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2011: New Year, New Posts!!

Hey y’all!!

I know, I know, this was waaayyy more than a lil extended vacation! *hangs head in shame* and quite frankly, I can’t tell you in words how much I’ve missed my blog, and the blogging world. One of my New Years resolutions this year was to most certainly start up blogging again. The reason I had to put it down for a bit had a lot to do with all of my fun little medical problems, and then every time I was about to start it up again, something else came along to derail me. But you know what? I need this blog…I need the blogs of the others whom I follow. Sometimes, its SOO necessary to take an hour out of your hectic schedule, an hour away from your worries and problems, pain or whatever else is running your life, and just focus on the little things that make us laugh, or those that irk us, or brainstorm with others about a good way of dealing with a certain relationship issue. Whatever the topic is, taking that time out to be absorbed into the cyber world, to reconnect with (more…)

Classic Ruby: Unadulterated’s New Home is Here!!

That’s right boys and girls, I’ve officially made the switch to wordpress! Hopefully it’ll be a wonderful marriage of bloggerific sexy-sexy superific-ness! Or maybe I just felt like using some more nonsense words…who can really tell with me? LOL! Just doing a little tweaking with the file imports and the format and whatnot, making sure everything is in perfect working order for my first official wordpress post, coming soon to a computer near you! CRU is proud to present our wordpress debut…this FRIDAY! Oh, and just so you all know, our Slam Saturdays post might be out a bit early this week since Saturday is Caribana, and come hell or high water my little fanny will be shake-shake-shaking all day and night on the Lakeshore! I know, I know, with my broke-down self the most I can manage is a pitiful little wiggle, but I’m gonna do my darndest to make the Caribana God’s proud this year. Can’t nobody hold ME down baby! Anyway, so you might have noticed, wordpress comes with some neat little perks, like “like” buttons for comments and posts. I invite you to explore the new layout and site, figure out how some of the new features work on one of the old posts while you wiggle in your seat in anticipation of Friday’s post and your early but still magnificent Slam Saturdays post. If you wanna browse by category just take a look in the left sidebar (which is also where you can find the search option. Just click on the words in the search pane and type away!). Thanks for your support guys, not only for the past several months but also through this move!

Looking forward to my wordpress inspired post this Friday! I can feel the creativity coursing through my veins already!


Wut Up

Yeah, gotta test out these themes as I’m about to transfer my blog over to wordpress officially. My current host is seriously pissing me off. They’ve had my blog down all damn day. That is NOT good for business (like I make a penny from my blog! LOL). Anyway, if you come across this post, bookmark my site, or save the address As soon as my very unreliable host comes back online I’m transferring over to good ol reliable wordpress. Or, at least, so far that’s what I’m doing. I guess we’ll see. You know what? Just save That’ll redirect you to wherever my blog is being hosted. Promise!


Classic Ruby's Guest Appearance on The Imperfect Enjoyment Blog

classic-ruby-wine-glassClassic Ruby has finally made it to the top!! I have graciously obliged Dewan Gibson, Author of The Imperfect Enjoyment (book review coming soon) and submitted a guest blog post which was collaborated with several other extremely talented bloggers/authors (including Dewan’s as-usual hilarious two cents), peppered with relevant and diverse music video footage, and made into one mammoth collection of fatasticism!

Those of you who already have me on Twitter or Facebook I’m sure have already spent at least hours gazing in amazement at the awesomeness, but for those of you who have yet to have the pleasure (what are you waiting for, silly people, join in on the Twitter and Facebook Classic Ruby Train already!! lol) I thought I would provide the link to the splendiferous article.

As this is my first ever in life guest blog (and boy was I terrified as hell about it…I spent at least 55 hours agonizing over what in the WORLD to write that wouldn’t make me sound amateur and pathetic when compared to the professionals, when my only guidance was “This might be something long-term if…” That’s it. Like, seriously? OK, we all know I need to be hand-held through ANY assignment…I don’t know how I managed to make it out alive, but somehow it got done :-p) please be nice while mentally evaluating me!

Seriously, check it out though, cause Mr. Gibson did a fantabulous job! (yes, I am in the mood for wonderful little nonsense words. So sue me! LOL…)


Holiday Daze

Hey y’all,

Lucky for me, my computer decided as an extra special Christmas present to me to just stop loading Windows. It gets all the way to the ‘Welcome’ screen and then tells me I need to verify my account registration (well, something like that). So when I say “sure, no problem” and click on the ‘verify’ button it tells me that my Windows is already registered (no shit, considering I have had it for 4 years now). Then it tells me to click ‘OK’ to close the account registration window, which I obediently do – so it can bring me back to the ‘Welcome’ screen and start the nonsense all over again.

Currently there does not seem to be any quick fix to this issue (and no, despite the ridiculousness, it is not a virus (like it was the last time – I have no luck when it comes to computers it seems).  and unfortunately, what with the holiday season in full force, my relentless habit of never starting my Christmas shopping until last minute even though I have 25 people to buy for (last minute actually means today this year – but in all fairness my OSAP only came in this morning – but that’s a whole other story I won’t bother ranting about at the moment), and my my lack of having a full time computer magician on call 24/7 who works for smiles and hugs, this issue has been ongoing since yesterday and may continue over the next few days.

I will be back to my regular posting schedule as of December 28th (next Monday) although “borrowed computer” permitting I may be able to get one in before Christmas. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding. Check back as I will definitely update you of my technical difficulty progress.

Here’s to a great holiday season to each and every one


(PS, I am patiently waiting for my chance to have unlimited access to my computer again so I can respond to Mike in my previous post…I’m loving the feedback y’all!)

Update: Old Posts are up, renovations almost complete

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After much labouring over the past few days, I have finally made some progress.  I have uploaded and updated some of my most favourite posts from my previous blog, and have at least the basic template down.  Next stop is categorization which will simplify navigating through the posts to get to the topics that most interest you.  For now, feel free to peruse the posts.  I will be monitoring for new comments or suggestions and will definitely respond to anything you have to say.  Classic Ruby: Unadulterated is forcasted to be up and fully functioning by Monday.  Stay tuned, I’ll update you on any further progress!!

Thanks for your patience in my building phase.




This is Classic Ruby: unadulterated opinions on whatever crosses my mind, dances before my eyes, or assaults my ears.  Bear with me, for the first week or so I will be working on design primarily, and on importing some of my more controversial posts from my previous blogs.  Once the design and setup are complete I’ll give a more official, and more informative, introduction to this blog.  Thanks for your patience, please check back often and watch the progression!