close friends and family I really couldn’t give a shit less what anyone chooses to wear out their door in the morning. Not my business, not my problem, and not my freak show. Nor did I state anything to that effect. What I simply did, over and over, which you have still failed to find any rational, non hysterical way of actually answering was, WHY would any straight man want to wear fashion skirts, and is there any straight woman in the world who honestly finds a man in a fashion skirt sexy? I followed this by saying that I really can’t understand why anyone would want to choose to wear a skirt, regardless of gender, since they are pretty much the worst possible, most useless garment in the world to me, and always has been. I then made sure to add that, everyone makes their own choices each day, and North Americans are lucky enough to live somewhere where they have freedom of dress, religion, speech, thought, opinion…basically they are free to do anything that does not cause harm to anyone else. And I am 100% all for that. But just because you are free to dress as you want, walk, talk, or act like you want, doesn’t mean that your freedom somehow impedes on mine. Which means I am more than free to watch you in any public arena, just as I am free to comment on whatever the fuck I want, and am free to have whatever opinion I want, whenever I want to have it, and I am free to express that opinion in any format I would like-all of this of course, being under the restriction of not doing harm to others. Now, I am perfectly free to not mind my own business, and that has absolutely nothing to do with maturity, dear Chuckie, it has to do with a natural human phenomenon that has evolved to help the species survive: an interest, and need to observe, understand, and potentially learn from, the actions and behaviour patterns of others. I’m sure you have no idea what I mean, since you generally tend to dismiss psychological theories, as well as anything that doesn’t fit into your general view of what living in your ideal universe would truly be like.

      Remember, hypocrite, live and let live, and accept and be accepted. From your long winded, terribly repetitive and boring website, I’ve determined that you by far are the most egocentric narcissist in the world, and your pathetic excuse for martyrdom will never be respected, because quite frankly actual martyrs have an ounce of humbleness within them, and truly want to accept and understand the world, not simply cast out/hide/or attack the things they truly don’t understand, or that don’t understand them.

      Now. Get it through your poor troubled little brain Chuckie-wuckie. Nobody really gives a shit whether or not you are a gay man or a straight man, and nobody is really phased by your money, your skirts, or your overt attempts to hide the truth of yourself from yourself. Honestly, least of all me. You were quite entertaining for a bit there, and I actually though that perhaps the debate could continue you in some form that would continue to be entertaining and yet informative. I wasn’t quite aware that you were schizoid and off your meds, and that your interest in wearing skirts borders on fanatical, to the point where I’m pretty sure you’ll never find the WASPy woman you are looking for: not only because I’m pretty sure that if you want a woman to accept you as you are, pantyhose and high heels and all, then you’ve got to also accept her exactly as she is, even if it means the only person in your relationship that would ever be wearing a cute little skirt is you. Since, for some reason, you exclude sooooooooooo many women, for so many reasons, including but not limited to what they prefer wearing or not, you have publicly declared yourself a hypocrite, and a laughingstock. Because as long as people can take you seriously, you stand for something. But since really you’re just a lonely little joke that nobody will ever understand, you’re the schmoe who will fall for anything, and think somehow you’re still planted firmly on your feet.

      Get back on your meds, dude. You totally ruined the debate. It could have been fun. Good luck you racist, classist bigot. And have a nice life in your locked closet…you think if the gay man in you screams in the middle of the closet, but the door is shut, it means nobody on the other side can hear him?

      Just wondering!


  8. “I wasn’t quite aware that you were schizoid and off your meds” appeals to psychiatry have lost traction with most people. You belong in the Dark Ages as a witch hunter. No more time for you. While there are no mental “illnesses” in the sense you mean, there are demon influenced persons, I believe this is driving your agenda. Go look up the term “succubus.”


    1. Oooppss…hit the nail right on the head there, didn’t I? It’s all good, on the path you’re most certainly heading down given the evidence one day you will in fact find yourself in a nice padded room, where the men in white jackets will force feed you your meds for the protection of yourself and others. And p.s. for the millions of people who suffer from and with mental illnesses who hate people like you who completely invalidate their lives and their struggle because you well and truly prefer to live in denial and feed the darkness within you, tsk tsk. Stop trying to impose your outlandish thoughts, ideas and opinions on the world at large just because you think that if YOU think it, therefore it must be true. Why don’t you don’t you go do some current research on ANY subject, instead of trolling through the history books for support for your theses. I’d tell you to get a life, but you have one…unfortunately, it’s clearly not based on reality. But, whatever floats your boat dude.



  9. Fed up with the narrow minded people that keep knocking men for wearing a skirt. Is your life so boring that you want to keep knocking up or are the men just afraid of there secret desire to wear a skirt. Should we stop women from wearing trousers, suits, mens shirts, mens pjs and so on. Women in a suit looks weird but we don’t keep going on about it. Men in skirts as long as they feel comfortable sod the rest of you. It is after all just a piece of fabric and does no one any harm. Deal with it. Skirts for men rule. I have plenty and my girlfriend still sees me as a man. Finally ref to getting a bonner under a skirt, if you have a pair of shorts underneath it no different to wearing a pair of trousers. Trousers are worse really as the are tighter than a lose fitted skirt.


  10. Admiring lady here (albeit tardy): Don’t mind that child, guys. Silly and shallow, like many others I see daily. Actually, feel some glad for these base types, as they make it much easier to spot bold, open, kindred spirits. I love meeting you; your quirks and crisp thoughts are refreshing bits of color among the grey, same-song tittering strolling down the street. You make each workday fascinating and I remember every conversation, however brief. I salute you from where I bounce. Stay different, my loves!


  11. You know what’s more off putting than dudes wearing skirts? This article. it reeks of cisgender normativity, and perhaps worse? Racism, the idea that skirts might be good on men if they’re a far away exotic novelty, seriously, this whole article is disgusting.


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