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All Women Are Prostitutes

…Or so suggests many women who engage in legalized forms of prostitution. From talk-show exclusives to magazines to documentaries, the legalized sex trade has been all the rage as of lately. And who can really blame to media for capitalizing on the newest lifestyle trend to hit North America: guilt-free sexual activity. From pointers on keeping physically and emotionally safe before, during, and after one night stands, to ways in which women can keep their sex drives at max 24-7, to more scandalous things like the rise in sexting and real-life amateur pornography making its way to the world wide web, sex seems to be the newest cause of and solution to all of life’s problems (coming in second only to drugs and alcohol…which certainly have never obtained such global acceptance and wide ranges of age groups glamourizing it) (more…)

Yesterday I was Propositioned by a Cabbie


So, yesterday I was propositioned by a cab driver. Very subtly, he suggested I could get a free ride, that wasn’t quite free. Now I personally have never been in such a situation before. But I have heard about it before. I guess what happens is that Cabbie’s know that girls who have spent a mint getting wasted have lost their inhibitions and are more inclined to make such a decision…BUT…did I mention that I was dead sober and this was around 10AM?? (more…)