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Slam Saturdays: On Sex

https://classicruby.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/sex.jpg?w=232Hey y’all

I know I’ve been scarce this week, and I apologize. All the agonizing and preparing for my 5 day hospital stay starting this coming Monday has clearly been affecting me more than I thought it was, because boy has time flown! But neither rain, nor hail, nor personal catastrophe can get me to forget about my beloved Slam Saturdays. This weekend, I’ve got a special one lined up for you. Since we’ve been talking all about sex his past couple weeks, I thought I’d keep up the theme for Slam Saturdays. Now, I know you’ve already gotten a little dose of Spoken Word Sex from the gorgeous Laith’s Brain Sex, but here are a few more that I think will do this topic justice. Enjoy (more…)

Slam Saturdays

To take a break from all the sex sex sex (lol) I thought I would take a little return to some deep social commentary. Check this one out y’all, I promise it won’t disappoint!

Damn! Awesome, right?

All that contemplation has got me mad hungry! *skips off merrily to the bathroom to get all dolled up for a Red Lobster FEAST!!!*

Have a great weekend y’all


Slam Saturdays: Innocent Criminal

If you have a moment, take some time off of celebrating Canada Day and/or Independance Day and check this one out. It’s real, and it’s deep. Seriously. :-p (Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself). The title doesn’t actually simply speak for itself, this is one that’s gonna get deep into your mind, probably give you a bit of a mind f*** if you really, really think about it. (Not in the Mind Sex kind of way, but in that “changes your worldview” way.) Enjoy y’all

Happy Canada Day

Happy Independance Day

Happy Saturday

And have a wonderful weekend y’all!


Slam Saturdays: Poetic Asylum

In the bible somewhere I believe it says that the youth shall lead us…or something like that. All I know is that in society the youth are not given the credit that they deserve on many levels. One thing is that they aren’t stupid: they notice just as much about the world around them as we do, and they care just as much that it’s going to hell in a handbasket. A young man is telling us to ‘open our eyes’ to what’s going on in our world today, try and stand for something, or we’re going to start falling for any and every thing. You gotta check this one out, it’s one of them (more…)

Slam Saturdays: Introduction

Hey Y’all! Welcome to my very first episode of Slam Saturdays! Because this is the very first one, ever, I decided to give you a brief explanation as to what to expect on these days. First off, with the exception of some brief explanations or maybe the occasional relating anecdote, Slam Saturdays are gonna have relatively little written opinion or direction from me. I’ve been in to Spoken Word poetry for about a decade now, and one thing I have always found is that another person’s explanation or introduction to the poem or poet often does it (or them) little to no justice. So I won’t even bother wasting your or my time with such things.

Secondly, I wanted you all to understand exactly why it is that I’m introducing this weekly feature to my blog. Unlike all the other features I have introduced (like Ruby Rants or Classic Contemplations, for example) this will actually be a feature you see each and every week, each and every Saturday. The reason? (more…)