Want a Worm in Your Brain? Eat Undercooked Pork

Think it was a BIT too rare, buddy?
Think it was a BIT too rare, buddy?

Just a side note before this begins. I am tired of all of the nonsense I have heard about how Pork is some terrible thing for you to eat because pigs are _________________ (insert some fallacious reasoning here). Quite frankly, every animal is equally disgusting for us to eat if you think about it. They’re animals, not people. So they’re not going to have the clean living/eating practices that we do. If you shun eating pork for some religious reason, more power to you. I have all the respect in the world for people who can uphold spiritual rules and behaviours they believe in, because it takes a lot of faith and dedication. If you don’t eat pork because you don’t eat animals in general for some moral reason, although I don’t get you because I am a self-proclaimed meatatarian (if you have no idea what that is, check out the commercial below) I applaud your ability to be a higher life-form than I am able to be.

But if you’re one of those “pork is gross but all other animals are just fine for human consumption” good day to you…I SAY GOOD DAY!

I mean, not for anything, but everyone’s favoured meat of choice is chicken for some reason. Now, chickens, you understand, shit EVERYWHERE. And I do mean everywhere. And then you take grain and spread it all over the place. You think the chickens avoid eating the grain that has touched it’s own poop or the poop of others? In case you think this is a toughie, the answer is: of course not. Just saying.

ANYWAY, tangent done. The purpose of this video is for me to deliver the message not of “eating pork is bad” but rather that “eating raw meat is a dumb ass idea”. For God knows what reason, we have taken to eating barely warmed meats in thin slices and somehow think this is OK. Like raw meat has suddenly become not as much of a health risk as it once was. Pffft. I blame Sushi. Ok, so I am the type to eat my steak medium rare, but quite frankly there has been hundreds of years of prior experience that says this isn’t deadly. Not sure what the science behind this is, but the point is, it’s the reality of the situation. Lets stop trying to reinvent the wheel and simply learn from our ancestors mistakes. Raw Chicken = death. Raw fish = poisoning. Raw pork = brain worms.

The moral of the story is? If your pork comes out pink on the inside, don’t worry we live in North America. We won’t starve to death if we have to wait 10 minutes for the thing to finish cooking. Just stick it back on the fire. Or, let some nasty looking worms call your brain Home.

The End.




6 thoughts on “Want a Worm in Your Brain? Eat Undercooked Pork

  1. Wow, I have heard about stomach worms from eating fruits and foods from overseas but brain worms? Whats wrong with this world?


  2. @ Kinetic

    Thank you, thank you! It’s always nice to meet one of your kind! :-p

    @ Lina Lee

    Yeah, I know. I felt the same way when I saw this video too…didn’t stop me from eating pork, but one trace of pink and I’m send that ish back!!


  3. The thing about pork is that they eat anything that’s available to them, Be it dead rotting animals, dog poop, anything.

    Granted there are laws in the US regulating what porks can and can’t eat, but that wasn’t until the 1920’s or 1930’s that the US started regulating such a thing.

    Before that, who knows what pigs were fed. Go back 500 years ago and most likely they were given anything imaginable.

    On contrast, cows, chickens and even lamb eat stuff that’s more nutritious. Cows for example only eat grass, chickens only eat worms and grains by nature. Only in extreme cases will they resort to other types of food.

    So my point is that pigs are filthy animals and they’re DNA is already screwed up, after all you are what you eat and pigs eat a lot of filthy stuff. Now I’m not saying you will get sick from eating pork, or that cows are perfectly healthy but pigs are definitely at the bottom of safe animals to eat.

    It’s like if all of a sudden sewer rats were being raised at farms, fed healthy stuff and sold for food. It’s still a filthy animal, I’d like to see how many people would eat that.


    1. @CoolShoe
      LOL Very colourful, and while I totally understand your point, I would argue an aspect of it…

      You can’t compare sewer rats and pigs. Whether you agree with the diets of pigs, before their food was being regulated they were no more disease, fat, or bacteria ridden than any other animal. Rats naturally are like walking virus-bombs to us because their immune systems allow them to live and thrive while carrying diseases that are fatal to us. So in that way you’re right, no matter what I wouldn’t eat a rat. But not because of what they eat: Generally, rats are much smarter than many other animals, in so far as they are scavengers but they have a very complex and intelligent system for making sure they do not get ill or die from what they eat and drink. So, technically, between many animals and rats, based on diet alone, I would eat the rat.

      But here’s the thing: I don’t eat animals stomachs. Short of an animals stomach and digestive track, what they actually eat has little to do with what is produced in their body. If they, as a species, have evolved to eat anything in order to survive, they are among the smarter animals, and therefore what I would decide to call brain food, if for no other reason than to piss a bunch of people off lol. But, as long as what they are eating and how they are living is allowing them to remain disease free, tender and delicious, I am ALL for their consumption. Yup. I said it! LOL I love me my pork boy! I guess, I love me my food!


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