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New Moon

“It sounds like that movie is in competition with anything close to nothing”. Yeah, that’s about right. I mean, I wanted to see New Moon; in fact, I had had high hopes for it. In retrospect, I have no idea why since the first one was dry. I guess something in my mind had thought that because it was the first movie for the first book in the series, that they very necessarily had to have at least an hour of “dead time” where they do “character” and “plot” development so that you can understand the fantastical concepts and appreciate the quirky (more…)

Maury Show Madness: Lie Detector Tests

ok, so this wasn’t the clip that I was looking for, but it’s awesome to know that the things that kill me kill Maury too! Kudos to him, I don’t know how he manages to keep a straight face. Ever. LMAO!!

Not the most intellectual of shows, I know, but I watch Maury like it’s going out of style. But there are a few things that kill me about this show, especially considering how long it’s been airing for. As a little intellectual relief from time to time, I’m going to feature another little tidbit of Maury Madness, which will feature one of these “it kills Ruby” things. Today’s topic is:

Lie Detector Test Results (more…)

That Wicked Little Witch

houseOk, so I’m not normally the type to post about TV shows, however since this one happens to touch on not only one of my previous posts, but on the first comment I received on that post, I thought I would take advantage (plus, and I know this is a fictional TV show, but damn did this scenario piss me off!).

Time to focus my aggression, funnel it into something productive (no, I honestly can’t believe that this show has aggravated me so, but sometimes you just gotta role with the punches). (more…)

Vampires 101

In the spirit of Hallowe’en, I figured it would be kinda fun to explore the topic of vampires. I actually took a course in college about vampires (honestly!…gotta love electives), but that focused more so on aspects of vampires in the media- things like Interview with a Vampire, or Bram Stoker’s Dracula. What I was more interested in exploring (more…)

Is Dirrty really dirty?

Ok, so I thought I would post the video first for those of you who aren’t into Christina and haven’t seen the video.

I’m sure you’ve heard the controversy about the video though, as not only did it start years ago, but to my surprise only a couple of weeks ago I overheard people actually having a discussion about how horrible Christina Aguilera was for (more…)

A New Adventure

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It’s OK sweetie, its just the internet

Ok, so this is my first Blog ever. Not that I was against blogging, it was just that I couldn’t really understand the hysteria behind certain events surrounding blogs. For example-the situation involving lonelygirl15’s blog on YouTube. Who cares that she was just an actress reading a script? Honestly? Ok, I get that blogs in and of themselves are supposed to be (more…)