No You Don't !!!!

Ever feel this mean?
Ever feel this mean?

Don’t you just hate when someone has the nerve to say to you “I know exactly what you’re going through”. Even for someone to say that they understand what you’re going through I think is somewhat innaccurate, but I don’t find it offensive. Most of the time…Ok, fine, I only don’t find it offensive if it comes from one of my loved ones or good friends. So I’m a little touchy about certain things. Its just cause I’m deep and very emotionally sensitive (try not to burst out laughing!)

So anyway, I start the blog off in this way cause just the other day (Thursday to be exact) I had this jerk say that he knows exactly what I’m going through, and then had the nerve to continue on by telling me not only what I should be doing right now, but HOW I SHOULD BE FEELING!!!!! All I was thinking was you gotta be fricking kidding me here, but no no, the jerk wouldn’t back off, wouldn’t go away, wouldn’t understand the concept that when someone’s grieving you respect their wishes and give them their space if they need it cause everyone deals with grief differently, and everyone goes through different stages at different times.

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But no, he (I mean stupid jerk face…the more I think of him again, the worse his new name becomes!) decided to tell me I have no right to be out having a drink trying to relax ON A THURSDAY if I wasn’t in the mood to sit there and socialize with him, and be in a laughing, joking mood. I’d like, at this point, to share with you that I can barely tolerate him when I’m having a great day, let alone when I’m not. Then, I swear the jerk actually wanted to fight me cause I told him to f*** off cause quite frankly I was tired of this 10 minute long conversation we were having about whether he should leave me alone or not, and him, like the friend only in a much more ignorant way, telling me that ohhh, its all a part of life so just deal with it…EXCUSE ME?!?!?!?!?!
Ever feel like knocking someone out?

Even if I was feeling just peachy, even if nothing was bothering me, even if I had an absolutely fantastic life, if I’m not in the mood to have a conversation with anyone, I’m not having a conversation with anyone. If I want to sit absolutely silently by myself and not speak to anyone except to nod a greeting of hello, thats my damn right. And I’ll be damned if someone tries to tell me that I can’t do that while having a beer at a bar…I don’t go to the bar for people, I go for BEER! And the fact that this freak actually was trying to force me to socialize with him shows just how pathetic and, well, pathetic the jerk really was.

So, I just wanted to point out today, my friends, how absolutely pathetic and rude, and selfish, and disrespectful some people can really be. Like come on, where was he raised? In a cave by a pack of wolves? Have some frigging respect! No, I’m wrong. I know it. That was so mean of me….wolves actually mourn and have some respect…I know, Hyenas!! He was raised by hyenas!! Anyway, enough for now


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