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THIS is Why We Find You Annoying

source: itre.cis.upenn.edu You know what MY pet peeve here is? Comics without colour!! Black and white does NOT cut it...it screams "not finished yet!". Ugh
source: https://itre.cis.upenn.edu
You know what MY pet peeve here is? Comics without colour!! Black and white does NOT cut it…it screams “not finished yet!”. Ugh

It would take me a lifetime to truly explain to you EVERY pet peeve I have and why. I believe my Ruby Rants, combined with my general posts, probably give you some idea cuz, hey, nobody has EVER called me subtle before. If you browse through my posts though, basically anything I criticize, I criticize cause it gets on my LAST nerve, and I can’t bite my tongue on the issue anymore. Just an FYI in case y’all were wondering. But, I did think it would be fun if we did something a little different and did something mindless yet entertaining on a Thursday, while I still get to vent about exactly what things in life are annoying me at just this second. Cause really, inconsiderate people are high on my list of “bullseye” targets for rage at the moment. I’m really just not in the mood (The following video does have profanity, just so you know).

I actually started my YouTube search last weekend, looking for the perfect video to compliment Monday’s post on parasitic friends. Now, while I never did manage to find that perfect video, I did find the above one on inconsiderate people. As I said in Monday’s post, and have reiterated over countless others, inconsiderateness is like pet peeve numero uno for me. I really can’t take it. Suddenly, I had an idea…why not scour YouTube’s (more…)

The Top 5 Designer Drugs Smart People Don’t Mess With

I’ll be honest with you: I have never tried a real drug before in my life. With the exception of marijuana and hash. Which I did in high school, but haven’t done in several years now. I really don’t like the concept, or the feel of drugs. The idea that something is going to alter my brain chemistry in such a way that I literally will not be able to think like myself, or to control anything that I think or do, leaves me uneasy. And slightly terrified. And, throwing in another piece of honesty here, I’ve always kinda imagined that, if someone was going to take a drug and then jump off a 20-story building cause they think they can fly, it’ll probably be me. So, to stay alive and avoid being broken, either mentally or physically, for life, I just say no to drugs. However, I’m not preachy or judgy about it. If you ask me my opinion I’ll tell ya. If you’re doing something that will endanger you, or people around you, I’ll speak up. And if you’re going to do drugs, I will not leave myself in a position where you can harm me in any way. Other than that, I’m all about live and let live.

However, this new trend of designer drugs sweeping the nations is from another planet. When you check out the videos below, you’ll see what I mean. Not that I thought people trying to sell their babies for crack or their bodies for some smack was cute or anything, but WTF are these new drugs turning otherwise decent human beings into? From terribly dangerous health positions to violence and cannibalism, it seems like (more…)