The Top 5 Designer Drugs Smart People Don’t Mess With

I’ll be honest with you: I have never tried a real drug before in my life. With the exception of marijuana and hash. Which I did in high school, but haven’t done in several years now. I really don’t like the concept, or the feel of drugs. The idea that something is going to alter my brain chemistry in such a way that I literally will not be able to think like myself, or to control anything that I think or do, leaves me uneasy. And slightly terrified. And, throwing in another piece of honesty here, I’ve always kinda imagined that, if someone was going to take a drug and then jump off a 20-story building cause they think they can fly, it’ll probably be me. So, to stay alive and avoid being broken, either mentally or physically, for life, I just say no to drugs. However, I’m not preachy or judgy about it. If you ask me my opinion I’ll tell ya. If you’re doing something that will endanger you, or people around you, I’ll speak up. And if you’re going to do drugs, I will not leave myself in a position where you can harm me in any way. Other than that, I’m all about live and let live.

However, this new trend of designer drugs sweeping the nations is from another planet. When you check out the videos below, you’ll see what I mean. Not that I thought people trying to sell their babies for crack or their bodies for some smack was cute or anything, but WTF are these new drugs turning otherwise decent human beings into? From terribly dangerous health positions to violence and cannibalism, it seems like people are willing to literally put themselves in the position to eat, or be eaten, alive all to get a fix. If you’re out of the loop because you live in a cave on mars, under a rock, with your fingers in your ears and your eyes wide shut, let me introduce you to the top 5 most destructive designer drugs that society is being exposed to. It’ll horrify you.

WARNING: Some of the following videos are extremely graphic and disturbing in nature or content. In fact, many have an age restriction on them in YouTube for their adult content. If you are sensitive to disturbing or graphic imagery, please refrain from watching the videos. And please screen all videos before sharing them with children. Thank you. 

5. Special K

I had a boyfriend when I was a teenager who had more than a little love affair with mind altering substances. With the exception of alcohol, he didn’t really have a drug of choice. However, he didn’t have a drug he’d say no to either. I’ll never forget the call during 4th period that said “Baby, come and find me. I don’t know where I am, I’m downtown somewhere. I didn’t come home last night cause I took too much K and I haven’t been able to move my body, my arms or anything, in 8 hours. And they all think it’s hilarious. Come save me!”

Yes, my stupid ass went downtown, at 16, to go find and save him. So I have a hero complex. Shut. Up. ANYWAY, check out what this drug can do to you (or your children).


4. Meth

When I first met my friend over a decade ago, she was just over a meth addiction. At the time, I really didn’t think meth addicts were real…I know that sounds silly, but the whole premise of meth just sounded so implausible to me, especially for young North Americans…besides, for people who wanted to ruin their lives and become addicts, wasn’t there already crack and heroin to choose from?

I think probably the scariest parts of her stories (to me, at least) were the facts that you’d be awake for weeks, no eating and no sleeping, and then you could crash and sleep for a week straight. And nothing could wake you up. Think about how horrific that could be- you could fall asleep outside in a blizzard and die from exposure. You could fall asleep in some drug house and 20 men a day could rape you and you wouldn’t even budge or be aware enough when you finally came to to realize what had happened. *shivers*

The second thing was the fact that the meth would come out of your pores…literally. Like, little smokeable crystals would come out of your skin. And, needing another hit, you could just dig the crystals out of your face and smoke them. And they would get you high. Apparently not as high as a non-face meth hit, but still. Can you imagine how completely altered your mind would have to be to think any of that is ok? And that’s not even the worst of it. Check these videos out and see for yourself.


3. K2 a.k.a. Spice a.k.a. Synthetic Marijuana

Seriously, when I first caught wind of this, I thought it was referring to, like, oregano leaves that someone passed off as weed. I swear I did lol. But the reality was no laughing matter. A completely legal substance, though labelled “not for human consumption”, children can walk into the store and pick some up. And the results of smoking some of this can be instantly disastrous. It can even lead to committing some of the most vile, inhumane acts. Something that sounds so harmless can ruin your life in heartbeat. Watch on.


2. Bath Salts

I don’t care WHAT cave you live in in what solar system. You must have heard about this. Luckily, I’ve only heard of it through media accounts. When a friend first told me about it, I, seriously? Kids are sniffing mom’s bath salts to get high now? Are they going after her hair spray and nail polish, too? But then she showed me the video footage of exactly how altered a mind state these “bath salts” that have such innocent street names can really give you. It can literally strip you of your humanity, and have you do things that are not only out of character, they are out of species. I swear, I was terrified for a while to leave my house…what if one of them is out there…waiting for MY face????


1. Krokodil

This shit is unbelievable. I mean, it really, truly is. What I keep wondering as I watch the accounts is…why in the HELL would you agree to ever even try this drug?? I don’t care how cheap the thing is, I don’t care how accessible, I don’t even care how strung out and irrational you are…the thing that, with one hit, begins to eat you from the inside out is NEVER an option. Just, never. Now, the scary thing is that, if you’re an IV heroin user, you could literally be screwed into taking it…and all it takes is one hit. Just one. And you’ll have a permanent piece of you gone to remember why drugs are bad. This one is terrifying. If you add this one to bath salts…there literally would be zombie people walking around.


Are you SEEING all of this?

Are you processing this?

I don’t care how much life sucks or what’s happened to you. Risking any of the above is just not worth it. At least with smoking and drinking, you can convince yourself that any repercussions against your life are in the distant future. You can convince yourself you’ll be one of the lucky ones. But with all of these? Seems like there really isn’t any lucky ones. It’s not worth your life. And it’s not worth your kids life.

If you have children, make sure you are talking to them about drugs. And no, the whole conversation can’t be “you don’t do drugs cause I say so and they’re bad and I’ll whoop your ass if you ever do!”. It just can’t be. They need to really, truly be informed. Because curiosity killed the cat…well, either it was curiosity, or the guy on K2…the jury is still out on that one.

Please, people. Seek Jesus. Seek counselling. Find SOMETHING. Just… not this. This isn’t the way. The repercussions are too dear. And how would you ever live with yourself knowing you ate the neighbors dog, or the homeless man’s face. Some things in life you can’t take back. Don’t let this be one of them.

Wow, I’m having a very serious week this week, huh?


8 thoughts on “The Top 5 Designer Drugs Smart People Don’t Mess With

  1. Holy shit! I’ve seen a lot of videos on all these kinds of drugs especially all the bath salt shit. But that one crocodile one with that woman whose face is only half scull half with skin……. is that shit for real for real?? Can you really like when your bones can be seen and when your skull can be seen?


    1. So far as I could tell, all of these videos are the real deal, but I was looking into that one specifically, cause it really, REALLY freaked me out. If it is for real…that woman really doesn’t have long to live in this world.


  2. This is such a tragedy that people hate themself so much and are so far away from reality that they could want to really do this to them self like really? I know being addicted is a disease and all that but you don’t start out that way, addicted I mean.

    Like you start off at square one like everyone else and like I get how bad things– like terrible things happen and it’s too much to face and so you need to make the hurting go away so you turn to drugs and stuff and get addicted. But I always wondered why people even try some of these.

    Like there are so many different ways to get blotto so why ask or even for free take like crack or heroin (or ones like that) when you know it’s addicted qualities and how it ruins your life? At least choose a safer drug that won’t turn you into a homeless dirty hooker, like pot or alcohol or like molly and coke if you want to go harder even.

    And OK I get that some of this stuff is like brand new and even some people are tricked into it. But once the news gets out about how it’s going to make you eat people and all these horrible things went on just because people took that then why would anyone new to it think it’s sounds cool and awesome and they want to try it?

    And like OK I know that it’s a disease like I said but so is cancer and MS and HIV and AIDS and you don’t really think people with any of the other diseases would look down and see open holes gaping in their body and be able to touch their bones and just ignore it?? NO!!!!! When that happens you go to a doctor.

    Thank you Ruby for getting these things together and sharing it with the world because this stuff is just sad and makes me sick and the only thing anyone can do is share all the information and hope the point catches on! Just like how I shared it on Facebook and twitter I hope that’s OK!!!!


    1. @That Chick

      Yeah girl, I agree with you, the situation is just really, very tragic. I guess when you’re at a point where you’re very depressed, and you really, really hate yourself, you could care less about the consequences of your actions. And you don’t consider the future…hell, you probably don’t even think you really have one. It’s all about the moment, and making the pain go away NOW, and to hell with the consequences, I’ll think about those later.

      I don’t know, having never been an drug addict myself, I couldn’t answer exactly, but I do know that, being a seasoned alcoholic for 10 years, you’re in denial, and you deny deny deny! They may very well have gone to a doctor, even been told that drug X is causing Y problem, but they couldn’t accept that – that would mean they’d have to stop, and that drug has become their best friend and savior, in their minds.

      As for new people who try it, I’m gonna have to vote for the folly of youth, and prior intoxication. Its a well known fact that drugs and alcohol impair your reasoning skills…if you’re “blotto”, how rational can you really be? That is what scares me about drugs: the inability to understand or process anything rational and make decisions based on that.


  3. none of them are innocents. they are victims of their own making. I hate the way when things go wrong, suddenly everyone is so sorry they ever tried this drug, and everyone feels so bad for them. the truth is that no one starts their drug life with some weird unknown extreme.

    you earn your addiction it didn’t happen to you. you ignored every single bit of knowledge that the world imparted to you in your youth and said your immune, you can play with fire and not get burned. you told yourself your going to stop at kush and beer. then that everyone does a line here and there. then that ecstasy is no big deal. and so on.

    you got caught up and decided your young and your superman. and before you knew it you hit your kryptonite. but it’s not the addiction or the dealer or anyone’s fault but yours.

    I lost nine years of my life, lost family friends my wife and kids and career. I am sterile so no more kids. liver and kidney damage but drug history and addiction makes me not eligible for a transplant.

    Im not sorry for myself, I earned it all. i don’t feel sorry for the addicts in the movies. but Im sorry for the friends and families and victims of the addicts. if you see this and ignore the truth I share then God help you.


    1. @Gateway Drug

      Thank you for sharing your story and struggles with us. And I’m happy that you’ve come to a place where you can claim responsibility for your actions, and realize that it was the culmination of all of your choices, starting from that very first one way back when, that has led you to where you are today.

      I think its natural that, when people walk into the situation thinking that the possible outcomes at worst are XYZ and they end up being something they had never imagined, to feel betrayed or duped somehow. Had they walked into drug use, or addiction, knowing flesh eating or their flesh being eaten, was going to be a possible side effect, they may have made a different choice initially.

      I do feel sorry for the poor lost souls who have come down to wreckage. The ones who have or will die, or who destroyed their lives to the point of no return, while under the influence and control of something that made them not who they really are inside. And even more sad, that even if they live, nobody will ever look at them the same. From what you’ve listed you’re one of the lucky ones: your scars aren’t visible: you might feel differently if instead of liver failure you lost an eye and half of your face, or are now in jail for life because you ate someone’s face off.

      But I hear you at the end of the day, and it’s a point I agree with- people need to stop blaming everyone else for their actions and start claiming some onus for their actions. You might enjoy reading this post when you have some time, it’s kinda all about that.

      Good luck with everything, with life. And I hope you stay on this road to recovery for the rest of your life, no matter how long or short that may be.


  4. tha shiiieeettt right dere is why I be on my chronixx. YOU best watch yo’ lill self gurll u don’t need some freak tryna eat yo pretty lil face gurl. u be mad smartz but wit no face on da real? We gotz ta stay pen pal ONLY! Straaiigghhtt goodz


    1. @Kinetic

      You always make me smile lol. Don’t worry, I mostly sit at home in my cave, observing the world from the privacy and protection of my computer screen 😀 ….but I’m surprised at you, I thought you loved me for me?? 😮 😉


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