Black People Love Us – Laughter Feels Good

You know, every once in a while people need a laugh. Life gets too hectic, too confusing, too serious…and all you really want is to run away from it, fall into a ditch and hide there for eternity even. And then you dust the dirt off, stand up, head high and make the decision that you’re about to start moving forward today…only…how the HELL to shake it off? And that’s when someone tells you the corniest joke on the planet and you laugh your ass off for the next 5 minutes – even the corny joke teller is wondering what in the world you’re laughing so hard at minutes later.

You see, that’s a classic sign that it’s time for some laughter as medicine therapy. So I went on a search for things that make me laugh, reading through my old humour posts, checking out random posts on facebook and twitter. And then I remembered the GOLD that is Black People Love Us. You’ve got to check this out, I have the jokes memorized and I still laugh for an hour or so every time I go back and visit. As a black person with white friends, growing up sometimes I heard some ridiculous shit come out of their mouths, and it wasn’t because they were trying to be racist. It was more like since I was one of only a handful of black people in the neighbourbood I was like some fascinating science project…

Sally loves to touch my hair! She always asks me how I got my hair to do this. That makes me feel special. Like I have magical powers!

As I’ve gotten older, the commentary has changed, but the general undertone has stayed the same…

Sally and Johnny are always giving me my props on how good it is that I graduated from college and that I do not have any illegitimate children. The fact that I have never been to jail makes me a “credit to my race” in their eyes. They know my race needs all the credit it can get. Thanks for looking out you guys!

Ok, that’s enough of a little preview, but the fact that this site completely plays up that nonsensical relationship between white and black people that sometimes comes to be is absolutely golden. Priceless even. Please, please PLEASE check it out! You’ll at least crack a smile, even if you feel like an awful person for laughing hysterically on the inside lol.

And as awful as that made me feel…I still wasn’t done. I wanted to have a laugh at someone else’s expense. What I figured out is complex…as much as I’ve hated people in my life who’ve done this, it really does feel good to look your nose down at somebody and say “thank GOD…at least I’m better than that chick!” lol. Petty? Maybe. But the thought made me smile. And just cause I’m nice, I’ll let you see the video that helped me get right back on my high horse lol

See? Do you see what I mean? Come ON now! lol

Ok, so today was a little short and sweet, but I just wanted you guys to share in my little smile today. Have a fantastic weekend y’all!


6 thoughts on “Black People Love Us – Laughter Feels Good

  1. Oh yes! This post is hilarious. The irony of the whole thing is despite of the good intentions these white people will say, they don’t realize that the comments are very dehumanizing. The whole hair issues portrays that blacks are like dogs. They don’t know that unless someone tell them. Of course they’re not racist, they are just ignorant in that subject. Also, about the out-of-wedlock children and education, there is some truth in that matter unfortunately; however, it applies mostly to the lower class. Just like lower class whites, lower class Asians and other racial groups. It’s just that the U.S. racialize a lot of statistics when in fact, a lot of the conditions they say in the black community is simply about class.


    1. @Barry
      So very true. Unfortunately our society has a very bad habit of attributing certain characteristics, especially negative ones, to the minority, while attributing all the positives to the majority (in North America, that would be to the white folks)..rather than looking at other much more relevant factors (such as education, socioeconomic backgrounds etc).

      The very worst part isn’t the fact that they have these bad habits…its the fact that no matter how many of us don’t fit the stereotype, the ones that don’t are marvelled at, praised, and patted on their heads, like its some miracle we’ve been able to overcome the odds. The fact is, the odds are in the favour of the positives, regardless of how the media chooses to twist things for ratings.


  2. That girl in the video slightly retarded. Tracy and her kool-aid hair is the worse. But Black People Love Us, priceless.


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