Classic Contemplations: Introduction

contemplatingAs you’ve probably noticed, I have been in the process of slowly but surely implementing some new ideas, so that Classic Ruby (now accessible via!!!) can be more than simply a journal for my thoughts and grievances. I mean, realistically, if its just the same old, same old each and every day, where’s the excitement in that? I want to keep you guys guessing “what’s Ruby gonna come up with next?”, and titillate those big, beautiful brains of yours! So without further ado, I bring you Classic Ruby Contemplations!!

Classic Ruby Contemplations, or Classic Contemplations for short, are going to be extremely short and sweet. It’ll be a series of passing thoughts or ideas that have crossed my mind at any given time. Eventually, Classic Contemplations are going to be a regular weekly series, just like the Ruby Rants will be. Until I have some type of timetable set up, though, keep your eyes peeled for these little snippets of golden, brilliantly insightful yet teasingly succinct reflections. Of course, it would be unfair to you if I didn’t, after all this talk about the Classic Contemplations, start you off with one, whet your teeth for future presentations. So here it goes! Let me know what you think of this little special…it might be a bit off the norm, but this is just proof that I am a complex, intricately detailed person, with many beautiful complimentary sides! lol

How do you know when you’ve found “the one”? What’s the moment when you know you can spend the rest of your life with someone? How in the world can you tell if they feel the same? I mean, in this world of divorce, where you know that at least 50% of marriages are going to end in divorce, and that most of those don’t even last past the 5 year itch, how does anybody know when they’re in a “sure thing?” Those less than 50% that last until death does them part… what are they doing right? Is it the depth of their love for each other, their commitment to marriage and building a partnership, or their fear of not being Mr. and Mrs., of admitting failure? Or is it none of the above? I am dying to know: is this real? Have I found IT? Just because it didn’t start in fireworks and undying love and devotion doesn’t mean that it isn’t meant to end that way. Does it?

This isn’t the exact video I wanted, but it’s definitely still from the same movie and illustrates my point either way (it’s the scene with her and her Dad talking, when he reveals that his beautiful marriage made in heaven began as an arranged one). He promises to love her forever if she accepts his proposal. How is he SO confident of that? How does he know this?

4 thoughts on “Classic Contemplations: Introduction

  1. I like this. Its like your other posts only it suggests some of your answers but mostly just lets us know what is in your heart that you don’t feel you have the answers to yet. And it asks us good questions that we can all ask ourselves. And I love the point you made with the Wedding Planner. I wish you found that scene because its so deep and real and highlights the pro’s of arranged marriages and shows how beautiful they can be when both people work at it, which is what more people need to do with chosen marriages too.


  2. You found it girl. You just don’t know who you found it for. Keep your head in the game and your heart open and you will hear the soft still voice of your soul and God telling you what your just only now beginning to understand. Remember its not about what the world wants, its what your heart so truly desires and its your heart your head your soul and your life that will be impacted and deserve to be happy.

    I like this. I read it a few times and showed a few friends. We all had a big discussion about it. Its an important question in this day and age and i think we are all desperate for the answer


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