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Valentine's Day: Past and Present

valentines_dayBeing that yesterday was Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be only proper if Classic Ruby acknowledge the day. Forget that it’s not actually a holiday. Forget that the only significance the day has is to the consumerism in society…a day we don’t even pretend is based on anything other than chocolate, flowers, restaurants, and a need to show up your friends with your romantic stories (“oh yeah? Well MY man loves ME more because he got me 24 karats AND a romantic cruise on a yacht””Yeah well my man knows I appreciate the little things in life so he would NEVER waste my time with that. He brought me to this romantic villa restaurant instead where I could….”insert romantic amazingness here). Forget all the negatives of the day itself, Classic Ruby should acknowledge the day, if never again, because it’s my first year, and in my first year everything is important! No matter how little I care. Lol. (more…)