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Q: Did You Know Ricky Martin Was Gay? A: Who Didn't?

ricky_martin_wallpaper-2Ok. So it doesn’t count as news. Primarily because nobody was anywhere near surprised. I’m pretty sure only little old ladies believed that Ricky Martin didn’t at the very least swing both ways. In fact, he was so acceptedly gay that nobody so much as ever brought it up ever again. It was just a non-issue. It became one of those “OMG Ricky Martin is so gay” “Ummm…yeah. So? Gay people act gay. Fag!” kind of moments. Anyway, either way, the man finally outed himself, and I still believe that that takes a whole lotta balls in Hollywood, especially when you have a career that hangs in the balance, one that highly depends on whether women think you’re sexy and wanna have your baby.

When looking for a suitably “Classic Ruby” article to share with you guys on this Ricky Martin thing, I came across this one. Quite frankly, it was perfect. Because it brings up this idea/issue of (more…)