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You Think YOUR Eyes Never Deceive You? Think Again!

Ok, seriously, this commercial pisses me off. For several reasons. First, because the first time I watched it I was only very barely casually watching. So when I realized the big HUGE black hole in my vision, I was dumbfounded. Seriously, I know all about the experiment that illustrates that this phenomenon actually occurs in real life situations, but seriously? Against an all white screen? I just HAD to see it again. But I didn’t wanna cheat. I was not going to find it on youtube prepare myself and then pause it at the exact moment where my perceptual black hole had missed the hippo. I wasn’t. I was going to see it on TV and I was going to catch it, and then I was gonna be all “OHHHHH!!! I see!!”.

The problem was, every damn time the stupid thing came on, I never really caught on it was the same commercial until the rabbit was already at the end of its first run and they were asking if we (more…)