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Christmas Drunk

woman_holding_glass_of_wineI hope everyone had a happy holiday season, and that Christmas brought them all the joy they were looking forward to. Mine certainly did. I’m not saying that everything went perfectly this Christmas, as when you ram a bunch of relative strangers together into a little space and tell them they have to get along, love each other, and be entirely interested in one another for hours on end there’s bound to be some sort of conflict. However, I decided this year that nobody was going to ruin my Christmas. Since I have so many jackasses in my family Since I have so many colourful characters in my family, so many shit-disturbing-loving loved ones, all who share theĀ I-don’t-take-shit-from-nobody attitude, its only natural that the most beautiful, joyful time at some point or another will crumble into anarchy, if only temporarily. The problem is, normally I have an extremely hard time bouncing back. This year I decided that, no matter what jack-assery I encountered (more…)