The Drake Concert Was PHENOMENAL

Actually, that doesn’t even quite sum it up. Unfortunately, without resulting to nonsense words, I don’t have a better word to describe it, so phenomenal will just have to do. After the stupendous time (is it grammatically correct to describe your time as stupendous? Hmmmm…well, I just wanted to use the word really :-p) at Caribana, I figured that yeah, the Drake concert would be awesome, but I’d probably have just as good a time at both events. Damn was I ever wrong! I don’t think I’ve ever had such a good time as I did at the Drake concert…and I’m not even over-exaggerating. πŸ˜€

Of course…why don’t you check out a lil’ sneak preview before I continue…it’s only fair! And to clarify exactly which concert I’m talking about, this was the Drake Concert, OVO Fest, on August 1, 2010 at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre

OK, so we’re not professional videographers :-p. But even with our less than perfect video you can see the passion in the mans face, hear it in his voice. And this is nearer to the end of the show, when he’d already been pouring his all out all over the stage. Yet he’s rapping the song like the concert started 5 minutes ago. Damned impressive if you ask me! (PS This is a Classic Ruby all time favorite song so I might have been biased at the concert, but the playback was still hot!!)

OK, first off, there’s just something about concerts. The hype you feel off of other people, the head rush you get from being in a gigantic stadium full of cheering and adoring fans, the pure adrenaline rush that courses through your veins as your favorite artist finally walks on stage, as you hear your jam pulsing through the speakers in its most raw and real form…it’s a complete sensory overload, in the most thrilling and fulfilling way possible. When it’s a great concert, you start to realize that the crowd all begins cheering, screaming out their love and adoration for the artist, in unison. You realize in that instant that these people “get” you…at least right at that moment, about that one thing. All the sudden the outside world no longer matters and you’re consumed by the moment, by the song, by the music, by the beat. A wave of joy, of exultation overcomes you as you mindlessly sway, screaming out the lyrics, eyes dead locked on the stage, not wanting to miss a moment, a thing. It’s like suddenly and inexplicably being in the deepest, most passionate love you have ever, or will ever, be in.

And the Drake concert evoked all of that and more. It was like crack was flowing through the air and I was the most hopeless addict around.

Not to mention that all of that raised about 500 fold from the fact that every time my heart got two seconds to settle down a wee bit from hearing another fantastic song performed expertly (which I was more than shocked about), another star came out and did their thing. I’m not talking about one or two, I’m talking several. And these weren’t some little no name artists now. Ummmmm….from what I remember (like I could ever forget)

Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Kardinal Official, Jay-Z, and Eminem (my IDOL…I swear to God I almost died when I saw him. For real. Died.)

The crowd is sooooo loud that the camera can barely deal with it! LOL People are cheering SOOOO loud the entire performance! Crazy! And yes, the hysterical cheering lil lightskinned girl at the end is me! LOL

One thing that’s fantastic about Drake is that he’s actually as talented as his songs make him sound. I mean, for real. They didn’t fussy up his voice on the record so he sounds all cool. That’s just how he sounds. He didn’t have some hype man singing every other word for him, he wasn’t rapping over his track. He just did the damn thing. He’s also pretty damned versatile. His songs aren’t all cookie cutter versions of each other – think of that “you fancy, huh?” song versus fireworks versus best I ever had versus Successful- and yet each one of them is either catchy as hell, touching, deep, or all of the above. With all of that talent and raging success under his belt, he’s still not only humble, but able to praise and lift up other artists, other songs. Even if he ain’t got shit to do with them. For example….(you didn’t think I’d leave Jay-Z footage out, now did you?? :-p)

Sorry it gets so quiet once Jigga starts but the stadium lost its mind, and I swear each and every person from stage front to lawn was singing each and every word at the top of their lungs or screaming like they were on fire! CRAZY!! What a feeling! What an experience!

He’s also pretty damned honest. I mean, what other artist is gonna admit that his official tour peraphenalia is expensive as hell? LOL. (Yes, I bought the damned $45 hot pink T-Shirt that said Drake on it in huge letters down the front, with him posing as the A. And I’m not ashamed to admit it! LOL). And the best thing about him? He’s Canadian. Yeah Drake. You make me PROUD to be Canadian. Keep doing you, baby. Thank you for an experience of a lifetime. And trust me, next time there’s a Drake concert, I’ll be first in line for them tickets.

What a fantastic birthday surprise! I can’t even begin to describe. (Did that rhyme? Maybe not exactly…but it goes, you know? LOL)

Have a fantastic week y’all!


6 thoughts on “The Drake Concert Was PHENOMENAL

  1. Im so jealous i wanted to be there so bad but couldnt get tickets! i like the new classic ruby layout and everything too! and happy belated birthday! i hope i get something half as good as the drake concert for mine!


  2. she gots a sexy new page AND gots taste in music? AND looks damn sexy all screamin an jumpin an shit? TOLD YA GIRL u my fantasy! keep it 100 i been watchin ya from da sidelines an u tearin dis blog shit up!



  3. Not a big Drake fan but my girl got tickets so we all went. I was shocked! It was actually good! Better than most! And Jigga and the other stars didn’t hurt! Your right the energy there was crazy. I thought it was pretty pathetic that people were smoking pot at an all ages concert and that he did that whole jubbie thing but all in all a solid concert.


    1. @Jeane
      You know what, I remember thinking the same thing about the weed smoking too, but I was even more surprised that people were bringing their very young children to the concert to begin with :/


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