Help Stop Horrific Animal Cruelty

If you are sensitive to animal issues, animal cruelty, or general cruelty please don’t subject yourself to this video. Please, just go to the end of the post and click on the link to sign the petition. Trust me, this is not for anyone with a weak heart, or stomach.

The link to the petition can be found at the bottom of this post…please take the time to sign it

Horrific. Absolutely horrific. That’s what came to mind as this video progressed, and that’s still the word running through my mind. And I must admit: I am not a bleeding heart when it comes to these kinds of things. I know, everyone will think I’m a terrible person for saying that, but while I have always been a big human rights activist, animal rights have left me pretty ‘Meh’. That is, until I saw this video. My mouth stayed agape at the unimaginable cruelty, the truly evil and inhumane treatment of other living creatures. The fact that, not just in this day and age, but EVER in the history of the Universe, that human beings thought that it would be OK to skin an animal alive is simply repulsive to me. Just the idea makes my skin crawl. Watching it has scarred my soul. Like, seriously? What sick fuck thought that shit up? (Sorry, I have been trying desperately NOT to curse, but damn, I just can’t help it. I am so disgusted, so moved, so terribly ashamed of the Human Race at the moment). And we call ourselves the civilized, more evolved creatures? If this is higher evolution, I want NO part of it…I’ll go back to being a Chimp, thank you very much.

Before writing this post to inform you all, and implore you to take action as well, I went and found the petition so I could sign it. If you were as disturbed as I was, if you think something should be done to stop these despicable atrocities from continuing, please sign the petition as well and show your support in wanting this to end. If for some reason the link isn’t working for you, you can copy and paste the address for the petition, which is . We can do our part and the horror will end.

Thanks for supporting the cause guys


5 thoughts on “Help Stop Horrific Animal Cruelty

  1. I got this video via email from a friend, but like you I’m not really big on this kind of thing, so I didn’t watch it. After you imploring I watched and like you was absolutely horrified!! What is WRONG with these people? How can they sleep at night?

    I signed the petition. Thanks for bringing this up


  2. This is kinda off of your regular stuff. Wasn’t sure whether to actually read it or not, but had to see what you had to say after I watched that freak show. Glad to see you stuck on point and didn’t go off on some tangent about why anyone with leather shoes is a devil-lover or something. I passed on the petition link, and bothered to sign it too. That skinning alive thing is one step too far


  3. I’m a woman who goes hunting with my Father (It’s normal in my town). I love my fur lined boots and my fur coat. If I had a choice everything I owned would be leather or suede. But I’d be damned to continue buying all this stuff, even one more thing, if they’re SKINNING ANIMALS ALIVE TO GET THE FUR OFF EASIER???

    I apologize for my ignorance, because while I have no problem with them raising animals in farms and not letting them roam free for 40 years all for 6 of them to die for each of my boots

    **- sue me: I think animals are food and clothing – and no I have no pets, don’t care for other people’s pets, and don’t think that’s cruel – what would I do if that were me? Probably nothing, take it, after all it is what it is – when something becomes higher than me in the food chain I guess I’m the first one you’ll offer up as your sacrificial lamb -**

    I honestly didn’t think things like this ever even happened, really it’s a living thing so at least if they’re gonna be killed for food or clothing, at least kill them before dismembering them.

    Ok, so I am not an animal rights convert, but you convinced me to sign the petition. At least we can agree that nothing deserves to be skinned alive, and if they can’t do right by the things by killing them first they shouldn’t be allowed to do it at all.


  4. I thought, as soon as I saw this horrific video, that it was something I just had to make known. So I’m glad I was able to get this message out to you guys!


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