Aging Crisis (Digital Storytelling)

This video is a Classic Ruby Original. Enjoy as she shares her aging crisis story with you. We promise, like most of Ruby’s work, it’s not gonna be some boring, sobfest! But it’ll still touch you man, and make you think!!

So, at least half of you (probably 75% of you) clicked on this post today wondering “WTF is a digital story, Ruby, and why, exactly do you have any idea what one is?”. Trust me, although the name may sound a bit strange, ultimately we encounter digital stories on a daily basis, especially on one of North America’s favourite video sharing website’s: you – guessed it!!

YouTube! The above video is a digital story that obeys all of the rules, most of which I have forgotten since it’s been about 3 years since I took my Digital Storytelling elective in college (I know, you’re all dying right now, thinking, where the hell did this girl go that she took such random ass courses in college, and what program was she in?? Well, I went to Sheridan College, Trafalgar Campus, and I was taking the General Arts and Science University Transfer program. So, now you know! *wink, wink*)

Making a picture slide show doesn’t, of course, make you a digital storyteller, although like most arts, when they gain popularity and widespread access, the things that will qualify under that “art” become very diverse. I actually found the art to be rather satisfying, much like scrapbooking can be for others (I personally find scrapbooking to be an extremely tedious and mind-numbing task, but I’m sure scrapbookers say the same about us bloggers!). After about a 3 year hiatus or so, I’m currently working on a new digital story. I’m actually creating it specifically for a post I am planning on making. More details to come, but lets just say that it has to do with people who are always about “me, me, me!!!”.. :-/

Anyway, I wrote this story at a transitional phase in my life, and I was pretty darned proud of how it turned out. The funny thing is, after watching it over, I realize just how much about your life can change in 3 or 4 years. If you could have told me all that would be different now, I would have told you how full of BS you were. I have this whole series of digital stories planned out in the next little while, just to update my life! I hope y’all enjoyed it!


10 thoughts on “Aging Crisis (Digital Storytelling)

  1. That was really nice. The baby pic is sooo adorable! Is that Classic Ruby in her infancy, or did you steal some Gerber Baby photo and pass it off as you lol

    But it is funny how life, and your perspective on it, can change so drastically and permanently all in the blink of an eye


  2. I actually clicked on this post because I’ve been into digital storytelling since the past 6-7 years or so and I wanted to see what you would say about it.

    I love your story, and I went through the same frame of mind change about being a teenager when I suddenly realised that as much as I wasn’t the most popular, most social teen that my teenage years were pretty spectacular.

    Thanks for sharing this


  3. It was nice to see the actual live face of Ruby (if that is your real name!) lol. Thanks for opening up to us, I totally related. So, from your story you didn’t say, did you make this story 3 years ago or is it older than that? And are you still friends with and dating the people in the video? Just wondering what changed and what didn’t?


  4. Wow, Lina, I’m glad that someone else has heard of digital storytelling, so I don’t feel so alone!

    Yes, all of the pics are actually me, and the majority of the “now” pics are from my 21-22 year so that’s about 4 years ago. Funny, no I don’t talk to most of the friends, although I still have love in my heart for them and I’m sure we’ll cross paths again soon, but for now they’ve gone in one direction I’ve gone in another.

    As for the man in my life, nope he’s changed too. I know, I know, I’m sure it’s looking like I just get bored of one life and throw it in the garbage and move on, but you never know what life will throw you, and unfortunately with him life threw me a doozy.

    Maybe one day I’ll get into it (probably not) in a post (if any post, it’ll probably be a Wino Post LOL)


    1. I’m glad you liked it! It actually took a lot of work and editing, so I don’t think I’d be able to do it weekly or anything. But maybe a special monthly feature or something? It’s fun to look back at myself though.. I created this six years ago, so a lot has changed… It’s like having a video and sound record of my past… Although hearing my own voice always freaks me out a tad lol


  5. Ruby, what a sweet voice you have! That was excellent. Have you ever heard of Chris Marker? He was a filmmaker, part of the French New Wave during the 60s, who incorporated still photos in some of his movies. It’s wonderful how artists keep discovering new forms of expression.


    1. Awwwww thanks! *blushes* No, I haven’t heard of him, although I’ll definitely look him up. I’ve been compiling video stories and discussions for a video series I want to start on YouTube called Classic Reality… so anything I can find on the masters of their time, the innovators in the film industry, is going to help inspire me to make the series the best it can be 😉


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