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Saggy Boobage is NEVER in Style – Please Spare Us the Horror

Maybe it’s just me, but the worst part of summer (other than the deluge of bugs and bees) and right up there with the underdressed and overskanky is women whose girls hang low. Not that I’m not sympathetic: what with inevitable post-baby droopage, age-induced loss of collagen, gravity’s mighty unbeatable pull, and the risks and sky-high cost of plastic surgery, it’s no wonder that the larger majority of women are simply putting up with their pair becoming less than perky as the years go by. And I also COMPLETELY understand that a good, supportive bra costs a pretty penny, as do ones that raise your girls to the teenage sky-high level they once were while adding a size or two and giving you the clevage of every man’s dreams. Not to mention the well-known fact that any bra (especially the cheapies) are anything but comfortable.

But all of that is NO excuse to wear skimpy, skeezy little tops sans-support  letting your boobs sag to your belly button, bouncing and swaying in a rather nauseating way with each movement you make. And don’t give me that “I don’t have the right bra to wear with this top” excuse: Anybody would rather see your bra straps or band sticking out of your top than have to conciously avoid openly staring at your freak-show pancake breasts (more…)