Happy 2010!!!

2010-new-years-eveI just wanted to wish everyone a very happy 2010. I hope that this year brings you and yours all the love, joy, peace, success, and happiness that you all deserve (and even some that you don’t!). Hopefully everyone had a happy and safe New Years Eve celebration, as I can tell you that I most certainly did this year. And I have resolutions! Normally I just tell people I’ve made so and so resolution so they get off of my back about the idea. I get that each year is an opportunity, but January 1st doesn’t have to be the start of something good or new. Why is it that when I commit myself to starting a new life/regime in March that doesn’t count, but if I make some half assed attempt on January 1st to commit to some not very realistic or important “new years resolution” everyone pats me on the back. I must say at this point that North American’s are absolutely ridiculous when it comes to following pointless meaningless traditions and shunning anything new or original.

Now, all that being said, I have made some New Years resolutions. Now, all though at first this may seem hypocritical of me, I gotta tell you that I actually have been thinking about making these changes for a long time, and actually started the process a few months ago (technically here and there on instance for even longer, but consistent effort has only been a couple months).  My first resolution is to quit biting my nails (been biting them for as long as I’ve had teeth (I swear there’s actually a picture of this), second is to be more dilligent and dedicated to everything I give my attention to (this is pretty much code for I’m gonna start acting like an adult and be committed to everything I do even when I’m not in the mood because thats life sometimes), and third is, I am going to be more of a “girlish” woman. 

Now, in case you are wondering what this is all about, first off I would like to point out that I find that there is nothing wrong with women who prefer the “butch” look, women who prefer the “sporty” look, or women who are still mostly “tomboy” at heart. This is all personal preference. Now, I have realized that since I am fairly pretty (read: trying to be modest but DAMN am I gorgeous!!! :-p) I don’t really need makeup. So I have never really owned any. I mean, I bought a shitload for my college grad in 07 but nothing since then. And I just bought $200 worth for New Years this year. I know, sounds ridiculous right? But I figure that if I’m gonna bother getting makeup at all I better get the good stuff, so I go MAC all the way. And then I gotta buy EVERYTHING since i own nothing, so I got foundation, powder, 4 types of eye shadow (for the smoky eye effect) lip stuff, mascara and eyeliner. Now, while this amount seems astronomical, remember that I won’t be needing to buy any more for another 2-3 years, which works out to somewhere between 2 and 27 cents per day, which ain’t bad 😉

Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, so I had to make that large investment (and on shoes and a dress as well) because I don’t own girlie things (oh, and don’t forget this scented spray/perfume/shower foam from bath and body works -midnight path, in case anyone was wondering). And it occured to me that while I will never hang up my jeans/baby tee/runners uniform completely, that I have grown a serious interest in pretty little heeled shoes, cutesy-poo dresses and dress clothes, and generally liking to be well polished and together (this also includes hair, eyebrows, the way I smell -hence the bath and bodyworks stuff). I mean, I even started to care about jewellery (oh if I didn’t mention it, my boyfriend bought me a diamond ring for Christmas…yes, REAL diamonds, not the cubic zirconia baby, and no it wasn’t an engagement ring…) and now I want accessories in all colours to match my cute little baby tees and stuff and stuff.

I don’t know…I can really see a change in me already (ok so it’s only January first, but as I said I don’t believe in miraculous January first entire lifestyle changes, this has been a process and I’m about ready to solidify it). I am really hoping and praying that this year is a great one for me, and mine, but I know the only thing I can control is myself and my actions and I’m gonna do good by me. Hopefully everyone else does as well.

So once again y’all

HAPPY 2010!!!!

And here is the New Years song with a pink shell to show I am dead serious about the girly thang (its a good little guitar performance…I was impressed)


4 thoughts on “Happy 2010!!!

  1. new year resolutions dont last but 5 minutes. don’t bother with that mess for real. unless its gonna be to get with me


  2. Thanks for the well wishes. So far so good. I think the key to sticking to resolutions is making them something that you’ve already been working on, something that is manageable and obtainable, and something that isn’t so far out in left field that it involves changing your lifestyle dramatically.

    LOL Kinetic you’re too much


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