THIS is Why We Find You Annoying

source: You know what MY pet peeve here is? Comics without colour!! Black and white does NOT cut screams "not finished yet!". Ugh
You know what MY pet peeve here is? Comics without colour!! Black and white does NOT cut it…it screams “not finished yet!”. Ugh

It would take me a lifetime to truly explain to you EVERY pet peeve I have and why. I believe my Ruby Rants, combined with my general posts, probably give you some idea cuz, hey, nobody has EVER called me subtle before. If you browse through my posts though, basically anything I criticize, I criticize cause it gets on my LAST nerve, and I can’t bite my tongue on the issue anymore. Just an FYI in case y’all were wondering. But, I did think it would be fun if we did something a little different and did something mindless yet entertaining on a Thursday, while I still get to vent about exactly what things in life are annoying me at just this second. Cause really, inconsiderate people are high on my list of “bullseye” targets for rage at the moment. I’m really just not in the mood (The following video does have profanity, just so you know).

I actually started my YouTube search last weekend, looking for the perfect video to compliment Monday’s post on parasitic friends. Now, while I never did manage to find that perfect video, I did find the above one on inconsiderate people. As I said in Monday’s post, and have reiterated over countless others, inconsiderateness is like pet peeve numero uno for me. I really can’t take it. Suddenly, I had an idea…why not scour YouTube’s pet peeve videos and find my personal top five picks? Presenting, in no particular order, my fav pet peeve vids! View on, y’all, I promise you’ll be left entertained! P.S. one or two DO have some mild cursing in them.

Nate, you’re hilarious. Buuuuttt…gotta say, you totally ruined life there for a moment by doing one of MY pet peeves… your, you’re, there, they’re, their, too, to, two, etc. etc….they are NOT interchangeable. Your fired? Seriously?? The only commonly used phrase that has been trademarked, and you DON’T know that’s supposed to be YOU’RE?? Ugh. Come on man. You’ve got a great thing going here, don’t ruin it. kthanks.

Let me just say that I agree with her assessment 100%, and share these pet peeves with her. But she triggered another of my pet peeves…it’s one thing one someone really is right as rain and truly does poop rainbows. But please don’t pretend. I can smell your fakeness from 100 miles away, and since I find that uppity cheer-ridden hunky-dory attitude grating at best, I’m basically going to hate your face now. Why would you actually WANT anyone to think you’re all sunshine and lollipops if you’re not? Ugh. Just be an authentic person. Seriously.

Ok, so I am going to forgive her flighty, annoying disconnect because she admits at the beginning she is a teenager. So she’s young. But if anyone expressed every emotion while sounding EXACTLY the same tone-wise, and that tone was pleasant, sunny days, at some point I would lose my patience, roll my eyes at the next time they said they felt ANY emotion that wasn’t super-shiny and bright, and walk away. Quickly. Before I accidently backhanded them, just to see if they would respond in that same tone of voice, or if we’d finally get some passion and venom out of them.

The only thing that came to mind is one word…breathe. Just breathe. I find it hella annoying, though, when people edit their film in such a way that the end of your word is always cut off. Makes me feel like the video is jerky or something, and kinda throws off my whole vibe. I thought this dude was entertaining enough that I managed to get over it, but still, I really hope he does something about that in future videos, or I’m gonna have to unsuscribe…I’m a terribly impatient person when it comes to video/playing imperfections that break up audio or visual clarity or continuity.

While I share many a pet peeve with her, she’s here primarily because, basically regardless of what her opinions are I love her. I do. She made me laugh, she made me smile, she made me want to hear what was coming out of her mouth next. I love the video, love the set-up and the little special effects, and I love how much emotion she delivered. But she’s super sweet and cute, and so when “punching dolphins” comes out of her mouth, it not only shocks but delights you. I think she has a subscriber for life!

See all of the great things that can come from some quality time with youtube?

Happy Thursday Y’all!


When preventing a pet peeve goes just a tad too far

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