Valentine's Day: Past and Present

valentines_dayBeing that yesterday was Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be only proper if Classic Ruby acknowledge the day. Forget that it’s not actually a holiday. Forget that the only significance the day has is to the consumerism in society…a day we don’t even pretend is based on anything other than chocolate, flowers, restaurants, and a need to show up your friends with your romantic stories (“oh yeah? Well MY man loves ME more because he got me 24 karats AND a romantic cruise on a yacht””Yeah well my man knows I appreciate the little things in life so he would NEVER waste my time with that. He brought me to this romantic villa restaurant instead where I could….”insert romantic amazingness here). Forget all the negatives of the day itself, Classic Ruby should acknowledge the day, if never again, because it’s my first year, and in my first year everything is important! No matter how little I care. Lol.

Ok, so I can’t say I don’t care. My baby showed up at my house with beautiful roses and made me a roast while I vegetated on my couch. I know, for most this would be highly unromantic, but for me it did the trick. It was exactly what I needed. I mean, we did have plans to go to my favourite restaurant on the planet. And I did buy some extremely sexy and scandalous lingerie. But after a marathon party night with a body that does not metabolize alcohol properly anymore, the last thing that either of us really felt like doing was being out there in the cold, being all fussy on some day that society told us we need to prove our love to eachother on. So in we stayed. And I must say, the day was certainly much more satisfying than I had planned (although of course, that lingerie is being held in safe keeping for some very freaky day in the future lol. And I am pulling my favourite restaurant card one day when we need a date night out. But why waste that all on one day when I’m not in the mood when I could draw it out and use each bit when it will be best appreciated? Just saying).

So, I decided out of curiosity to go through my old blog and see what I had written about Valentine’s Days past. Knowing that this year has been my most stable Valentine’s Day in years was really the motivating factor. So last year I mentioned (briefly) in a post that I had a wonderful Valentine’s, my bf bought me huge roses and brought me out for dinner, and then we went to the show Kama Sutra (we were planning on going this year but we couldn’t find any info on the show *tear*). And there was my post from 2008, when I didn’t yet want to admit my ex and I had actually broken up, primarily because we spent all day every day together still, and it had been less than a week. Anyway, it was interesting to see what my opinion was about love and Valentine’s Day and relationships when I was feeling so hurt and dejected. Wanna see everyone? LOL…well I present for your entertainment, Classic Ruby @Valentine’s day 2008!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Remember for all you single, dateless people out there V-Day isn’t just for fact the single ones have much more fun! You get to dress up in red and pink and act all goofy with your really good friends…do it up this year…buy a bandana with little heart antennae coming out of it…or a tie that makes kissing noises!

And if you absolutely can’t help but feel like you can’t show your dateless, loveless face in public, stay home but feel good in the fact that at least you don’t have to be some brainwashed drone who conforms to stupid, expensive hallmark holidays only to fit in with the crowd! And you can always use that extra money you would have on someone else’s v-day gift on the most special person in the world…YOU!…no shame in buying yourself a couple roses, some nice wine or champagne, a box of chocolates and a delicious dinner for one!

Ok, so in the spirit of love I won’t forget all you lucky people out there who are going to spend their v-day with that special guy or gal. Remember today not to make your v-day about the gifts, the PDA’s, the getting a special dinner, etc. In the crazy hype that is society we’ve forgotten that ultimately what we should TRY to be celebrating this day is our love for one another. So remember how much you love your mate, how lucky you are to have each other, and use this day to celebrate your love. Trust me, love can be fleeting at times, so be happy for it, and realize how lucky you are to have it, when you have it.

Anyway, gotta run, but I hope all the best for your Valentine’s day, regardless what you choose to do with it. If you’re ignoring it, then have yourself a Happy Day Before Friday!!! 😛


Wow. That was so…calm of me. LOL. If that was me now, I would be all over the concept of “F^&^ love its all BS!!”. But I guess that’s why I started Classic Ruby: I wanted to be able to express my true feelings and opinions about everything, my life or not, without any fear. Which is why my family does NOT know about this blog. Fine, so I’m a yellow-bellied chicken, but it comes down to, I don’t want my baby sister knowing about my lingerie, sexual conquests, or messed up relationship issues. I just don’t. And I want her to fantasize about beautiful romantic Valentine’s Day’s. At least til she’s 19. Then she can learn the reality: Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean shit. It doesn’t. But that being said, you damn sure better deal with me properly on Valentine’s Day!! I never said I wasn’t trying to keep up with the Jones’!! LOL

Anyway, enough of that for one year. We all survived the day, and as I said, all things admitted mine ended up being very nice 🙂 Hope yours did too.

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!


6 thoughts on “Valentine's Day: Past and Present

  1. I think Ruby that you are a positive person, as much as you share all your dislikes with us you see the world at its best angle.Thats why you didnt bash love or valentines day. Valentines day is a made up holiday just to profit the merchant who sells these things but it still feels nice to know you are cared about by someone enough to get a little valentine or box of chocolates or candy heart.


  2. I am single and i must admit i had no fun. my fault for my hang ups but i just hid in my house with some ice cream and watched tv and waited for the day and the ache to disappear. probably coz all my frineds are married or with a man. so i had noone to comminsurate with


  3. next time its gonna be u n me n ur wildest fantasy. youd be screaming praises for vday for the rest of your life! trust dat girl!


  4. @ Lina Lee…awww, shucks!! *blushing*

    @Anonymous… take control and power of your life girl! Don’t let single get you down, let it bring YOU out, in more ways than one!

    @Kinetic…Always come with the romantic twist, huh? LOL


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