Classic Ruby: Unadulterated’s New Home is Here!!

That’s right boys and girls, I’ve officially made the switch to wordpress! Hopefully it’ll be a wonderful marriage of bloggerific sexy-sexy superific-ness! Or maybe I just felt like using some more nonsense words…who can really tell with me? LOL! Just doing a little tweaking with the file imports and the format and whatnot, making sure everything is in perfect working order for my first official wordpress post, coming soon to a computer near you! CRU is proud to present our wordpress debut…this FRIDAY! Oh, and just so you all know, our Slam Saturdays post might be out a bit early this week since Saturday is Caribana, and come hell or high water my little fanny will be shake-shake-shaking all day and night on the Lakeshore! I know, I know, with my broke-down self the most I can manage is a pitiful little wiggle, but I’m gonna do my darndest to make the Caribana God’s proud this year. Can’t nobody hold ME down baby! Anyway, so you might have noticed, wordpress comes with some neat little perks, like “like” buttons for comments and posts. I invite you to explore the new layout and site, figure out how some of the new features work on one of the old posts while you wiggle in your seat in anticipation of Friday’s post and your early but still magnificent Slam Saturdays post. If you wanna browse by category just take a look in the left sidebar (which is also where you can find the search option. Just click on the words in the search pane and type away!). Thanks for your support guys, not only for the past several months but also through this move!

Looking forward to my wordpress inspired post this Friday! I can feel the creativity coursing through my veins already!


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