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F*&$@ My Life

one-of-those-daysSo the other day on facebook, I noticed that my baby sister (she’s only 15, which sadly nowadays is FAARRR from innocent…trust me, I know this. However, this knowledge doesn’t stop me from being oblivious to reality when it comes to my sister – let me live in this bubble, Dear Lord, if only for a few seconds longer!) had her “name” as ‘FML!’. Now me, living in my little bubble world, where my sister still plays with barbies and thinks people who drink are disgusting, cannot for the life of me figure out what this stands for. After scratching my head for at least two days, I relented and finally posted on her wall “What’s an FML?”. One of my HILARIOUS friends posted under this questions “YOU, RUBY, of ALL people don’t know what FML stands for? They even have a SITE dedicated to it!”, which managed to make me feel absolutely pathetic (more…)