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Don't Call Me Baby: Version 2.0

maybe in relationships you should wear one of these

As I write this, I am currently on my death bed (OK, so being sick makes me somewhat melodramatic :-p) and am unable to come up with an original idea to save my life. However, just the other week or so, I took one of my old posts, of the same title as this one, and I expanded on it to win a contest (I came in second place, which ain’t bad).  I decided it would be vaguely jerkish of me to come back on Wednesday and then disappear on Friday already. Sooo…Don’t Call Me Baby: The Uncut Extended Version is here to save the day!! Enjoy!

Oh, btw, I just wanted to share with you how irritating I find the term ‘baby’. Why is it that when two people get together they start calling each other ‘baby’ instead of by their actual names? I mean, an occasional ‘baby’ is fine, but all the time?!?!?. I think that laziness prevails and because one feels extremely comfortable with their partner their partners’ name is almost unimportant. All that matters is (more…)