Windows 7, iMac or Just Say Screw Computers???

Anyone who knows me knows that I have experienced an incredibly large amount of computer trouble since having to switch back to my home pc (since one of my stupid wonderful friends decided to throw my laptop on the floor and break it!)(OK, so she didn’t THROW it, in all fairness, but still, the point is that it doesn’t work). Anyway, as of late, the problems have become damn near intolerable. I mean, honestly, there was a power outage in my area. When the lights came back on I turned on my computer…and it refused to load Windows (for more of the story you can click here). And now, even though it works, you should see how long this computer takes to load things, how easily and completely my computer freezes, how powerless my task manager is (if I just “end task”, the task isn’t going to end. I must right click on the process and “end process tree” otherwise I have to restart and loose all my work :-s), etc etc.

I might have just junked the stupid thing and bought a new one, or would have just fixed my laptop since it was bought as a replacement for the piece of crap PC that I am using right now. You know, come to think of it, this stupid thing has NEVER worked properly. Like, NEVER. What a bleeping waste of money….but I’ve gotten away from myself again. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, I would have done all of that mess but quite frankly I am a student who is unemployed throughout the school year, so short of standing on a street corner and selling my ass there really wasn’t a legitimate way of me obtaining enough money for me to do so. Lucky for me, my Hubby (not actually married, but Boyfriend sounds so much more juvenile, and I’ve never been a fan of the terminology “my man”) is a computer guy. What does his profile say his job description is? Oh yeah, he’s ‘basically an IT guy but way cooler’… LMAO…he has always made me smile and giggle like a schoolgirl. Sorry, I digress again (It’s Monday, so sue me :-p).

Anyway, so computer hubby has devoted a ridiculous amount of time and patience into fixing this hunk of junk over the past month, and it occurs to me that the boy might leave me once and for all if stuck labouring all night long for another week for only a temporary fix. And I need a computer at home. So I’m thinking of just outrightly getting a new one, but switching brand names (can anyone say iMac). OR of fixing my laptop and installing Windows 7. The problem is, I have no idea whether or not Windows 7 is any better. I think Vista was, well, XP with a couple fancy new useless features. Is Windows 7 actually better? Are iMac’s so out of sync with Windows programs that it’ll be like relearning how to walk? I mean, of course, I have used the iMacs to make digital stories, but the one time I tried word processing it was like banging my head against a wall.

Will this be me??? Hmmmm…

Now, I completely understand that all computer’s suck, but I am just trying to pick the LEAST sucky option, know what I mean? Any suggestions and opinions would be greatly appreciated :-D.

Happy Monday Y’all,


4 thoughts on “Windows 7, iMac or Just Say Screw Computers???

  1. Macs cannot run windows apps at all and if they do it’s little crappy programs that you don’t use anyways. Also a lot of older games and programs are not Mac compatible. Windows 7 is a good idea it’s very user friendly, minus all the crap from vista too.


  2. I love those commercials! I wish I had some advice but I’m in the same boat.

    @ Banquo you sound like a Windows 7 commercial lol but I agree: Windows is more user friendly than Macs in my experience, and even with the glitches, at least I know WTF is going on. With Mac I think even if it didn’t freeze I would spend most of my time scratching me head wondering what I need to do (and I would miss right-clicking)


  3. I’m sorry about your laptop!!!!!!!!!!! :*(
    I still feel horrible about it….but I promise you when I get rich and famous I will buy you as many laptops as you want 😀
    I have Windows 7 and no problems with it. I had Windows Vista and didn’t really find it as horrible as everyone else did….I’m pretty easy going about all programs as long as I know what I’m doing with them.
    That being said…I have used (or tried to use) some of my friends Mac Computers….and I am sooooo lost. Which I find insuting cuz I consider myself pretty good at computer things…
    So i say go with Windows….and wait a short while tim I’m rich and famous and I buy u a bunch of laptops 😉


  4. Thanks guys, looks like the consensus is Windows 7. Alicious, you TOTALLY exposed yourself, since I was trying to keep the identity of “evil laptop dropper” under wraps :-p…yeeeaahh, I’ll be waiting while holding my breath for that rich and famousness to kick in! LOL


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