What's happening with the world today?

Why all the violence?
Why all the violence?

Hey y’all,

This is gonna be my first real blog in a long time, and even more so my first opinion related blog since pretty much my begininng week. I say that so you’re not expecting my very best; its actually been quite a while since I’ve written anything at all, pretty much, but this topic is touching me quite personally, so I’ve decided to share.

Anyway, I’ve been reflecting a lot lately since finding out that a person who was close friends (and a cousin actually to some) of my friends has recently been stabbed. It happened in sleepy Meadowvale, where most of the crime is bar fight or drinking and driving related. Don’t get me wrong-I don’t live in a peaceful, perfect little suburb, and bad stuff does happen here, but not that often. And more often than not, I’m never connected to anyone involved.

So maybe its that I don’t pay attention; no matter, thats not really the point. The point is that this is now the fifth person in the past 5 years I’ve either known, or known through association, that has been murdered. And really, when it comes down to it, it all seems so senseless to me. These people have lives and friends and family, but yet others who have the same decide to take the person away forever, and probably for no really good reason. (is there ever really a good reason to kill? The movie A Time to Kill may be be a good argument for it, but in the cases I speak of I don’t think thats the case)

I mean really, has anyone ever pissed you off? Has anyone ever stolen from you, screwed you over in some way, hurt you even? Do you decide to go and kill that person? I mean, you want to get revenge, hurt that person back, maybe even try to ruin their life. But to end it? Who is that going to hurt? The person who hurt you, or the innocent friends and family who had nothing to do with it? Who is going to learn a lesson from it? Nobody, because the only person you wanted to learn a lesson, or be sorry, or fear you probably spends their last moments either thinking of family, thinking of pain, or praying to save their souls. The last person they probably think of is the person who killed them. And if anything, they probably most definitely don’t care about why that person killed them.

The line I quote by Eminem in the proceeding paragraph comes from this song. If you’ve never heard it you can check it out

What ever happened to beating the crap out of someone who deserved it? Some pisses you off, steals your crap, sleeps with your girlfriend or whatever, and you beat them down, and then make sure they have the fear of God within them next time they catch a glimpse of you, even if this involves threats. As Eminem cleverly put it “…so you can come back again and kick dirt on them”. Do those who kill someone actually feel satisfied? I just can’t imagine, no matter how you put it, that killing someone would solve the problem (again I’m talking about this kind of murder, so please don’t think I generalize to the ENTIRE population. I’m sure there are many who think that at some point killing someone if the situation warranted it would be OK).

I guess it all comes down to the fact that I can’t understand how the world has gotten to the point where we really think murder is the solution. What? Do you murder the person who slighted you to command fear? Respect? Show people you mean business? Show the world you’re tough? There are better ways to do this, honestly, and not for anything, but I’m pretty sure there are ways of achieving these things that will have more of a lasting impact. Can they sleep at night? Do they go on living and not even care? Do they now live in fear every day of retaliation? I guess maybe this is why I could never have been part of this kind of life; I couldn’t deal. Seriously. I don’t see how anyone can.

For those of you who know who I speak of, I give my condolences. Although I didn’t really know him, I met him a few times and saw him around, and I know he got your love and respect which means above all else he was a good person. I hope you all stay safe.

On this note, I’ll say later. This is not a subject to which I would say cheers, but I will say take care everyone. And think about your choices. Each one has an impact on the web of the Universe.

One thought on “What's happening with the world today?

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