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Better Get Them Flakes Off Ya Shoulders!

And no, I don’t mean dandruff (although, quite frankly, if your shoulders are covered in dandruff, it still isn’t a good look, and you might wanna do something about that..I hear head and shoulders is a cheap and efficient solution *wink wink*). I’m talking about flaky friends. You know the type: always make plans with you and then cancel last second, never anywhere to be found when you need them, but yet clearly they do actually remember your number because you’re the first person they call when they want or need something.

I have a few of these flaky friends. And as evil as this might sound, I think its just about time that I finally do brush the flakes out of my life: it ain’t cute, it feels crummy as hell to be flaked on all the time, and as I always say, negativity can, and always does, breed more negativity. ┬áThe sad thing is, before we come to the realization that these friends are (more…)

Bitch-ass-ness (the art of being a little bitch)


  1. newly discovered disease running rampant, especially in the black community. symptoms include:
    • 1.punkish tendencies
    • 2. cattiness, such as talking behind someone’s back
    • 3. thinking highly of yourself, but only expressing it under your breath
    • 4.claiming “hurt feelings” when you are called out on your bullshit
  2. Overall stank actions towards others through words, facial expressions, and/or song. Symptoms include: thinking your better than (more…)