Slam Saturdays: On Sex y’all

I know I’ve been scarce this week, and I apologize. All the agonizing and preparing for my 5 day hospital stay starting this coming Monday has clearly been affecting me more than I thought it was, because boy has time flown! But neither rain, nor hail, nor personal catastrophe can get me to forget about my beloved Slam Saturdays. This weekend, I’ve got a special one lined up for you. Since we’ve been talking all about sex his past couple weeks, I thought I’d keep up the theme for Slam Saturdays. Now, I know you’ve already gotten a little dose of Spoken Word Sex from the gorgeous Laith’s Brain Sex, but here are a few more that I think will do this topic justice. Enjoy!

Ahhhh, young love! Learning that connecting with another person, one that you like, that you’re feeling deeply and truly, can and should be able to be on a level that’s more than the physical. What I love is the end, after the message has been fully understood….he says that if you can’t f*** his mind right then don’t think of f***ing him at all. This is something that I think I understood inherently as a young, hornball teenager. If mentally he couldn’t stimulate me, couldn’t get me to yearn for that emotional connection, if I wasn’t connecting to his soul, if verbally he wasn’t reeling me in, and if I wasn’t feeling the need to deliver the same feeling to him, then somewhere inside me I just knew that connecting physically would not only be “wrong” on some level, but it would be pointless. Because unless you connect with someone on that deep level then sexually you’ll never be satisfied on that deep level.

And now for some comedic relief….

LOL, damn, I really hadn’t been expecting that at all. But really, it ended up being perfectly suited to my purposes. The whole point is, being a virgin is not something to be ashamed of, and as much as teens seem to feel as though they are some kind of loserish failure for still being the V-word, the virgins are actually in the majority in high school. I remember as a virgin I thought somehow that the sexually active had some powerful cosmic knowledge that I was missing out on…. sadly, was I ever wrong. The only thing I learned from my first few times were what crappy sex felt like. Not to mention I knew what it felt like to claim I was no longer a virgin….ummmm…hooray? Really didn’t end up being the achievement that I was hoping it would be.

I guess the whole thing is, kids need to learn to slow the hell down, especially in this day and age. One thing I wish to God someone had told me, and something I KNEW I had to get through to my baby sis in our “talk” is that just cause you gave up your virginity does not mean you gotta keep doing it now. And just cause it’s not your virginity at stake anymore does not mean each person you choose to sleep with isn’t a BFD. They are. Or, at least, they should be. Just like you can never get back your virginity, you can never get back that third, fourth, or fifth person you slept with. Try and make each sexual experience count. And make sure each one was because you truly wanted it.

Hope I gave y’all a little somethin’ somethin’ to think about this weekend. Don’t worry, the conclusion of the dreaded “talk” is coming soon…and trust me, it’s well worth the wait! 😉

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend y’all! I’ll try and get one more out either before or during the hospital! But if not, I’ll miss you all and I’ll be back in a week!


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