Hot Roxxxy: Robotic Girlfriend a.k.a. Sex Doll

The 2K10 version has come a LOOONG way from this laughingstock!

Yes, it’s true. The Blow-Up Doll has just been brought into the 21st century. No, it’s not just that they have made a more “life-like” expression on it’s face, more human-like skin, or real human hair you can brain or flat iron! No, no, no, don’t be ridiculous folks. What they’ve done is ALL THOSE THINGS only they’ve SO taken things too far. This is no longer just a blow-up doll, it’s a “virtual girlfriend” that you can program to be whatever you want her to be (Robot Boyfriend apparently coming soon). You have GOT to see this video! (footage below)

You can read all the details in this article, but in case you don’t have time I’ll give you a slight run down. You can program Roxxxy with whatever interests you want her to have: you like french fries, she likes french fries. She can come with any one of 5 preset personalities (Check out the names, they’re priceless!): Wild Wendy, Frigid Farrah, Mature Martha, S&M Susan, and “Young Naive Personality” who is barely legal and more than willing and able to be taught all you know **shivers**. Now, depending on the preset personality, when you touch Roxxxy in certain places she responds to you (watch the video). It also claims she can actually hear you and therefore outrightly interact with you. The only thing it can’t do is independently move it’s arms and legs, although apparently it has a “humanlike skeleton for realistic movement ability” and it’s spine is robotic (I guess so it can wiggle around under you realistically while you’re banging it…probably bobs its neck around while giving you head too).

Seriously, for once I am at a loss for words. Like…wow. Seriously? Is the dating game so desolate that it’s come down to this? The thing is, they’re not glorifying this as being a supercharged sex doll or something, they’re talking about it being a robotic girlfriend. And if you come up with the perfect personality combination? You can totally share it online with all of your friends, family…hell, even strangers! So, what’s the message here? That a girlfriend is something that you should be able to program to be however you want it? That your girlfriend should lose her personality and likes and dislikes to take on whatever ones you give her? That it wasn’t important for her to be able to move, but damn right she should be able to move in so far as it works out for your pleasure I Find to be an EXTREMELY disturbing concept.

You want to custom order your next girlfriend? Simply visit
and get started! (well, I checked it out, for research purposes. You can’t actually get any direct information from the website. No matter what option you click on it’s going to ask you to provide your information – one of the required fields IS in fact a phone number, which I have a feeling they actually call first before providing you with any information). Now, be prepared to be amazed by the worlds first Robotic Girlfriend a.k.a. Sex Doll ROXXXY!!!!!

Amazing huh? What I think is awesome is how much of a dork Mr. Inventor actually is. No WONDER he calls it a robotic “girlfriend” instead of sex doll…he’s never HAD a girlfriend. Yo, my bad bro, I didn’t realize you were just trying to help out your own kind who would NEVER get a piece of ass otherwise and this WILL be the closest thing to an actual girlfriend they’ll ever get. I thought you were just trying to take advantage of those (well you) poor saps.

Can’t wait to meet Cunnilingus Chuck! (OK, that’s not his name, but that’s what I’m calling him!! LMAO!)


9 thoughts on “Hot Roxxxy: Robotic Girlfriend a.k.a. Sex Doll

  1. The sad thing is this will further in the minds of scumbags the idea that women aren’t really people and therefore “rape” isn’t a crime. Uck SMH sadly *disgusted*


  2. @ Dlite

    I totally see your point of view, but at the same time this could be a good thing: maybe these desperate men who wouldn’t be able to get some without force will have an outlet…I guess we will see in the long run if this thing has that kind of impact (to that extent)…I am crossing my fingers that it wouldn’t.

    @ Banquo

    LMAO…that is SO sad…but honestly believeable :-s I wonder if they’ll have to change the laws to allow mixed-intelligence (i.e. human and artificial intelligence) marriages :-p


  3. I checked out the link…did anyone see the price tag on this sex doll? not that i am the kind of woman who uses sex dolls (ok so I own some toys but who doesn’t? but I wouldn’t want a rubber man because i think it would be disturbing. very disturbing) but if i did i seriously think that what I would stick with the under $100 blow up nylon version in your first picture up there. and for voice? i would find a sexy video or something. And if all else fails, I would do what normal men do and pay the $100 and get an escort.


  4. I wonder some things: how it moves as in does it grind you or something? if the mouth and tongue moves when its goin down on ya(or vibrates? wink)? what it says when you hittin’ it? And how does it know you gonna cum? Mad awkward if it kept moaning ‘give it to me baby, more more more!’ after you done cum and are ready to pull it out. Sounds like a $10,000 ego kill to me. I’ll stick to my hand and the lotion bottle thanks


  5. I like in the still shot of the vid how intent and interested the man on the right is. It’s like he’s found the answer to all lifes questions and is waiting to stick his dingaling into it LOL


  6. I’m with Lina Lee on this: What happened to a good ol’ fashioned Escort (read:classy hooker) ? And seriously, if that’s too rich for your blood, whatever happened to the corner Pro (read: $20 hooker) ?

    @ Kinetic

    LMAO…I love the way you think about things, I really do. You really put a lot of contemplation into it :-p

    And I’m with Lina Lee on this one, again! Almost died laughing at the idea of wanting to stick his dingaling into this “answer to all life’s questions”!


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