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THIS is Why We Find You Annoying

source: You know what MY pet peeve here is? Comics without colour!! Black and white does NOT cut screams "not finished yet!". Ugh
You know what MY pet peeve here is? Comics without colour!! Black and white does NOT cut it…it screams “not finished yet!”. Ugh

It would take me a lifetime to truly explain to you EVERY pet peeve I have and why. I believe my Ruby Rants, combined with my general posts, probably give you some idea cuz, hey, nobody has EVER called me subtle before. If you browse through my posts though, basically anything I criticize, I criticize cause it gets on my LAST nerve, and I can’t bite my tongue on the issue anymore. Just an FYI in case y’all were wondering. But, I did think it would be fun if we did something a little different and did something mindless yet entertaining on a Thursday, while I still get to vent about exactly what things in life are annoying me at just this second. Cause really, inconsiderate people are high on my list of “bullseye” targets for rage at the moment. I’m really just not in the mood (The following video does have profanity, just so you know).

I actually started my YouTube search last weekend, looking for the perfect video to compliment Monday’s post on parasitic friends. Now, while I never did manage to find that perfect video, I did find the above one on inconsiderate people. As I said in Monday’s post, and have reiterated over countless others, inconsiderateness is like pet peeve numero uno for me. I really can’t take it. Suddenly, I had an idea…why not scour YouTube’s (more…)

Open Any Bottle of Beer or Wine Sans Opener!

Displaying classic-ruby-wine-glass.gifUgh. The Sans-Opener part of the title is SOOOO pretentious, right? I know. But “without a” just seemed so long and blah. And I couldn’t think of another short, cute word that just said it all. So I went the pretentious route. So sue me. *tries to look indignant*…*hangs head in shame*.

ANYWAY…While surfing the web a few days ago, I happened upon a website called It’s basically a sort of news blog/site that offers some less than traditional news. As I searched through the pages, I came across this video, and thought to myself MAN! Have I ever needed that video a time or three before! *wink wink – thinks fondly back to Wino Post* And since I STILL do not own a functional wine opener (well, I did. Then I lent it out to a friend…haven’t seen it since. And since she’s moved recently, it’s probably now gone forever. Sigh) I thought it was best that I save this video..just in case. And then I started thinking…I bet there’s all kinds of ways of opening wine…and beer…without an opener. And then the lightbulb…the weekend is fast approaching. My readers must like drinking, otherwise they’d never get through one of my posts! So then it’s really only the decent, neighborly thing for me to do…I must share my newfound wealth (hey now, knowledge is wealth) with (more…)

Classic Ruby’s Famous Baby!!!

OK, OK. So maybe I overexaggerate slightly. HOWEVER…it just so happens that some very gorgeous people were caught on TV last Thursday wearing some very attractive Classic Ruby shirts.

First of all, I must say Welcome Back to Much Music’s Rap City. T-Rexx is doing his thang and doing it well, and so far it’s been one helluva show. And you gotta love the addition of the rap battle segment. Junia-T has been reigning champ since the debut of the show 4 episodes ago, although there’s been one (with a second coming up) rematch already on account of the fact that one of the dudes didn’t say one of the required words.

Anyway, I’ll talk a lil bit more about that on another episode. For now, sit back, relax, listen to some fantastic freestyling in the video below and keep your eye out for Classic Ruby (don’t worry, it’ll be easier to spot than Where’s Waldo 😉 lol) (more…)

The Drake Concert Was PHENOMENAL

Actually, that doesn’t even quite sum it up. Unfortunately, without resulting to nonsense words, I don’t have a better word to describe it, so phenomenal will just have to do. After the stupendous time (is it grammatically correct to describe your time as stupendous? Hmmmm…well, I just wanted to use the word really :-p) at Caribana, I figured that yeah, the Drake concert would be awesome, but I’d probably have just as good a time at both events. Damn was I ever wrong! I don’t think I’ve ever had such a good time as I did at the Drake concert…and I’m not even over-exaggerating. 😀

Of course…why don’t you check out a lil’ sneak preview before I continue…it’s only fair! And to clarify exactly which concert I’m talking about, this was the Drake Concert, OVO Fest, on August 1, 2010 at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre (more…)

Dying Of Broken Heart Syndrome (literally)

Is there some truth to that old wives tale? You know, the one that goes something like this: ‘ Two soulmates can’t live without eachother. So when one dies, the other will very soon follow suit’. Normally, we hear about this with old married couples who have spent the past 40 years married and devoted to one another. Then one, tragically, comes down with some fatal illness or very suddenly passes away in some type of traumatic accident or even silently in their sleep from a stroke. The now widowed lover almost overnight loses all of their life and resilience, and seems to have joined the team of the walking dead. It’s like they  no longer have any will to survive. And then, less than a year later, they just — give out. Without any prior history of heart disease they have a massive coronary and die. With otherwise healthy lungs they suddenly (more…)

You Think YOUR Eyes Never Deceive You? Think Again!

Ok, seriously, this commercial pisses me off. For several reasons. First, because the first time I watched it I was only very barely casually watching. So when I realized the big HUGE black hole in my vision, I was dumbfounded. Seriously, I know all about the experiment that illustrates that this phenomenon actually occurs in real life situations, but seriously? Against an all white screen? I just HAD to see it again. But I didn’t wanna cheat. I was not going to find it on youtube prepare myself and then pause it at the exact moment where my perceptual black hole had missed the hippo. I wasn’t. I was going to see it on TV and I was going to catch it, and then I was gonna be all “OHHHHH!!! I see!!”.

The problem was, every damn time the stupid thing came on, I never really caught on it was the same commercial until the rabbit was already at the end of its first run and they were asking if we (more…)

At Home Sick? I Got The Cure For Boredom Right Here…

bad-actingBeing stuck in bed for most of the day, everyday, can get pretty damned boring. I mean, seriously, how much TV and internet can any one person take? Well, considering I have been on bed rest for 5 months now, apparently the answer is “lots”. But, I’ve learned that, in order to make all the mind-numbing, brain-cell-killing activity entertaining it’s best to learn how to appreciate genres of programming you might have shunned before. Especially if you were avoiding such things because the acting, directing, storyline, or whatever else was seriously sub par. For example, my newest little guilty pleasure that helps me stay sane through the exciting life of mattress surfing are (more…)

Q: Did You Know Ricky Martin Was Gay? A: Who Didn't?

ricky_martin_wallpaper-2Ok. So it doesn’t count as news. Primarily because nobody was anywhere near surprised. I’m pretty sure only little old ladies believed that Ricky Martin didn’t at the very least swing both ways. In fact, he was so acceptedly gay that nobody so much as ever brought it up ever again. It was just a non-issue. It became one of those “OMG Ricky Martin is so gay” “Ummm…yeah. So? Gay people act gay. Fag!” kind of moments. Anyway, either way, the man finally outed himself, and I still believe that that takes a whole lotta balls in Hollywood, especially when you have a career that hangs in the balance, one that highly depends on whether women think you’re sexy and wanna have your baby.

When looking for a suitably “Classic Ruby” article to share with you guys on this Ricky Martin thing, I came across this one. Quite frankly, it was perfect. Because it brings up this idea/issue of (more…)

Man-Skirt Sexy?? I Don't Think So…

hm-manskirtsYou know, as an individual I try to be very open minded and accepting of things that don’t fall within the mainstream. But when a friend told me of the newest fashion trend/disaster I couldn’t help but say “are you shitting me?”. And for those of you who need to be caught up, we’re not talking about the cultural skirts or kilts to be worn at official ceremonies. And no, we’re not talking about somewhere far far away, like in Europe, where it will seem uber neat and foreign and different, but ultimately won’t be something more than a sight to see while you’re on vacation. And it’s not going to be some ridiculous concept spied on the fashion runways, certainly an eyesore but ultimately no more a risk of becoming reality than watching the boogeyman in a movie will make him appear under your bed in real life. Nope, this travesty is a fashion skirt for North American men (more…)