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Where are the Salty Crackers?

crackers-tshirtYes. I am being serious, and very literal. I remember as a child getting crackers, and the baked, crispy bread goodness combined with the oversalty goodness of chips had me in heaven. Experiencing alot of as of yet undiagnosed stomach issues, I spend quite a lot of my time eating crackers lately. And I want to know what happened to the salt? I mean sure, if you lick your lips after eating about 5 of them you get a little salt kick back. But whatever happened to the crackers that had each bite covered in some salty delight? (more…)

Computers Suck

Ok, so after my post yesterday, and subsequent comments yesterday and today, I have drained whatever brain and typing energy I have. So, if you wanna get in to something serious or whatever, this isn’t the post–read the previous post and the comments that follow. I’ve decided to make this nice and simple. Computers suck. No really, regardless of the company, regardless of what they say the RAM or processor or whatever, they all suck. I swear if this laptop shuts down to that stupid blue screen one more time I’s seriously gonna chuck it out a window. Ok, maybe not. But only because its not mine…and mine doesn’t suck. So anyway, this is my comedic relief for today. For those of you who know me, I am in love (seriously) with the Mac PC commercials, and I love the Marvel/DC spoof on it. I also happen to love South Park, which did a cute little spoof of their own. Please enjoy, and have a great day!