Why I Hate Tenants

Why is your music so loud that I can hear it, word for word, in MY apartment? I’m just saying…I understand completely that some people like loud music. I do, really. But it’s completely unnecessary to have the shit blasting as loud as it could possibly go. Especially when you have someone living in the basement below you and your speakers are sitting directly on the floor (no matter how many times I’ve told you that they sell padding that’s pretty much dirt cheap that allows you to stop the noise from transferring so clearly into my apartment…or that you need to take your sound system off of the damn floor…forgive me, I digress). You don’t own the house and are doing me a favour by renting out the basement to me…it’s the other damn way around. You’d think that would mean that their asses would have been evicted long ago, since they don’t seem to give a flying fuck one way or another about any of the noise pollution or internet (I’ll get into that in another post) rules we came up with long ago.

Like, unless I BLAST my TV so loud that it hurts my ears I’m actually unable to hear most of the conversation in this crappy TV movie I’m watching. And trust me, my TV’s volume is up pretty loud. But I can hear the words to their music clear as day…it’s some Christian Soca song about lifting your hands to praise God. Do you know what it’s like to have base blasting, consistently vibrating your whole entire house while you’re lying in bed trying to have a nice quiet day to yourself since you have a headache and aren’t feeling too great? No? Well let me tell you…it makes you start feeling a little stabbey. Like “Homicide? Sure! I have NO problem murdering them, strangling the life out of them all while screaming ‘TURN. THE. FUCKING. MUSIC. DOWN. FOR. ONCE!!!!’ while watching the glint in their eye slowly turn to a dull lifeless orb of nothingness”.

Because it’s NOT just the music that goes on from pretty much the crack of dawn to around 2AM some nights. No. It’s the drums. Yes, they have a bloody drum set. As well. Which they let their rhythm challenged children play for hours at a time, and completely mindlessly. Do you know what that feels like? It’s worse than the above feeling, because you feel some guilt actually picturing murdering very small children, just slamming their heads against concrete so they will STOP. WITH. THE. MINDLESS. BANGING. But it’s not their fault, so you’d never take it out on them. And that’s when the stabbey feeling comes back. I’m telling you, these tenants are making me lose my fucking mind. Seriously. I’m so angry I feel like crying.

I’m gonna go smoke in my bathroom now. They don’t like when I do that. Maybe if I smoke long enough it’ll smoke ’em clear outta the house.

Fuck man. The things we put up with because we need money. Stupid economy. Stupid everything.

Thank GOD they are going on vacation soon, cause honestly about a week more of this and I think I’d have to have someone come and hide the kitchen knives from me.

Hopefully your Friday is less…bloody…annoying and piss-offish than my Thursday (morning…yes, its 10am.. :-s) went. Enjoy the weekend y’all, and tune in tomorrow for the next installment of Slam Saturdays


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