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Laugh and Learn Baby, Laugh and Learn

Occassionally on a Monday, we’re just looking for SOME reason to smile…just…anything… *sigh* lol
This Monday is one of those special exceptions…LONG WEEKEND MONDAY!!! Hooray Canada and Queen Victoria! We thank you for being born and subsequently for your birthday becoming a holiday worth the government giving us all a free day off, or at the very least some shortened holiday hours (except for those who run convenience stores, drive cabs, and work in bars- sorry guys, but as we all know this has been dubbed “May 2-4” named after a 24 pack of beer, and as such there are some necessary conveniences that absolutely MUST be available as usual). ANYWHO, whether you’re stuck in one of those awful countries (or jobs) who don’t get to celebrate the magic that is May 2-4, or whether you get to hang out all day either hung over as shit or drinking your butt off, everyone can appreciate a laugh or five on a Monday (habit tells us that Mondays suck, no matter how awesome one turns out to be- it’s kinda like Friday the 13th…when it (more…)