Hump Day Giggles

Wednesday IS hump day right? Well, no matter, here on Classic Ruby, it’s hump day!! And to help get us all through the awkwardness of Wednesday (nothing to do, sick of working, but too far away from the weekend to feel justified in partying today…not in the mood to go to work tomorrow, but can’t afford not to go to work on Friday as well because you just don’t HAVE 2 free vacation/sick days left, and lord knows after the holidays you can’t afford the missed wages…:-s) I’ve got a couple videos here sure to give you a little bit of a giggle! Grab some ice cream, or a nice cold beer, snuggle up in your nice warm flannel PJ’s, and enjoy! (OK, Alicious, since you live in the tropics, you can wear your itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini and sip on some wine as you snuggle up in your pool! LOL).

For our first show today, we take you to an important topic. Hand-jobs! Who doesn’t find a hand job useful nowadays? I mean sure, it’s not quite as useful as a full service tech doing the whole thing for ya, but it’ll definitely do the trick! Please enjoy Classic Ruby’s first ever Hand Job video!!!
(oh, BTW, if this Hump Day you find that you’re needing a hand job, simply visit INeedAHandJob.Com –> I know, easy to remember right?? :-p)

Our next feature isn’t actually a real product, but rather it makes fun of an actual product. It doesn’t even over exaggerate. This commercial truly highlighted the stupidity of this product, and I admire the makers for being this perceptive. For your final show today, I present to you the Snuggie Parody: WTF Blanket

I hope you have enjoyed our Hump Day feature!


4 thoughts on “Hump Day Giggles

  1. Wow you do know me so well….I am actually going out right now to the pool with my book and my glass of wine 😀

    Loved the videos…and love the blog! 🙂


  2. I was wondering if you were turning into a XXX site! That commercial was too funny I can’t believe it was actually real! And I’ve always hated the snugee so i’m happy someone finally dissed it publicly!


  3. @ Alicious…I know :-p

    @ Lina Lee and Kinetic…. Trust me, I was just as blown away as you! TOO funny…what an awesome gimmick!


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