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Black LGBT: the second-second-class citizens

Gay Pride Black Eye
Keeping an eye on your pride

I once wrote a post asking you all whether you fear unwittingly hooking up with men/women on the DL. To date, I’m pretty sure it’s the only post I’ve specifically written that deals with the LGBTQ community (correction: I also wrote a post on Ricky Martin way back when, before I actually launched Classic Ruby), and it’s high time that I do another one. And I think it’s especially important that I address social/cultural relations of the black LGBTQ community within the larger black social community as a whole. Something has gone terribly wrong in the equal advancement of black LGBTQ members. Somehow, being black and gay means that somehow you should not be afforded the same advancements in equality and equal rights that the rest of the black folk deserve.

While looking for some background info on this post, I came across an article that addressed my overall feelings about the treatment of the black LGBTQ’s within the larger black community. Check out the article yourself, titled (more…)

Disagree With Black History Month? Want a White History Month, You Say?


I was born and raised in Canada. When I was a child growing up, there was no such thing as Black History Month (it was not official until December 1995, and so it’s first appearance on the Canadian calendars was February 1996- I was in Grade 6 at the time). Nor was there a place in the school curriculum where we learned black history. And there was no magical internet for any child to do an easy “Black History” search and see what came up. As far as I was aware, the only Black slaves to ever exist were the ones who ended up in the U.S., and all the black people in Canada immigrated at some point from the Caribbean, Africa, or the U.S. some time after the last documented war because otherwise, why was it that there were literally no black people in history? In fact, as far as I was aware, there was no such thing as slavery in Canada, either. That was an American thing. I got this understanding because, of the little I was able to retain about slavery from movies like Roots and books I had read, the saving grace to the slaves was the underground railroad, whose final stop was in Canada, where the slaves could be free. Therefore, Canada did not have slaves. It was quite simple to me at the time. And how very, very wrong was I? (more…)

For The Love of God, Stop Misusing the Feminist Card

Beforefeminism I say anything else, let me start off by saying I’m all for Human Rights, as a whole, be it women’s rights, rights for minorities, rights for those with alternate genders, sexualities, religious beliefs, and just about anything that involves the betterment of human kind that does not involve harming or infringing on the rights or well being of others. But that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to have opinions, nor does believing in everyone having equal rights mean that in some way either I must think exactly anything relating to that group of people and what they do should be not only legal, not only socially acceptable, but should in fact be glorified as the only way to live, and curse those who may think otherwise.

Especially when those thoughts being in conflict would in no way, shape or form harm anyone on any level. And really (more…)

Ruby Rant: On Ignorance

ignorance-aint-bliss-t-shirtBefore continuing, I want to make sure that you are well aware of exactly what I mean when I use the terms “ignorant” or “ignorance”. I would have been irritated beyond belief if even one person read this post thinking I was referring to people who were rude, or crass, or whatever other totally incorrect definition that has been denoted to mean ignorant. The following are the actual definitions of the terms. If you’re unsure, please read them before continuing. The last thing you’d want to be, while reading my most recent little diatribe, is exactly the kind of person I am turning my nose up at and exiling into the gutters of society, defining them simply as common garbage. (more…)

Rant about inconsiderateness (is that even a word? :-p)

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I have had so many things cross my mind and my life in the past few days that have irked me. Seriously, so many that in fact as I now am sitting here, having started this post to complain about all of them, am wondering whether the problem is the world or if it’s really just me being in a rotten mood. The problem is I don’t feel like I’m in a rotten (more…)

No You Don't !!!!

Ever feel this mean?
Ever feel this mean?

Don’t you just hate when someone has the nerve to say to you “I know exactly what you’re going through”. Even for someone to say that they understand what you’re going through I think is somewhat innaccurate, but I don’t find it offensive. Most of the time…Ok, fine, I only don’t find it offensive if it comes from one of my loved ones or good friends. So I’m a (more…)