LuLu Lemon Yoga Pants = Fatal Attraction

They don’t look all that special, do they? I mean, honestly, for the outrageous astronomical price for one pair of stretchy yoga pants, you’d swear that there was gold weaved into the seams. Well, apparently, while there isn’t gold, there IS some metal. Seriously. The need for metal in yoga pants confuses me. Wouldn’t metal make you stiffer, less able to bend and move as required? Well, apparently not, as LuLu Lemon fans would tell you, they are absolutely the most comfortable stretchy pants on the face of the planet. As my sister once told me while clad in her royalty ready black yoga’s “It’s like you’re wearing nothing at all”. And while you all might be more familiar with that line from a Simpson’s episode where Homer exclaims “stupid sexy Flanders” in frustration because, while he searches his mind for an answer on how to get out of a sticky situation all he can do is visualize Flanders wiggling his plump little backside while saying “feels like you’re wearing nothing at all…nothing at all….nothing at all”, apparently this line and feeling is a familiar one to Lemoners.

Yes, I found the clip for you. It’s brief, but it’ll refresh your memory.

Anyway….so knowing me, you know I just HAD to find out why in the world they would put metal into clothing….And so far, from what I found, it’s actually some mesh which is built into the clothes that keeps you dry while working out. So they say. Check out some of their metal vent tech stuff yourself. click here. I’m seriously going to have to borrow someone’s LuLu Lemon clothing and try this out myself, because I’m not exactly convinced that metal mesh in my clothes will prevent me from sweating, or if it doesn’t then it’ll magically suck all my hoardes of sweat up and into this mesh and then magically evaporate. That’s something I’ll most definitely have to see myself. Actually, when I was asked today whether my pants were LuLu Lemon (ummmm…no. Stitches baby, $12! lol) I thought the MRI technician was a little crazy.

But, as you can see, there is in fact metal in the yoga pants…and some shirts and shorts as well. And other than sounding vaguely pointless or unnecessary, it’s their society-given right to put anything non-toxic into their clothing as long as they make the contents of the clothing general knowledge. But, of course, the problem is…what if you wear your one pair of metal meshed yoga pants somewhere that you can’t wear metal….like, say, in an MRI machine? There’s probably not even enough metal in the pants to set off one of those security thingies, so I’m sure once those brand new $75 yoga pants fall into regular rotation with your other equally capable, though apparently not as ignorable, stretchy yoga pants what they’re made out of isn’t going to even cross your mind again. But the problem in an MRI machine is…while the metal content wouldn’t quite cause the machine to, say, rip your pants right off your body to stick to the nearest MRI wall…do you know what would happen?

Give up? I’ll tell ya. It’ll get hot. Like, second or third degree burn hot. Anywhere your pants, or shirt for that matter, hit. And you’re stuck in some little tube. By the time they hear you screaming and see you flailing and come into the room to tell you to hold still because the images are too fuzzy to be useful, figure out that you’re BURNING to death and pull you out, you’ll be well on your way to suckling pig status. Just saying. And as some lucky woman in Calgary learned the hard way, that just wouldn’t be fun. Not that I’m saying this is LuLu Lemon’s problem. I mean, how can they do anything about WHERE people wear their clothing? After all, they are work out clothes, not medical test clothes.

So…in conclusion, I suggest to you, if you have any tests that involve x-ray, MRI or CAT scan, please check the label in your clothing. Or better yet, go buy yourself some stretchy pants from Stitches…for 12 bucks, they are guaranteed not to put anything near metal mesh or new technology into them.

That is all!

And my return to blogging is official!

Happy Monday Y’all! Have a wonderful week!


20 thoughts on “LuLu Lemon Yoga Pants = Fatal Attraction

  1. never heard of lulu lemon but if they r overpriced working out clothes and full of metal i think ill pass. i feel so sorry for that girl though did that really happen? what happened to her?


  2. But but I love my bum in yoga pants.. As every chick does lol I’ll stick to the $10 yoga pants from urban planet though lmao


    1. Lololol yes I’m sure you do… And I’m sure you live your bum better when it’s NOT covered in 3rd degree burns… Just saying lol. Besides, doing a quick Google search yesterday, basically what many people are saying is that lulu lemon is no longer the phenom they used to be, so if anything those perfect urban planet pants are gonna be just as fantastic, if not more so (and definitely less dangerous).


    2. No one is looking at your bum while you are having an MRI. So take them off and comply or burn your bum and need skin grafts. It is that serious!


      1. Yeah, I agree… If you insist on wearing metal woven pants, please bring a 100% cotton blend pair with you to your MRI. I’m not quite careful of checking the labels on my clothing, just to be sure I know what it’s made of.

        I mean, I know they say beauty is pain, but some things are just not worth it. I’d rather have a dumpy bum than scarred and mottled skin on my bum and thighs… image what your bottom will look like in pants when it’s all bandaged up?

        Thanks for your reply!


    1. Oh my, thanks for sharing that Sam! I had no idea that metallic polish actually had metal in them, I thought the name was just referring to the shiny finish and colors!

      I once forgot there was a bobby pin in my hair… Thankfully it was in an xray session and not an MRI.. but still, these are all cautionary tales… People need to be informed about the procedures they are taking, and take prep into their own hands… doctors and techs can’t think of every tiny detail on you, so you must be aware of these things for yourself


    1. Well, I’m not sure about others, but I know that in my experience, for upper body scans that I’ve had, including my abdomen, my upper back, and my brain, I’ve only had to take my top and bra off, but was allowed to keep my pants on.

      Who knows, maybe they’ve since changed their rules now so everyone has to disrobe completely? The lulu lemon pants fiasco happened 3-4 years ago, so it’s possible that has sparked a change in policy.

      Of course, then we have what Sam shared, where someones hands got burned because of metallic nail polish that actually had metal in it… So I suppose no matter how careful ones policies are, is impossible to control for everything :-\


    1. Yes I’ve been trying to find it. Originally there was actually a video clip of the news story, but some time after I created this post, they changed the youtube video formatting and suddenly all of my old videos have disappeared.

      But I’ll keep on it and update the post as soon as I’ve found it!


        1. You are absolutely amazing!!! Thank you sooooo much! This is not the same story of the woman in Calgary, which sparked this post to begin with, but still is clearly the vent tech cloth, which is amazing! Thank you, my update tomorrow was going to admit complete defeat in finding evidence that vent tech, and their embedded silver threading, is what caused the MRI burns, but now I’ve got this! Greatly, greatly appreciated!!

          And I agree… Yet another reason why I refuse to splurge on these high tech, overpriced articles of clothing when the normal stuff works just fine!


    1. Lol well yes, although I suppose if you were on your way to jail, possible MRI burns are the last thing on your mind anyway!

      I think the majority of women I know or have met have yoga pants as a staple in their wardrobes anyway… I’m thinking that if anybody would actually want the metal vent tech, it would be the people who spend a significant amount of time actually working out, and therefore sweating profusely, in them


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